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a candle for my son!

Romanian Version

Nicolae Cajal (1919-2004), Member of the Romanian Academy, President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Romania

Nicolae Cajal

Member of the Romanian Academy
President of the Jewish Communities Federation of  Romania

Born: October 1, 1919, in Bucharest, as son of professor dr. Marcu Cajal, one of the first pediatric specialists of Romania; died: April 08, 2004

Married to Berthina (Bibi) Cajal (31.03.1924-07.01.2001). One daughter, Irina and one son, Stefan


  • 1946 - graduate as doctor in medicine and pharmacy of the Faculty of Medicine, Bucharest University
  • 1959 - PhD in medical sciences

Professional Career

  • Attracted since the years of university studies by microbiology, worked as an intern in hospital laboratories and, since 1944, in the laboratories of Bacteriology Chair, since 1945 of Infra Microbiology Chair of Faculty of Medicine, Bucharest. Specialized as microbiologist and virologist under the guidance of Prof. dr. Stefan S. Nicolau, savant with numerous contributions in this particular field.
  • Since 1966 - professor, head of Virology Chair at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Bucharest. Since 1946, was promoted, successively, by contest, from preparatory, assistant, head of works, lecturer, university professor
  • Since 1966 - expert of the World Health Organization (WHO)
  • 1967-1994 - director of the Institute of Virology of the Romanian Academy, where he worked from its inception (1949) as head of laboratory, head of section and, since 1953 as scientific deputy director, now honorary  director
  • Since 1977 - director of the Medical Services pertaining to the Jewish Communities Federation of Romania (FCER)
  • 1986-1994 - member of FCER presidium
  • 1990-1992 - independent senator of Bucharest, Parliament of Romania.
  • 1991-1994 - president of the Consultative College for applicative and development research
  • 1992-2004 - president of "ELIAS" Foundation of the Romanian Academy (1976-1990 - delegate administrator-counselor, 1990-1992 - prime vice-president)
  • 1992-2004 - honorary director of the Romanian Cultural Center, Vienna
  • 1992-2004 - vice-president of the Council for Science and Technology
  • 1992-2004 - president of the Jewish Communities Federation of Romania (FCER)

Activity in Academic Forums

  • 1963-1990 - corresponding member of the Romanian Academy
  • 1966-1990 - member of the Bureau of the Romanian Academy Section for Medical Sciences
  • 1971-l990 - secretary of the Bureau of the Romanian Academy Section for Medical Sciences
  • Din 1990 - full member of the Romanian Academy
  • l990-1994 - vice-president of the Romanian Academy
  • Din 1994 - president of the Romanian Academy Section for Medical Sciences
  • Din 1994 - honorary director of the European Center for Social Communication and Interethnic Relations of the Romanian Academy
  • Since 1969 - member and Presidium Bureau member of the Academy of Medical Sciences, president of the Academy Section for Preventive Medicine
  • Since 1990 - vice-president of the Academy of Medical Sciences
  • Din 1998 - president of the Academy of Medical Sciences


Member of numerous international societies of specialty, for some member of the management group

Vice-president and president of the European Association for poliomyelitis study

President of the European Society for Viroses Study and Combat

Vice-president of the Society for Infectious Pathology

Member of the Royal Society of Medicine - London

Member of the International Society for Comparative Pathology

Member of the French Society of Microbiology

Member of the Academy of Sciences of New York

Since 1990 - president of the Romanian Microbiology Society (since 1967 vice-president and president of the Virology Section)

Since 1991 - member of the Executive Bureau of the National Commission for UNESCO; President of the subsection for sciences

Since 1995 - President of "B'NAI B'RITH Dr. Moses Rosen" Forum of Romania.

Titles, Orders and Distinctions

  • - Doctor Honoris Causa of the Universities in Oradea (1994) , Timisoara (1995), Cluj-Napoca (1995), Iasi (1996)

Editorial and Publishing Activity

  • Since 1967 - editor of the Romanian Revue of Virology (Revue Roumaine de Virologie), previously (since 1949) - deputy editor
  • Member of the editorial team of numerous specialized revues ("Acta Virologica", "Voprosi virusologhii", etc.)
  • Author of over 400 scientific studies in the field of Virology, published in Romania and abroad, especially in the field of poliomyelitis, herpes, rabies, viral hepatitis , viral genetics and pathogenesis, viral diagnosis etc, with important original contributions
  • Author and co-author of 14 monographs, manuals and treaties of specialty (some of them awarded with academic prizes)
  • Author of numerous books (12) and films of science popularization and history
  • Participant with original studies at numerous congresses and scientific missions in countries of Europe, Africa, America, Asia, as representative of the Romanian Academy, Ministry of Health, WHO etc.

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