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a candle for my son!

Romanian Version

Lucian Blaga
Philosopher, Poet and Playwright

1895 - Born (May 9th) as the ninth son of the parish priest (Romanian Orthodox Church) of the village of Lâncrâm, south of Alba Iulia in Transylvania
1908 - The death of his father leaves the family destitute and Blaga has to leave secondary school, but later registers as an external student
1910 -

Publishes his first poems

1914 - Publishes his first philosophical article, 'Notes on intuition in Bergson'. To avoid service in the Austro-Hungarian army, attends theological classes at the Theological Institute of Sibiu, graduating in 1917
1918 - Begins to study philosophy at the University of Vienna
1920 - Awarded his Ph. D. with the thesis Kultur und Erkenntnis. Marries. Returns to Romania. Publishes more poems and also begins to publish plays
1922 - Publishes Culture and Cognition (thesis)
1926 - Goes as press attache to the Romanian legation in Warsaw
1927 - Is transferred to Prague. Dorli, his daughter, is born
1932 - Transferred to Vienna
1936 - Elected, at 41 years, active member of the Romanian Academy
1937 - Transferred to the Romanian Legation in Bern, Switzerland, as press counselor
1938 - Transferred back to Bucharest and then to Lisbon. Returns to Romania as Professor of the Philosophy of Culture (a chair specially created for him) at the University of Cluj
1947 - Romanian Students' Union publishes first part of his course, On Philosophical Cognition
1948 - Lithographed publication of his course Anthropological Aspects
1949 Is dismissed from his chair by the Communist regime and appointed librarian of the Cluj branch of the Library of the Romanian Academy. Out of favor, he publishes only translations until 1960
1956 - Nominated for the Nobel Prize on the proposal of Bazil Munteanu (France) and Rosa del Conte (Italy), he was on the point of getting the award when the communist government in Bucharest sent emissaries to Sweden to protest against his nomination with false political allegations
1961 - Dies of cancer. Buried at Lâncrâm
1962 Blaga's works begin to be published again, many edited by his daughter

















Published Works

Poems 1919 - Poems of Light
1921 - The Prophet's Footsteps
1924 - In the Great Passage
1929 - In Praise of Sleep
1933 - At the Watershed
1938 - At the Courtyard of Yearning
1943 - Unsuspected Steps--New Poems
1982 - 3 Posthumous Poems
Plays 1921 - Zamolxis, A Pagan Mystery
1923 - Whirling Waters
1925 - Daria, The Deed, Resurrection
1927 - Master-Builder Manole
1930 - The Children's Crusade
1934 - Avram Iancu
1944 - Noah's Ark
Philosophical Works 1924 - The Philosophy of Style.
1925 - The Original Phenomenon and The Facets of a Century
1931 - The Dogmatic Aeon
1933 - Luciferian Knowledge
1934 - Transcendental Censorship
1936 - Horizon and Style and The Mioritic Space
1937 - The Genesis of Metaphor and the Meaning of Culture
1939 - Art and Value
1940 - The Divine Differentials
1942 - Religion and Spirit and Science and Creation
1943 - The Trilogy of Knowledge (The Dogmatic Aeon, Luciferian Knowledge, Transcendent Censorship: in 1983 On Philosophical Cognition and Experiment and the Mathematical Spirit added by his daughter)
1944 - The Trilogy of Culture (Horizon and Style, The Mioritic Space, The Genesis of Metaphor and the Meaning of Culture)
1946 - The Trilogy of Values (Science and Creation, Magical Thinking and Religion, Art and Value)
1959 - Historical Existence
1966 - Romanian Thought in Transylvania in the 18th Century
1968 - Horizons and Stages
1969 - Experiment and the Mathematical Spirit
1972 - Sources (essays, lectures, articles)
1974 - On Philosophical Cognition
1977 - Philosophical Essays
1983 - The Cosmological (The Divine Differentials, Anthropological Aspects, Historical Existence)
Other Prose Works
1919 - Stones for My Temple, aphorisms
1945 - Discoblus, aphorisms
1965 - The Chronicle and Song of Ages, memoirs
1977 - The Élan of the Island, aphorisms
1990 - Charon's Ferry, novel

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