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Electric Motors

Established in 1991. Location: 112, Soseaua Bucuresti, 0300 Pitesti, Judet Arges, Phone: +40-248-63.50.50, 21.00.15, 63.60.55, fax: 40-248-21.00.16, 63.60.55,  E-mail! Electric motors for: washing and drying machines, industrial use (single and three phase ), cooker hoods, motor vehicle equipment, universal applications

Established in 1990. Location: 21, Republicii Blvd, 1900 Timisoara, Judet Timis, Phone:  +40-256-19.00.83, 19.20.03, 19.20.04, 19.20.30, Fax: +40-256-19.20.72, 19.20.03  E-mail! Electromotors up to 1 kw. Electromotors over 1 kw. Spare pars and accessories for electric rotary machines, generators, converters and motors. Electrical and electronic products for industrial use. Batteries (trade)

Established in 1991. Location: 18, Parcului St., 2212 Sacele, Judet Brasov, Phone: +40-268-27.07.83, 15.18.77, 15.10.67, 15.39.48 Fax: +40-268-15.18.77, 15.10.67, 15.39.48  E-mail! Manufacturer of electric motors (single and three phase)

Location: 42, Lujerului St., 78763 Bucharest, Sector 6, Phone: +40-21-413.3355, 413.4135, 413.2949, 413.1380 Fax: +40-21-413.2949, 413.1380  E-mail! Manufacturer and exporter of: AC and DC electric drives (for machine-tools and pliant lines, for metal working industry, for cement, petro-chemical, light, paper industries); AC and DC power supply sources; Equipment for environment protection (high-voltage electric equipment for electrostatic filtration); Welding equipment; Engines and transformers; Electrical energy production (Static excitation complex equipment for supply, adjustment and protection of the synchronous generators in thermo-electric, hydro-electric and nuclear power

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