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Government of Romania

The Official Page

Adrian Nastase Prime Minister
Mircea Dan Geoana Minister of Foreign Affairs
Hildegard Carola Puwak Minister of European Integration
Mihai Nicolae Tanasescu Minister of Finance
Mihaela Rodica Stanoiu Minister of Justice
Ioan Mircea Pascu Minister of National Defense
Ioan Rus Minister of the Interior
Gheorghe Leonard Cazan Minister of Development and Prognosis
Marian Sarbu Minister of Labor and Social Solidarity
Ioan Dan Popescu Minister of Industry and Resources
Ilie Sarbu Minister of Agriculture, Alimentation and Forests
Petru Lificiu Minister of Waters and Environment Protection
Miron Tudor Mitrea Minister of Public Works, Transports and Housing
Matei - Agaton Dan Minister of Tourism
Silvia Ciornei
Minister of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Cooperation
Ecaterina Andronescu Minister of Education and Research
Razvan Theodorescu Minister of Culture and Cults
Daniela Bartos Minister of Health and of the Family
Georgiu Gingaras Minister of Youth and Sports
Dan Nica Minister of Communication and Information Technology
Octav Cozmanca Minister of Public Administration
Vasile Dincu Minister of Public Information
Petru Serban Mihailescu
Minister Coordinating the General Secretariat of the Government
Acsinte Gaspar Minister for the Relations with the Parliament
Ovidiu Tiberiu Musetescu
Minister of the Privatization Authority and State Participation Administration
Vasile Puscas
Minister-Delegate with the Ministry of European Integration, Chief Negotiator with the EU
Serban Constantin Valeca
Minister Delegate with the Ministry of Education and Research (for research activity)

Contact Coordinates for Ministries


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