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a candle for my son!

Farmacia ta (Your Pharmacy)
Magazine published by KLTC Group Romania. Location: 2-4, Vasile Parvan St., Sc.A, Apt.9 Sector 1, Bucharest, Phone: +40-1-314.9090, 094/751.157, 092/222.092, Fax: +40-1-314.9933, E-mail: kltc@pcnet.ro

Health Management

The Hospital - Medicine Student's Review

Monthly Magazine of Medical Information.

Medical Information Page of Timisoara University


Medical Internet

Medical Life Review

Medifila Review

Orthopedic electronic newspaper

"Neurology and Neurosurgery Journal" Timisoara

Prahova Pediatric News Electronic Pages
Second Pediatry Magazine on Internet.


Publications on Oncological Issues
Endometriumkarzinome Gastrointestinale Tumoren Knochentumoren Weichteilsarkome Leukemien und Myelodysplastische Syndrome Mammarkarzinome Maligne Melanome Maligne Ovarialtumoren

Romanian Journal of Cellular Mollecular Medicine

Romanian Journal of Legal Medicine

Romanian Medical Internet

Romanian Medical Reviews

The Greatest Circulation Romanian Women Monthly

Viata Medicala
Medical Life: political, social and cultural weekly of the medico-sanitary personnel from Romania