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a candle for my son!

Racoti, Predoiu & Partners
A Professional Law Partnership

Senior Partners Expertise
Ioana Racoti

Catalin Predoiu

Adrian Severin

Fields References
Lawyers Fulfillment of Thoughts
Assistants Towards New Horizons
Location: Bucharest, 12, Italiana St., Phone: +40-1-311.0517, 311.0518, Fax: +40-1-311.0519, E-mail!


  • Direct Investments

  • Privatization

  • Acquisitions

  • Domestic and Foreign Financing

  • Securities

  • Banking

  • Corporate Law

  • Real estate

  • Competition

  • Regulations

  • Domestic and Foreign Trade

  • Intellectual Property

  • Natural resources

  • Telecommunications

  • Investment Funds

  • Restructuring Funds

Fulfillment of Thoughts


Racoti, Predoiu & Partners might seem a new name among law partnerships. Still, those who have known us all - partners or associates of the partnership - are aware of the fact that this is a fulfillment of certain evolutions and thoughts.

It all began with the idea of a professional cooperation between two Romanian lawyers in order to practice together a noble profession within the largest Bar Association of the country.

Results encouraged us to struggle for more. We set up a partnership aiming at an ambitious goal: to resist on the market of a difficult profession and to bring something new into the field; in other words, to be a different kind of law firm.

We have been practicing law in the context of a complex dynamics - of law change, of economic relations, of cultural exchange.

Our availability to sustained study and new ideas gave us the opportunity to offer our clients answers to new problems brought forward by the new regulations. In a complex world, we tried to offer simple solutions to complex matters, based on a truth that should close the circle of each and every lawyer's efforts: clients expected results.

Due to our clients, who turned to us with difficult cases, we succeeded in finding answers where everything had seemed nothing but a dead end. We learnt that the important thing was to be creative.

In an ever more global world, we realized that a good solution depends not only on the knowledge of law, but also on the knowledge of economy, which transcends borders in the new millennium. Nowadays, learning must cross the borders of law practice. We have tried to be always fully informed.

All these changes are very rapid and challenging, in a multifaceted way. We learnt that we must find the balance between cautiousness, accuracy and promptness.

It was not an easy task and results were not always immediately visible. Yet, we discovered that the beauty of our profession comes not only from the logical aspect of law texts, but also from the communication with the others. With people from everywhere, having different religions, speaking different languages - all of them trying to understand a different culture expressed by the Romanian law. Multicultural dialogue was stimulating search for constructing solutions. And we learnt to set prejudices aside.

Looking back, we realized that success depends on the quality of services, continuous availability, boundless effort, loyalty towards client, the respect the client shows to you, the establishing of your own philosophy about your own profession.

Towards New Horizons


Racoti, Predoiu & Partners is not a juxtaposition, but a synthesis. A synthesis of all the above. Plus the extraordinary expertise of one of the previous three associates. The expertise of a teacher, of a lawyer, of an international arbitrator and, why not, the expertise of a former foreign minister.

The guarantee of our commitment lies also in our unrelenting search for new horizons, in closing new deals for our clients, in always finding new solutions, building up systems, setting things to rights, recovering lost interests, defending where defiance of circumstances sometimes seems impossible to surpass.

With integrity and professionalism, combining team work with individual efforts, we keep on finding solutions in the best conditions.

All our efforts are made for and together with our clients. Step by step, a transaction after another, file by file, we build a special relationship with each of our clients, because every clients is special, is different.

As far as we are concerned, we wish to remain a different kind of law firm.



  • Camelia Tudorancea

  • Diana Pascu

  • Cristina Ciocan

  • Daniela Angelo

  • Dan Barbu

  • Lucian Danilescu

  • Gabriela Neacsu

  • Radu Mihai Georgescu

  • Anca Maria Sandru




  • Luiza Savescu, translator

  • Bogdana Butnar, translator

  • Luiza Ghita, receptionist

  • Costel Ionitescu, administrator

  • Andra Ioana Boiangiu, office manager


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