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a candle for my son!

Mircea Desideriu Banciu
Member of the Romanian Academy
Former President of the Chemistry Sciences Section

Born: August 19, 1941, Hunedoara, Romania

Deceased: 2005, Bucharest

Married to Anca Banciu, Ph.D. One daughter, Cristina, born 1976

Professor Dr., Member of the Romanian Academy (from 2000)


  • Faculty of Industrial Chemistry, Polytechnic Institute Bucharest (1957-1962), Diploma of Chemical Engineer (1962)

  • Doctoral Thesis: “Solvolysis Reactions of Dibenzocycloalkane Derivatives” under supervision of Professor Ecaterina Cioranescu-Nenitzescu; Diploma of Dr. Eng. (1969)

  • Post doctoral fellowship - University of Cologne, Germany, 1969 (Professor Emanuel Vogel)

Academic Positions

  • 1962-1972 - Assistant

  • 1972-1980 - Assistant Professor

  • 1980-1990 - Associate Professor

  • Since 1990 - Professor at Organic Chemistry Department, led by Professor Costin D. Nenitzescu till 1970, then by Professor E. Cioranescu-Nenitzescu, Polytechnic Institute, Bucharest. Main domains of interest:

    • Organic Chemistry

    • Physical Methods in Organic Chemistry

    • Synthetic Drugs

    • Free Radicals

Scientific Activities

Research domains

  • Flash Vacuum Pyrolysis; Valence Isomerism; Cyclic and Polycyclic Compounds; Carbenium Ion Reactions; Heterocyclic Compounds; Applications of Physical Methods in Organic Chemistry; Laboratory Equipment; Biologically Active Compounds, Heterogeneous Catalyzed Stereo selective Processes in Organic Chemistry

  • Director of research projects (Romanian Academy, ANSTI, MCT)

Other Activities

Editorial Activities

  • Vice-Editor in Chief of Revue Roumaine de Chimie (from 1991 - ) and Romanian Chemical Quarterly Reviews (1993 - 2001) (both published by the Romanian Academy)

  • Editor in Chief of Proceedings of the Romanian Academy, Series B (Chemistry, Life-Sciences and Geosciences) (from 1999 - )

  • Regional Editor of MOLECULES (from 1999 - )

  • Regional Editor of ARKIVOC (SUA) (from 2000 - )

International Scientific Cooperation

  • Collaboration Program with Monash University - Clayton, Victoria, Australia (Prof. R.F.C. Brown) and with University of Brisbane, Australia (Prof. Curt Wentrup)

  • Collaboration Program with “Universita degli Studi di Firenze” - Italy (Prof. Andrea Scozzafava)

  • Collaboration Program with “Institut de Recherches sur la Catalyse”, Lyon - France (Dr. Michelle Besson)

  • Twin Doctoral Thesis with University Marseille - France (Prof. M. Chanon)

  • Collaboration in COST Program 12

  • Member of the Management Committee of the COST 24 Program

  • Lecture tours, guest-professor, conferences/seminaries in: France, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Italy, USA, Belgium


  • President of the Chemistry Sciences Section of the Romanian Academy (from 2002 -)

  • Corresponding member of the Romanian Academy (1991 - 2000)

  • Member of the American Chemical Society (from 1996 - )

  • Member of the European Chemical Society

  • Affiliate member of IUPAC

  • Honorary Member of the International Biographical Center Advisory Council, Cambridge, England

  • Honorary Member of the Research Board of Advisors of the American Biographical Institute

  • Member of the National Board of Romanian Chemical Society (1993 - 2001); President of Organic Chemistry Section (1996 - 2001)

  • Member of the Romanian Biochemical Society (from 1993 - )

  • Member of the Romanian Chemical Engineering Society (from 1994 - )

  • Member of the Romanian Committee for History and Philosophy of Sciences (from 1996 - )

  • Member of the Scientific Councils of the Department of Engineering Sciences and of the Faculty of Industrial Chemistry from “POLITEHNICA” University Bucharest

  • Member of the Scientific Council of “C.D. Nenitzescu” Institute of Organic Chemistry - Romanian Academy

  • Secretary of Chemical Sciences Section of Romanian Academy (1991 - 2002)

  • Member of the Council of Romanian Academy Publishing House


  • 135 papers in Journals from Romania and abroad

  • 7 books in Romania, 1 book in USA: A.T. Balaban, M. Banciu and V. Ciorba, “Annulenes, Benzo-, Hetero-, Homoderivatives and their Valence Isomers”; 3 volumes; CRC-Press, Boca Raton, Fla, 1987; different book-chapters in USA

Awards and Medals

  • Scientific Prize of the Romanian Ministry of Education (1969)

  • "Gh. Spacu” Chemistry Prize of the Romanian Academy (1982)

  • Knight of the Order of “Faithful Service” (2000)


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