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a candle for my son!

Software Library

AntiVirus Expert
Checking of security holes, scanning of Internet ports, Internet and e-mail clients monitoring. E-mail!

ASESOFT Ploiesti
Computers, software, including enterprise resource planning, web development


Chris Utilities Online


Dan Armano
Location: Bucharest, Romania, Mobile: +40-723/707010, fax: +40-21-250.4220, Email!
Remote software developer, specialized in Internet software development using Delphi, Visual C++, PHP, MySQL, etc.

DevStar SRL Software Development
Location: Bucharest, Romania, Phone: + 40-723/707010, fax: +40-21-250.4220, E-mail!
Software developer in Eastern Europe, specializing in Delphi and Visual C++, Internet development. High quality remote software development at very low rates.


Integrated Business Solutions
Integrated Software System based on Raima Technology. Nativ Multi-users System

ONIX Rm Valcea
General Headquartes: Magheru 6, 1000 Ramnicu Valcea, Phone: +40-250-73.66.68, 73.66.18 or 73.33.92, Fax: +40-250-73.33.03. Network design and installation. Producer and integrator of economic and managerial software. ORACLE Authorized Partner 

PETAR Computers and Software
Web Services Provider, Software Development, Dedicated Software

Postal cards

Pyramid Software
Location: 278, Calea Mosilor, Bl. 20 bis, Apt.20, Sector 2, Bucharest, Mobile: +40/722-217.818, 216.886, E-mail: mmihalca@yahoo.com, office@pyramid.ro Delivers high performance solutions to cope with information system needs of large and small business. Solutions are robust, powerful,  friendly, flexible.

SamSoft Company
Software for monitoring games halls, internet-café, films, games

Showdown - watch your image!
Web design, advertise, interactive media, programming, graphics. Location: Bucharest, phone: +40-745/780.650, fax: +40-21-250.0369, E-mail!

Unreal Home
Arcs, Graphics, Linux, Sound, Tools, Utilities, Web

Viami Computers
Accounting and Management Programs

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