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a candle for my son!

Tudor Arghezi

Born: May 23, 1880, in Bucharest, as Ion N. Theodorescu. The pseudonym Arghezi is explained by the writer that is related to Argesis (ancient name of the river Arges)


  • 1891-1896 - Courses at Sf. Sava High School


  • 1896 - Literary debut under the influence of Macedonski "magister", in Liga ortodoxa, signing Ion Theo
  • 1900-1904 - The poet is a few years monk at Cernica Monastery
  • 1905-1910 - Travels abroad. For a little time in Paris, next to the Cordiliers Monastery, where his is assaulted to become Catholic. Bored by the insistences, moves to Geneva, where he writes poems, attends the courses of the University and gains his existence by working in a golden teeth, rings and watches tops workshop. In 1909 he visits Italy
  • 1912-1916 - Returns to Romania. At Facla, Viata romāneasca, Teatru, Rampa publishes lyrics, pamphlets, polemical articles s.o.
  • 1918-1919 - During the Great Romania definitivation, he was imprisoned for 2 years, together with 11 newspapermen and writers (among them Ioan Slavici), at Vacaresti penitentiary, accused with betrayal, because he was for the neutrality of Romania
  • 1927 - Appears his first poems volume " Cuvinte potrivite"
  • 1928 - Under his management the newspaper " Bilete de papagal"
  • 1929 - First book in prose " Icoane de lemn"
  • 1931 - Plaquette of lyrics " Flori de mucigai" inspired, as " Poarta neagra", by his detention years. Also now he publishes the volume in prose for kids " Cartea cu jucarii", beginning a secondary direction of his creation, which will continue, with volumes well known by the pupils: " Cāntec de adormit Mitzura", "Buruieni", "Martisoare", "Prisaca", " Zdreanta" s.o. Today's school manuals have many of his poems addressed to children
  • 1934 - The novel " Ochii Maicii Domnului" (Mother's love and filial devotion)
  • 1935 - "Versuri de seara", lyrics volume
  • 1936 - The novel " Cimitirul Buna-Vestire"
  • 1939 - "Hore", lyrics volume
  • 1942 - The novel "Lina", in fact a long poem in prose
  • 1943 - Under the title " Bilete de papagal", publishes in the newspaper "Informatia zilei", the most sarcastic pamphlets, because of which he is searched by the police. The newspaper is immediately confiscated, the writer is imprisoned in Bucharest and next in the Camp from Tg. Jiu
  • 1944 - Liberated from the camp
  • 1944-1967 - During the "dictatorship of proletariat", after a period of holding back, he is "rehabilitated", distinguished with title and prizes, elected member of the Romanian Academy, celebrated as national poet at 80 and 85 years
  • Publishes the volumes 1907 - Peisaje, Cāntare omului, Stihuri pestrite, Poeme noi, Cu Bastonul prin Bucuresti
  • 1966 - Dies, of cancer, his lifetime wife Paraschiva
  • 1967 - Dies and is buried near his wife, in the garden of his house from Martisor Street. National funerals. Today the house is a museum managed by his daughter Mitzura

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