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a candle for my son!


Chestnut Festival - Baia Mare (September-October)

Garlic Festival
First Edition - Copalau, Botosani, September 2, 2001

Romanian Carols

Romanian Celebrations

Main Folk and Cultural Events

Place Date
Udatul Ionilor (The Johns' Wetting) Talmacel, Sibiu January 6-7
Geavralele Morteni, Dambovita January 6-7
The Festival of Folk and Masked Theatre Piatra Neamt, Neamt January, 6-7
The Festival of Man's Dance Suceava April, 4-10
Shakespeare International Festival Craiova April, 23-30
Don Juan International Festival Iasi May, 5-11
Potters' Festival "Chronicle in Clay" Marginea, Suceava May, 9-15
The Festival of Contemporary Music Craiova May, 16-22
The Festival of Traditional Dance Balca, Suceava May, 17-23
International Theatre Festival Piatra Neamt May, 22-31
Jazz & Blues Springtime International Festival Brasov May, 23-25
International Theatre Festival Sibiu May 28-June, 8
"Workshop" International Theatre Festival Covasna June, 1-18
The Clowns' Feast Timisoara June, 5
Folk Ceramics Fair "Horezu Coq" Horezu, Valcea June, 6-8
The Parade of Popular Traditions Horodnic, Suceava June, 6-12
The Festival of Wedding Traditions Straja, Suceava June, 13-19
Mihai Eminescu Days Botosani June, 14-15
The Folk Music Festival "At Longing Gates" Faget, Timis June, 14-15
"Dragaica" Annual Fair of Popular Craftsmen Buzau June, 14-24
Photographic Art International Festival  Brasov June, 15
Folk Festival "Romanian Gag" Olt June, 15-22
National Folk Festival of Professional Ensembles   June, 19-25
Putna's Celebrations Putna, Suceava June, 20-26
"Ciprian Porumbescu" National Contest of Instrumental Interpretation Suceava June, 20-26
The Shepherd's Folk Celebration "Invartita Dorului" Vaideeni, Valcea June, 21-22
Ceramics Fair "Cucuteni 5000" Iasi June, 21-29
"Dragaica", Old Popular Custom Baleni, Dambovita June, 24
"Andrei Saguna" Days Covasna June 27 - July, 1
The Exhibition of "Stefan Luchian" National Campus of Painting and Graphics Botosani June, 28-July, 25
International Chamber Music Festival Brasov June, 30 - July, 7
Balkan Countries Folk Festival Constanta July, 2-6
Old Music Festival Harghita July, 2-6
The Hearts Festival Timisoara July, 2-6
International Folklore Festival "Ana Lugojana" Timis July, 3-6
"Hercules" International Folklore Festival Caras-Severin July, 7-12
International Campus of Painting Maramures July, 10-27
"Constantin Brancusi" Campus of Scupture Gorj July, 15-20
International Weddings Festival Maramures July, 18-20
"D.G.Chiriac" International Festival of Choral Music Pitesti July, 18-22
The Girls Fair on "Gaina" Mountain Alba July, 19-20
"Nicolae Grigorescu" National Campus of Painting and Graphics Prahova July, 20 - August, 3
"Oravita" International Literature Campus Caras-Severin July, 25-30
The Folklore Festival "Olt Songs" Calimanesti, Olt August, 1-3
International Folklore Festival  Neamt August, 2-8
International Folklore Festival of Latin Countries Tulcea August, 3-7
International Folklore Festival "Hora din Batrani" Vaslui August, 4-10
International Folklore Festival "Zamfira's Wedding" Bistrita August, 8-13
"Nedeea romanilor de pretutindeni" (The Pastoral Feat of Romanian all over the World) Faget, Timis August, 9-10
"Carpati" International Folklore Festival  Arges August, 9-15
"Sarmisegetuza" International Folklore Festival  Hunedoara August, 12-17
International Festival -Contest of Popular Music "On Danube Border" Giurgiu August, 13-15
The Folk Feast "Sheep Going down from the Mountains" Albestii de Arges August, 14-15
"Hariclea Hartulary Darclée" International Canto Competition Braila August, 15-17
International Festival of Women's Dance "Meses Echoes" Salaj August, 21-25
International Folklore Festival "The Golden Peacock" Cluj-Napoca August, 21-28
"Hora la Prislop" Popular Feast Prislop, Suceava August, 26
International Folklore Festival "Mountains' Call" Cluj-Napoca August, 27-31
National Romanian Books Salon Iasi August 31 - September 2
International Plastic Arts Campus Tescani, Bacau September, 1-30
The International Festival "Enescu ' the Moldavian Orpheus" Bacau September, 5-7
"The Golden Girdle" Festival of Popular Dance Barbatesti, Valcea September, 8
"George Enescu" Musical Days Timisoara September, 8-12
National Celebrations Tebea, Hunedoara September, 12-14
"Calinescu's" Cultural Days Bacau September, 19-21
Experimental Theatres' Festival   September, 20-25
"George Bacovia" National Poesy Contest   September, 23-24
"Liviu Rebreanu"'s Days Bistrita-Nasaud September, 25-27
"Bartok-Enescu" Musical Days Harghita September 28-October 2
International Music Festival Satu-Mare October, 2-9
International Festival "Cluj Musical Autumn" Cluj-Napoca October, 4-22
International Festival of Choreographic Art Iasi October, 7-11
Festival of Classical Theatre Arad October, 9-13
International Folklore Festival "Rose from Moldavia" Iasi October, 12-13
International Festival Contest of Young Interpreters of Popular Music "All Romanians' Songs" Mehedinti October, 12-16
"Ion Baiesu" National Festival of Short Comic Theatre Buzau October, 15-19
National Contest of Light Music "The Danube's Songs" Galati October, 20-30
International Theatre Festival of Danubian Towns Braila October, 20-30

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