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Wooden Prefabricated Houses

    7, Gheorghe Sincai St., 3900 Satu-Mare, Satu-Mare County, Phone: +40-261-73.69.17, Fax: +40-261-73.69.17, E-mail: dec16@pcnet.ro. Production:  wooden houses
  • ACCENT S.R.L. 
    Setup year: 1998. Location: 14, Stejari St., 6800 Botosani, Botosani County, Phone: +40-231-51.33.20, Fax: +40-231-51.33.20, Production of wooden houses, furniture, natural houses, wool carpets. Civil and industrial engineering. Interior decoration.
    Setup year: 1992. Location: 45, Unirii Blvd., Bl.E3, Sc.1, 8th Floor, Apt.31, Sector 3, Bucharest, Phone: +40-21-322.2453, Fax: +40-21-322.2853, Email: ascomex@art.ro Import and export of: chemical products, metallurgical products, timber, wooden products, wooden houses.
    Location: 3, Salcâmilor St., 5875 Radauti, Judet Suceava, Phone: +40-230-46.12.12, 46.33.12, 56.12.12, Fax: +40-230-46.12.13, 56.12.13. Resinous and deciduous timber (import - export). Manufacturer of furniture panels, prefabs for holiday cottages, building sites, etc.. Frameworks, paneling, floor boards.
    Location: 23, Râului St., 2400 Sibiu, Judet Sibiu, Phone: +40-269-22.33.25, Fax: +40-269-22.37.25, E-mail: forestsib@sibnet.ro . Resinous and deciduous timber (import - export). Manufacturer of furniture panels, prefabs for holiday cottages, building sites and other use, frameworks, paneling, floor boards.
    Location: 23, Calea Feldioarei, 2200 Brasov, Judet Brasov, Phone: +40-268-16.67.68, Fax: +40-268/42.64.84. Manufacturer and trader of thermo-phono-insulating windows and doors, classical style doors, parquetry, wainscot, holiday wooden houses, mouldings.
  • MAGNUM S.A. 
    Location: 2, Unirea Principatelor St., 5300 Focsani, Judet Vrancea, Phone: +40-237-61.24.35 Mobil: +40-722.24.30.37, Fax: +40-237/61.24.35. Manufacturer and exporter of resinous, beech, oak, poplar timber. Elements, semi-finished products, wood-coal; Small pieces of furniture, wooden houses, wall panels; Panels for constructions.
  • Mesteri Maramureseni
    Location: 14, Vulcan Judetul St., Sector 3, Bucharest, Phone/Fax: +40-21-327.4515, Mobile: 0744/318.445, 0744/369.974.
    Location:94, Leordeni St., Popeşti - Leordeni, Judet Ilfov, Phone: +40-21-492.0252, Fax: +40-21-492.0251, E-mail: LemnTec.HJ.S@ines.ro. Sawn, planed, peeled, cut and impregnated wood. Wooden constructions (including small holiday wooden houses). Wooden joinery (doors, windows with/without thermal insulated glass). Industrial and agricultural construction works.
    Location: 2, C. A. Rosetti St., 2700 Deva, Judet Hunedoara, Phone: +40-254-21.16.60, 21.16.61, Fax: +40-254-21.51.45, 21.26.28, Telex: 72239. Manufacturer and exporter of timber, semi-finished products and prefabs, boxes, charcoal, small pieces of furniture.
    Setup year: 1994. Location: 4, Aleea Tineretului, 5600 Piatra Neamt, Judet Neamt, Phone: +40-233-21.44.97, 21.86.60, Fax: +40-233-21.33.74. Wood exploitation, transportation and primary processing. Resinous and beech timber. Wooden doors and windows. Beech parquet. Small furniture for exportation. Wooden houses.
  • T.C.M.M. S.A. 
    Location: 268, Strada Principala, 5920 Frasin, Judet Suceava, Phone: +40-230-34.02.50, 34.03.59, 34.02.51, 52.28.70, 34.03.10, 34.02.50, Fax: +40-230-34.03.10, 34.02.50. Manufacturer and exporter of resinous timber, wood carpentry, wooden houses, small wooden furniture. Industrial and civil building assembly works. Performs services for building and assembly works.
    Outstanding experience in export, import and co-operation. Represents the interest of over 100 wood manufacturing factories in Romania. Location: 4, C. A. Rosetti Square, Sector 1, 70036 Bucharest, Phone: +40-21-312.5395, 315.2055, 313.6717, Fax: +40-21-312.4440, 315.5063, Email: tehnof@tehnof.rdsnet.ro .
    EXPORT ACTIVITY: furniture, doors-windows, prefabricated houses, chipboard, hardboard, beech plywood, beech blockboards, beech and oak parquetry, elements of boxes for fruits and vegetables, wooden charcoal, sawn beech timber and other species. IMPORT ACTIVITY: logs for veneers from exotic and other species, oak timber and other species, melaminated chipboard, veneers: oak, pine, beech, walnut, exotic species, lacquers: nitrocellulose, carbamidic, polyurethane, acrylic; adhesives for edging, foil and leather, glues, walnut stain for furniture, primary polyamides, fusible lines, decor paper, PVC foil for edges, abrasive tapes, corrugated board 5 layers for packing, fabrics and plushes for upholstery, metal fittings for furniture, components for polyurethane foam TDI/Poliol.

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