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a candle for my son!

Internet Providers

National Association of Internet Services Providers(ANISP)

Romanian Internet Association (ARPI)

CODEX Romania
A site dedicated to law development for  IT and Internet related domains


On Line easy!
No subscription: just use a simple phone line and pay the phone bill! If in Bucharest, call directly. If outside Bucharest, dial 021 and then the number!

Euroweb Romania S.A. - - call: 899.9025 at 750 lei/min. the whole day!
Office: 102 Lipscani, Corp A,  Etaj 3, Sector 3, 030039 Bucuresti, Tel:  +40-21-307.6543, Mobile: +40-721-224224, +40-742-044044, Fax: +40-21-307.6544, E-mail!; Technical Support: Tel: +40-21-307.6547, +40-21-307.2933, Mobile: +40-788-234347

- call: 893.0123 for Bucharest or 89.01.23 for outside Bucharest at 894 lei/min (07.00-16.00), 300 lei/min (16.00 - 22.00) and 150 lei/min (22.00 - 07.00). IP=, domain= ns.easynet.ro, Email= mail.easynet.ro
Location: Dumitru Pompei Blvd., Bucharest

WebLine - Instant Internet - call: 891.9191 at 800 lei/min (07:00-19:00), 400 lei/min (19:00-23:00) and 200 lei/min (23:00-07:00), Location: Bucharest, or 89.1111 - location Constanta (username: demo, password - promo)


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