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a candle for my son!

A Professional Law Partnership

Main Expertise References

Following are some of our most important projects for which our clients set no disclosure restrictions:

International Financing

  • Equity and bank loan granted to ARCTIC S.A., where we assisted the E.B.R.D.
  • Debt equity swap for ROMTELECOM, where we assisted E.B.R.D.
  • Syndicated loan for OLTCHIM S.A., where we assisted the German Bank acting as the loan arranging agent.
  • Loan granted to TUBORG S.A., where we assisted E.B.R.D.
  • Loan granted to VIROMED S.A., where we assisted VIROLITE, an American company.
  • Equity and loan granted by Société Générale, where we assisted the beneficiary DORNA S.A., a group of companies producing mineral waters, soft drinks and food products.


  • Due diligence and privatization of ARCTIC S.A., where we assisted the E.B.R.D - Société Générale Consortium
  • Due diligence and privatization of TITAN S.A., where we assisted St.George's Mills, a Cypriot Company.
  • Due diligence and privatization of DUCTIL S.A., where we assisted WINDMILL Ltd., a Singaporean company.
  • Due diligence of PETROMIDIA SA, where we assisted PETROMIDIA USA, an American company.
  • Due diligence and privatization of ROMPETROL S.A., where we assisted a group of Romanian companies.
  • Privatization of VEGA REFINERY S.A., where we assisted ROMPETROL S.A.
  • Due diligence and privatization of Pool 4, a group of 10 Romanian companies, an ongoing project, where we assist the RAIFFEISEN Group.
  • Privatization of ANTIBIOTICE S.A., an ongoing project, we we assist the RAIFFEISEN Group.

Restructuring and Liquidation Procedures

  • Due diligence, restructuring and liquidation procedures for approximately 200 agricultural companies belonging to the portfolio of "Dunarea" National Restructuring Fund.

Corporate Law

  • We currently assist several companies in the field of oil, food and textile industries, soft drinks, software development, investment funds.
  • We also assist a number of clients in privatization operations, investments in equity and bank loans.
  • As part of our team, two litigation experts assist some clients in files pending in several courts of justice or at the Bucharest Court of International Commercial Arbitration.


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