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Leather & Shoes


Leather & Furs Clothes


Leather & Furs Clothes

Location: 5, Cetatii St, 4159 Odorheiu Secuiesc, Romania, Phone: +40-266-213.622, Fax: +40-266-218.158, E-mail: confexjakab@k.ro. Production in Lohn system of leather clothes and varied goods of leather. The production space is over 2000 sqm with 350 employees. Soon a new capacity with 1500 sqm space and over 200 employees will be opened, structured for production of  all goods leather.

Location: 7, Sistematizarii St., Sector 4, Bucharest, Tel: +40-21-334.3355, 334.3388, Fax: +40-21.335.2662, E-mail: sales@msm-furs.ro Shop & Presentation: Victoria Mall, 4th floor, Bucharest, Tel.: +40-723/71.22.09

Location: 161, Calea Clujului, 3700 Oradea, Phone: +40-259-415.744, 415.745, Phone/fax: +40-259-411.410
Manufactures and sells: leather and fur clothes, textile clothes with fur lining, protective clothes, wide range of processed sheep skins

Leather and Fur Products

BANIA Craiova
Romanian-French Joint Venture.

CAPONI - Leather Manufacturer
Shoe face manufacturer, sewing and fitting, manual decor, varnishing. Location: 39, Herculane st., 1900 Timisoara, Phone: +40-56-216.244, E-mail!

Footwear Standard

Location: 8, Morii St., 2500 Alba Iulia, Judet Alba, Phone: +40-258-811.435, 811.303 Fax: +40-258-813.062  E-mail! Design, manufacture and sale of a large range of articles (sandals, shoes, sports shoes and boots) of genuine leather and substitutes, for men, women and children. Manufacturing process based on direct contracts, lohn and semi-lohn system.

Location: 162, Nicolae Balcescu St.,  0300 Pitesti, ARGES County, Phone: +40-248-280700 Fax: +40-248-280518 Large range of articles (sandals, shoes, sports shoes, and boots), based on direct contracts,  lohn and semi-lohn system.

Location: 58, Stefan cel Mare St., 1900 Timisoara, Judet TIMIS, Phone:  +40-256-224000, 224011, 190301, 224001 Fax: +40-256-190427  E-mail! Footwear for men, teenagers and children (sandals, shoes, boots and high boots).

Location: 19, Viseului St., 3775 Marghita, Judet BIHOR, Phone:+40-59-360687, 360650 Fax: +40-59-360432
Leather and leather substitute footwear for men and children

Leather articles.

GUBAN S.A.  - listed on Bucharest Stock Exchange
Location: 30-40, Eroilor Blvd., 1900 Timisoara, Judet TIMIS, Phone: +40-256-224038, 224040, 224036, 224028 Fax: +40-256-224036 Luxury women footwear; Morocco leather leather substitute goods; shoe polish, chemical products for leather finishing and household

PIONERUL S.A.  - listed on RASDAQ
Location: 7, Tabacarilor St., 75104 Bucuresti, Sector 4, Phone: +40-21-330.3540, 330.4845, 330.2319, 330.3590 Fax: +40-21-330.0635, 330.5190 Leather and leather substitute sport and leisure footwear manufacturer. Hides tanning and finishing.

Location: Bucharest, Phone: +40-21-410.3770, fax: +40-21-410.5023, E-mail: ucr@xnet.ro Founded in 1920. Manufacturer of PVC safety and non safety boots for men, women and chilfren, galoshes and slippers (flip flop). Working with high performance injection machines, obtaining the best rate quality - price. Seriousness, best rate quality - price, partners all over the world

Location: 48, Gib Mihaescu St., 1000 Ramnicu Valcea, Valcea County, Phone: +40-250-73.62.01, Fax: +40-250-73.25.75, 73.33.31, Telex: 48210. Leather footwear. Special military footwear.

Location: 17, Flacara St., 2900 Arad, Arad County, Phone: +40-257-28.08.80, Fax: +40-257-28.08.80. Footwear manufacturing joint venture. Tanned leather from Italy.

International Offer

Chyau Feng Plastics Industrial Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer/Exporter, established in 1966. Development and manufacturing of all PVC/EVA/RUBBER injection slippers and sandals. Location: 781, Chang Chau Rd., Changhwa 500, Taiwan, phone: +886-4-752.5108, fax: +886-4-761.2322, E-mail: dica@chyaufeng.com 

Shoes production and selling. A Footwear Company equipped with modern technical equipment and the possibility to produce high-quality competitive shoes, "Tighina" Footwear Firm heads the list of leading manufactures among shoe producers all over the world, with products supplied to Germany, Holland, Israel, Italy, France and CIS. International Certificate of Quality ISO 9001. Offer of over 300 models of shoes for men, women, teenagers and children for each season. Produced from natural leather with the flexible and wear-resistant soles from polyurethan. Location: Benderi, Reopublic of Moldova, phone: +373 32 65 104, + 373 32 65 110, fax: +373 32 68 523, +373 32 68 815, E-mail: tigina@idknet.com


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