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a candle for my son!



  • Art Collections Museum
    111, Calea Victoriei, Bucharest, phone: +40-21-650.6132
  • Banat Cultural Heritage
    Museums, Historical Monuments, Wooden Churches, Icons. Contemporary Arts
  • Cotroceni Museum
    1, Geniului Blvd, Bucharest, phone: +40-21-222.1200
    Visits only by appointment!
  • George Enescu Museum
    141, Calea Victoriei, Bucharest, phone: +40-21-659.6365, fax: +40-21-312.9182
  • Grigore Antipa Museum of Natural History
    1, Sos.Kiseleff, Sector 1, Bucharest, phone: +40-1-312.8826, fax: +40-1-312.8886
  • History and Art Museum of Bucharest
    2, Bratianu Blvd, Sector 1, Bucharest, phone: +40-1-313.8515, fax: +40-1-310.2562 E-mail!
  • Institute of Cultural Memory
    • Village Museum, Bucharest
    • Clocks Museum, Ploiesti
  • Minovici Museum of Ancient Western Art
    3, Dr.Minovici St., Bucharest, phone: +40-1-657.1505
  • Museum of the Romanian Peasant, Bucharest
    3, Kiseleff Sos., Bucharest, phone: 650.5360, fax: +40-1-312.9875, E-mail!
  • Museum of Romanian Literature, Bucharest
  • National Military Museum, Bucharest
    125-127, Vulcanescu St., Bucharest, phone: +40-1-638.7630, 637.7635
  • National Museum of Art, Bucharest
    49-53, Calea Victoriei, Bucharest, phone: +40-1-313.3030, fax: +40-1-314.8110 E-mail!
  • National Museum of Bukovina
  • National Museum of History
    12, Calea Victoriei, Bucharest, phone: +40-1-315.7056/311.3356, fax: +40-1-
  • Storck Museum
    16, Vasile Alecsandri St., Bucharest, phone: +40-1-211.3889 E-mail!
  • Theodor Aman Museum
    8, C.A.Rosetti St., Bucharest, phone: +40-1-314.5812
  • Theodor Palady Museum
    22, Spatarului St., Bucharest, phone: +40-1-211.4979
  • Village Museum
    28-30, Kiseleff Sos., Bucharest, phone: +40-1-222.9110, fax: +40-1-222.9068
  • Zambaccian Museum
    1, Muzeul Zambaccian St., Bucharest, phone: +40-1-230.1920



  • Craiova Muzeul de Arta, Muzeul Olteniei



  • Muzeul Secuiesc al Ciucului
    Hosted in the City's oldest building, the museum is the most significant tourist and cultural point in the region.




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