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a candle for my son!

His Beatitude Teoctist, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church

Born on February 7, 1915, in the village Tocileni, Botosani county (NE Romania)

Deceased: July 30, 2007

1929 - joined Vorona Monastery (Botosani); later became a monk, named Teoctist at Bistrita Monastery

1932-1940 - attended the courses of Orthodox Seminary (High-school) in Cernica, nearby Bucharest

1940-1944 - studied at the Faculty of Orthodox Theology of the Bucharest University; took a degree in Liturgy with "Magna cum laudae"

25 March 1945 - ordained as hyeromonach at the Cathedral of Moldavia Metropolis, in Iasi

1949-1962 - Vicar-Bishop

1962-1963 - Bishop of Arad

1973-1977 - Archbishop of Craiova and Metropolitan of Oltenia

1977-1986 - Archbishop of Iasi and Metropolitan of Moldova and Suceava

9 November 1986 - elected as Archbishop of Bucharest, Metropolitan of Muntenia and Dobrogea and Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church

An active supporter of the Ecumenical movement, His Beatitude Teoctist attended the 8th Conference of European Churches, in Chania (Crete), 1979, where he was elected member of the Consultative Committee. He also attended the meeting of the Presidium of the Consultative Committee of European Churches in Oxford (1983).

His Beatitude was granted many distinctions and religious orders by the Patriarchates of Antioch, Jerusalem, Russia, Serbia, by the Archdioceses of Greece, Cyprus, former Czechoslovakia, Finland, and by His Sanctity Pope John Paul the 2nd.

He holds a Honoris Causa PhD granted in 1995 by the Universities of Bucharest and Oradea.

In May 1999 he received from the Romanian State the order Romania's Star

His Beatitude wrote numerous studies in Orthodox theology that have been grouped together later in a four-volume work called "On the steps of Christian Ministry" ("Pe treptele slujirii creştine")

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