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Romanian Version

Maria Brezeanu, Chemist, Member of the Romanian Academy

Maria  Brezeanu
Member of the Romanian Academy

Born: March 19, 1924, Risnov, Brasov County

Deceased: April 19, 2005


  • 1948 - Faculty of Chemistry, University of Bucharest
  • 1955 - PhD in Chemistry, Specialty Inorganic Chemistry
  • 1970 - Doctor docent in sciences

Stages of Research and Conferences Abroad

  • Germany(1969 Jena, 1974 - Hamburg)
  • USA (1970)
  • France (1991)

Professional Career

  • University of Bucharest, Faculty of Chemistry
    • 1948 - assistant
    • 1956 - head of works
    • 1962 - assistant professor
    • 1969 - professor, presently Consultant Professor, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Bucharest, Chair of Inorganic Chemistry, Guide for PhD Candidate.

Research Fields

  • Chemistry of complex polinuclear combinations
  • Precursors of mixed oxides, mixed sulphides and complexes and other new inorganic materials
  • Clusters metal - sulphur
  • Reactivity in the solid phase of the coordinative compounds
  • Non-conventional methods to produce mixed oxides
  • New inorganic materials
  • Chemistry of mixed and complex sulphides


  • Corresponding Member of the Romanian Academy in 1991 and full member since 1993
  • President of the Romanian Academy Section for Chemical Sciences
  • Member in the Board of Direction of the Romanian Chemistry Society
  • Member in the editorial board of the revues "Revue Roumaine de Chemie" and "Romanian Chemical Quarterly Reviews"


  • Over 180 articles published in specialty journals in Romania and abroad
  • 13 books and one treatise
  • 19 brevets of inventions, of which 5 were applied

Prizes and Awards

  • Prixe of the Ministry of Education for the scientific research activity (1961 and 1963)
  • Prixe "G. Spacu" of the Romanian Academy (1990) for the study "Complex Polinuclear Combinations and Their Applications", as well as for her original researches in this field
  • Meritorious Teacher (1988)

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