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Communication, Advertising & Media

Advertising & Media Classified Models

Advertising and Media Agencies

    Advertising Graphics, Design of advertising materials, packaging, promotional materials, promotional campaigns, printing services, furnishing and design of exhibition stands and pavilions, architecture projects. Location: 18, Vasile Lascar St., Second Floor, Apt.17, Sector 2, Bucharest, Tel.: +40-21-315.3972, 315.0676, Fax: +40-21-315.0676, E-mail: office@astil.ro 
    Production of advertising materials, full publicity services, miscellaneous articles used used in belowthe line campaigns. Location: 19, Mitropolit Filaret St., Sector 4, Bucharest, Tel.: +40-21-335.3009, 335.9369, 335.9370, Fax: +40-21-335.9369, 335.9370, 460.3150, Mobile: +40-744.511128, +40-745-026.535. E-mail: abcadv@xnet.ro 
  • ADDV - Absolut Advertising S.A.
    Established: 1999. Full service: creative, promotion, media buying & media planning. Location: 43, Londra St., Sector 1, Bucharest, Phone: +40-21-231.5045, Fax: +40-21-231.2419,  E-mail!
    Established: 1994. Advertising and Public Relations. Location: 22, Ion Campineanu St., Sector 1, Bucharest, Phone: +40-21-312.2483, Fax: +40-21-310.0653,  E-mail!
  • Akzent Media Romania SRL
    Established: 1999. Full service Advertising, including outdoor and indoor. Location: 52C, Frumoasa St., Apt.7, Sector 1, Bucharest, Phone: +40-21-211.1211, Fax: +40-21-211.0648,  E-mail!
  • Alfa Cont SRL
    Established: 1992. Location: 22, Al.I.Cuza Blvd, Sector 1, Bucharest, Phone: +40-21-650.5673, Fax: +40-21-312.4316,  E-mail!
  • Alliance Media
    Established: 1992. Full Advertising. Location: 71, Calea 13 Septembrie, Bl.69, 1st Floor, Apt.3, Sector 5, Bucharest, Phone: +40-21-410.2243, Fax: +40-21-781.2536
  • Alternative Advertising
    Established: 1997. Full service, advertising research. Location: 10, I.C.Bratianu Blvd, Bucharest, Phone: +40-21-312.2844, Fax: +40-21-312.3107, E-mail: office@alternative.digicom.ro 
  • Altrans
    Established: 1997. Strategic Planning, creation, production, outdoor, exhibitions and events organization. Location: 10-22, I.G.Duca St., Apt.145, Bucharest, Phone/Fax: +40-21-222.7710, E-mail: altrans@fx.ro 
    Outdoor publicity, multimedia, banners, web design. The straongest company in the middle of the country. Location: 3, Politehnicii St., Politehnicii Bldg, 2200 Brasov, Brasov County, Tel.: +40-268-415591, Fax: +40-268-415591, Mobile/Fax: +40-788-604160, +40-722-535858, E-mail: office@amco.ro , amco@deltanet.ro, amco@dxnet.ro 
  • Ammirati Puris Lintas Bucharest
    Established: 1993. Creative, BTL &Public Relations, marketing, direct mail, promotion, full service. Location: 17, Radu Voda St., Sector 4, Bucharest, Phone: +40-21-301.0000, Fax: +40-21-301.0099, E-mail: office@aplnet.com 
  • AR-THEMA International
    Advertising Agency. Location: 10, Logofat Luca Stroici, Sector 2, Bucharest, Phone: +40-21-212.2893, 212.2894, Fax: +40-21-212.2895, E-mail!
  • B & C Consulting
    Established: 1997. Creative corporate image, product promotion, event management, media relations. Location: 13, C.C.Arion St., Bucharest, Phone: +40-21-223.4393, Fax: +40-21-223.4248, E-mail: forum@pcnet.ro 
  • Bates/141 Romania
    Established: 1999. Full service. Location: 172-174, Stirbei Voda St., Bl.10E/F, Bucharest, Phone: +40-21-315.6233, Fax: +40-21-315.6220 
  • BDR Associates - Communication Group
    Established: 1995. Location: 16, Grigore Mora St., Sector 1, Bucharest, Phone: +40-21-231.1319-1320, Fax: +40-21-231.2250, E-mail! Audience Research Brand Marketing Communications Business Communications Corporate Communications Direct Marketing Event Management Financial Relations Government Relations Healthcare &   Pharmaceuticals IEC Campaigns Issues & Crisis Management Media Relations & Media Monitoring Public Relations Strategies of Communications Training and Consulting
  • Cereri & Oferte
    An online advertising newspaper. You can introduce your offer or demand for products and services, present employment opportunities etc
  • CO.GE.P SA
    Established: 1996. Full media services. Location: 3, Intrarea Difuzorului St., Sector 1, Bucharest, Phone: +40-21-311.1479, Fax: +40-21-310.4360, E-mail: cogep@fx.ro 
  • Creative Media
    Established: 1993. Media, Programs acquisition & co-productions. Location: 95-101, Calea Serban Voda, Sector 4, Bucharest, Phone: +40-21-335.4615, Fax: +40-21-337.4130, E-mail: office@creativemedia.ro 
  • D'ARCY
    Established: 1992. Full services advertising, sales promotion, public relations. Location: 26, Aviator Mircea Zorileanu, Bucharest, Phone: +40-21-224.2991, Fax: +40-21-224.2990
  • DC Communications
    Integrated Public Relations and Communications Services
    Digital printing, signtech technology, large format billboards, banners, posters, serigraphy, special projects. Location: 16-18, Valiug St., Sector 1, Bucharest, Phone: +40-21-232.6784, Fax: +40-21-232.1979, E-mail: office@eltrix.pcnet.ro 
  • Euromedia Group
    A customer driven organization offering international quality billboards, street furniture and transit advertising. Location: 17, Dumitru Florescu St., 783385 Bucharest, Phone: +40-21-224.4010, Fax: +40-21-224.4848, 224.2057,  E-mail! 
  • First Communication Business
    Established: 1997. Full services. Location: 8, Viisoarei St., Sector 1, Bucharest, Phone: +40-21-313.5818, Fax: +40-21-313.5817, E-mail: cezar@fcb.ro   
  • FOSS Advertising SA
    Location: 19, Dr.Staicovici St., 76202 Bucharest, Phone: +40-21-411.4041, 411.3749, 411.3752, Fax: +40-21-411.3761, E-mail: foss@fx.ro Communication and Promotion strategy, creative work and implementation, media services
  • GfK Romania
    Established in 1992. Market Research Institute. Location: 1, Fainari St., Bucharest, Sector 2, Tel.: +40-21-210.38.88, Fax: +40-21-210.75.70, Mobile: +40-722.334.968, +40-744.360.035
  • Global Media Agency
  • HMS Carat SRL
    Established: 1997. No.1 in Europe in Media Business, a leading full service Media Agency. Location: 3A, Banului St., 2nd Floor, Apt.7, Sector 1, Bucharest, Phone: +40-21-310.1973, 315.5241, fax: +40-21-310.1974,  E-mail!
    Idee is a think tank providing vision, tools, representation and management for establishing consensus on public choices.
    Since 1996, Idee Communication has served as a professional communications resource to local and state public actors and to businesses and associations operating in Eastern Europe, having been specialized in providing services to the internationally funded communication, media and public contracts industries. E-mail!
  • Leo Burnett & Target SA
    Established: 1994. Full services advertising agency. Location: 8, Monetariei St., 
  • Leo Cicos' Portfolio
    Advertising and Marketing, Promotion. E-mail!
    Web design and marketing, e-commerce, communications analysis, monitoring and strategies
  • Media Connections
    Established: 1998. Media Buying, planning. Location: 14, Lahovary Square, Apt.70, Bucharest, Phone: +40-21-210.0261, Fax: +40-21-211.6287, E-mail: norel.scortea@ogilvy.com 
  • Media Controller
    Monitoring/research and impact of outdoor advertising, written press, radio and TV. Location: 65, Unirii Blvd., Bucharest, Phone/Fax: +40-21-322.6580, 322.6278, E-mail!
    Set-up year: 2000. Full media services. Location: 44-48, Mihai Eminescu St., Ground and First Floors, Apts. 2-4, Sector 1, Bucharest, Phone: +40-21-210.1082, Fax: +40-21-210.0357, 211.7336, Email: office@mediaplan.com.ro 
    Location: 210, Calea Mosilor, Bl. 9, Sc. A, 5th Floor, Apt. 17, Bucharest, Sector 2, Phone: +40-21-212.4459, 210.5306, Fax: +40-21-212.4460, Email: msp@vipnet.ro . Classical advertising campaigns; bellow-the-line advertising; cold and hot air balloons; exposure surface.
  • Multimedia Advertising
    Targoviste, phone: +40-723-073.814, fax: +40-245-212.298, E-mail: info@mmad.ro. e-business , e-commerce , web design , multimedia applications
  • Multimedia Communications
    : Bucharest, 26-32, Ion Brezoianu St., Sc.C,  Apt.73, Sector 1, Tel./fax: +40-21-313.5100, 313.5104, 313.5106, E-mail: office@multimedia-com.com. Full Service Company: Communications, Publishing, Advertising & Media, Market Research and Brand Development, Media Planning and Buying
  • Newsmaker.ro
    Upon request, we prepare press reports, documentary films, witness cassettes, assisted mounting and graphics, intermediary for interviews. Translations, interpret-guide in the field, transfer from airport, accommodation, different other products and servicies for your company promotion. Location: Bucharest, Mobile: +40-723-773.410, E-mail: sguby@c4.com
  • Notorious Advertising
    Established: 1994. Creative, public relations, promotion, full services. Location: 47, Mihai Eminescu St., Nucharest, Phone: +40-21-211.0885, Fax: +40-21-210.8014, E-mail: net@bx.logicnet.ro 
  • Oameni si Companii (People & Companies)
    Consulting for marketing and public relations. Location: 6600 Iasi, Iasi County, Postal Office nr.1, POBox: 13, Tel: +40-232-245.298, Fax: +40-232-213.376, E-mail: office@administratie.ro
  • Ogilvy  Promotions
    Established: 1999. Promotional campaigns, event marketing, trade marketing. Location: 86, Grigore Alexandrescu St., Sector 1, Bucharest, Phone/Fax: +40-21-201.0100, E-mail: gabriela.grigorcea@ogilvy.com 
  • Ogilvy & Mather Advertising SRL
    Established: 1994. Creative, brand strategic development. Location: 86, Grigore Alexandrescu St., Sector 1, Bucharest, Phone/Fax: +40-21-201.0100, 201.0109, E-mail: mihaela.nicola@ogilvy.com 
  • Ogilvy Interactive
    Established: 1999. Internet consultancy, interactive campaign, web programming. Location: 86, Grigore Alexandrescu St., Sector 1, Bucharest, Phone/Fax: +40-21-201.0104, 201.0109, E-mail: daniel.vatcu@ogilvy.com 
  • Olympic DDB Romania
    Part of DDB Worldwide, the second largest advertising agency network in the U.S. and third in the world, with 206 offices in 99 countries and billings of $15.3 billion. Full service agency. Location: 33, Dr.Staicovici St., Sector 5, Bucharest, Phone: +40-21-410.7710, Fax: +40-21-410.7763
  • Primera Company
    Set-up year: 1991. Independent professional advertising  and marketing communications agency. Media strategic planning; media research; media buying & placements; campaign monitoring; consultancy. Media Track, DTP. Location: 7, Scarlatescu St., Sector 1, Phone: +40-21-312.2585, fax: +40-21-311.2379, 312.2288,  E-mail!
  • Radar Group Ltd.
    Wholesale of latex and mylar balloons, advertising and custom printing balloons, decorations, renting of helium cylinders and air compressors, balloon accessories. Location: Bucharest, Phone: +40-21-211.9270, fax: +40-21-223.1038, E-mail: radar@dial.kappa.ro 
  • RH Printing
    Location: 114, Calea Plevnei, Sector 1, Bucharest, Phone: +40-21-637.2470, fax: +40-21-313.9707, Mobile: +40-722/631.093
  • Showdown - watch your image!
    Web design, advertise, interactive media, programming, graphics. Location: Bucharest, phone: +40-745/780.650, fax: +40-21-250.0369, E-mail!
  • X Press Advertising
    Publicity full service
  • Zenith Media
    Established: 2000. Media Planning, buying, research and consultancy. Location: 53, Calea Plevnei, 4th Floor, Bucharest, Phone: +40-21-312.0099, Fax: +40-21-312.6755, E-mail: maria.tudor@zenithmedia.ro 
  • Ziarul Financiar



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