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a candle for my son!

Marin Sorescu, Poet and Playwright (1936-1997)

Marin Sorescu
Writer  (1936-1997)

"I turn my face to the wall and I tell my grieving friends:
 I'll be back soon!" (Departure)

Born: February 19, Bulzesti Village, Dolj County

Married in 1961


  • Primary school in his home village
  • Highschool "Fratii Buzesti" in Craiova
  • Military Highschool in Predeal (graduated in 1954)
  • 1955-1960 - University of Iasi, Faculty of Philology and History
  • 1972-1973 - DAAD Fellowship in West Berlin

Literary Career

  • Over 24 volumes of poesies, 9 theater pieces and 3 novels, as well as several volumes of essays and literary chronics and critics, prose for children, interviews

  • His literary works were translated abroad, especially in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Hungarian, Swedish, Dutch, Greek, Russian, Tchecque, Polish, Bengali and published by prestigious publishing houses, like Saint-Germain-des-Près and Jacqueline Chambon (France), Corcyn Press (EUA), Hounslow Press (Canada), Bloodaxe Books et London Boston (United Kingdom), Sa Hitya Akademi (India), UNESCO Publishing House and others
  • Contributed with poems, essays, literary criticism and plays to literary magazines, such as: România literara, Steaua, Convorbiri literare, La Nouvelle Revue Française, Le Monde, The Time Literary Supplement, London Magazine, Modern Poetry in Translation, Washington Post, The Poetry, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Die Zeit, Merkur, Akzente, Svedska, Dagblated, Tvorba, Literary Mesicnik, Inostrannaia Literatura, Il Dramma, Giornale dei Poeti, Dialog, Forum, Kentering, Varlik, Al-Adib-Mu-Asir, El País, Estaciones and many others
  • Editor-in-chief of "Scrisul românesc" Publishing House and the literary revues "Ramuri" and "Literatorul", editor of several  cultural publications, among which "Luceafarul", "Teatrul", "Secolul XX", "Cronica", "România literara"
1964 * Editorial debut: Singur printre poeti (Along among poets), satirical poems, Editura pentru literatura, Bucharest
1965 * Poeme (Poems), Editura pentru literatura, Bucharest, awarded with the prize of the Romanian Writers' Union
1966 * Moartea ceasului (Death of the Clock), verse, Editura Tineretului, Bucharest
1967 * Unde fugim de acasa? (Where Do We Go When Running Away?), prose for children, Editura Tineretului, Bucharest
1968 * Tineretea lui Don Quijote (Don Quijote's Tender Years), verse, Editura Tineretului, Bucharest.
* Iona (Jonah), theatre play, Editura pentru literatura, Bucharest.
* Existã nervi (Nerves do exist), comedy, first performance in the Cassandra Studio, Bucharest.
* Kugeln und Reifen, verse translated into German by Dieter Roth, Bucharest, Editura pentru literatura.
* Ikaruszosdi, verse, translated into Hungarian by Balogh Joszef, Editura Tineretului, Bucharest
1969   * Jonah, first performance in Paris, Theatre Lucernaire
* Zivot u tocke, verse, "Bagdala", Yugoslavia
* Teoria sferelor de influentã (Theory Influence Spheres), essays, Editura Eminescu, Bucharest.
1970 * Paracliserul (The Verger), drama, Editura Eminescu, Bucharest.
* Punkt wizdenia, verse, PIW, Warsaw, Poland.
* Vibracie, verse, Slovensky Spisovatel, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia.
* Unghi, verse antology, Editura Cartea Romaneasca, Bucharest.
* Iona, drama, Theaterverlag, Kurt Desch, Munchen.
* Tusiti (Cough), verse, Editura Tineretului, Bucharest.
* O aripã si-un picior (On a wing, on a leg), verse, Editura Albatros, Bucharest.
* Der Kuster, drama, Theaterverlag, Kurt Desch, Munchen.
1971 · Insomnia (Sleepness), essays, Editura Tineretului, Bucharest.
* Ionah, first performance in Zurich, Switzerland, Theater an der Winkelwiese.
* Ionah, first performance in Freiburg in Breigsbau, West Germany.
* Egyutt almodunk, verse anthology, Europa Publishing House, Budapest, Hungary.
* Insomnia (Sleepness), essays, Editura Tineretului, Bucharest
1972 * 80 poezii (80 poesie), bilingual Romanian-Italian version, Bucharest
* Frames, verse, bilingual Romanian-English version, Eminescu Publishing House and Iowa University Press, U.S.A.
* Ionah, first performance in Tampere, Finland.
* Suflete, bun la toate, verse, Editura Tineretului, Bucharest
1973 * Paracliserul (The Sixton), first performance in Skoplye, Yugoslavia
* La lilieci (To the Liliac Tree), verse, Editura Eminescu, Bucharest
* Astfel (And So), verse, Editura Junimea, Iasi
* Ocolul infinitului mic, verse, Editura Ion Creanga, Bucharest
1974 * Matca (The Matrix), drama, first performance, Teatrul Mic, Bucharest
* Aberglaube, verse, LOB Editionen, translation by Oskar Pastior, West Berlin
* Setea muntelui de sare (The Thirst of the Salt Mountain), plays including Jonah, The Sixton, The Source, Medusa's Raftand Nerves Do Exist, Editura Cartea Romaneasca, Bucharest
* Verse angology, Moscow, USSR
1975 * Norii, verse anthology, Editura Scrisul Romanesc, Craiova
* Framknalling, verse anthology, Tidens, Stockholm, Sweden
* Poeme, "The Most Beautiful Poems" Series, Bucharest
* Noach, ich will dir was sagen, verse, Inselverlag, Frankfurt am Main, West Germany
* Matca, first performance in Pieatra Neamt, directed by the author
* The Source, Nations Theatre Festival in Warsaw
* The Source, first performance in Teatr Polski Bydgeszezy, Poland
* Troyannische Pferde, verse, translated by Dieter Roth, Editura Kriterion, Bucharest
1976 * The source, first performance in Helsinki (National Theatre), Finland
* Matca, Editura Eminescu, Bucharest
* Smiles and Sarcasm, verse, Dorikos Publishing House Athens, Greece
* Descîntece, Editura Scrisul Romanesc, Craiova
* A Cold, drama, "Teatru" magazine nr. 3, Bucharest
*Was awarded the prize of the Writers' Association Bucharest
* Keramia, verse, Editura Albatros, Bucharest
* Jonah, first performance in Port Jefferson, U.S.A.
* Starea de destin, essays, Editura Junimea, Iasi
1977 * Three Front Teeth, novel, Editura Eminescu, Bucharest
* The Cold, first performance, The Bulandra Theatre, Bucharest
Participation in the BITEF Festival, Belgrad, Yugoslavia
* To the Lilac Tree, 2nd volume, verse, Editura Cartea Romaneasca, Bucharest
1978 * The Source, first performance at the State Theatre in Oradea (Romania), Hungarian Section
* Itinerant Feasts, verse, Editura Cartea Romaneasca, Bucharest
* A treia teapa (The Third Stake), drama, awarded the prize of the Romanian Writers' Union
* Als ich einmal fliegen wollte, Editura Ion Creanga,, Bucharest
1979 * Ceramics, verse, Editura Militara, Bucharest
* La Juventud de Don Quijote-Tineretea lui Don Quijote, verse, bilingual Romanian-Spanish edition, Editura Eminescu, Bucharest
* The Third Stake, first performance at the National Theatre in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and Craiova
* The Cold-Rãceala, drama, bilingual edition, Editura Junimea, Iasi
* Don Quijote's Tender Years-Tineretea lui Don Quijote, verse, bilingual edition, Editura Cartea Romaneasca, Bucharest and Corycin Press, Iowa City, U.S.A.
1980 * Theatru, drama anthology, Editura Scrisul Romanesc, Craiova.
* Medusa's Raft, first performance in Paris and Petrosani (Romania)
* L'Ouragan de papier, verse, Ed. St. Germain des Prés, Paris
* Nerves Do Exist, first performance at the Comedy Theatre Bucharest
* La lilieci (To the Liliac Tree), 3rd volume, Ed. Cartea Romaneasca, Bucharest
* Kemeneink Fuste, verse, Ed. Kriterion, Bucharest
* Giona (Jonah), Napoli, Italy
* Poznavame se, verse anthology, Narodna Kultura, Sofia, Bulgaria
* Hidegleses, drama anthology, Ed. Europa, Budapest
1981 * Nerves Do Exist, first performance at the Comedy Theatre, Bucharest.
* Viziunea vizuinii, novel, Ed. Albatros, Bucharest.
* Luptatorul pe doua fronturi, drama, the literary reviews "Ramuri" in Craiova and "Convorbiri literare" in Iasi.
* Gedichten, verse anthology, Ed. Elsewier-Manteau, Antwerpen-Amsterdam.
* Poemas. La Juventud de Don Quijote, Visor de Poesía, Madrid.
* Tri predni ziba, Narodna Kultura, Sofia.
1982 * Pod Vratata, verse anthology, Misla, Skoplye.
* This Hour, verse anthology, Logbridge-Rhodes, Durango, Colorado, U.S.A., translated by Michael Hamburger.
* Symetries, verse anthology, translated by John Robert Colombo and Petronela Negosanu, Hounslow Press, Toronto, Canada.
* Fîntîni în mare, verse, Ed. Eminescu, Bucharest.
1983 * La muerte del reloj, poetry and drama, translated into Spanish by Manuel Serrano Pérez, Ed. Univers, Bucharest.
* Selected Poems, Bloodaxe Books, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, version by Michael Hamburger
1984 * Drumul, selected poems, Ed. Minerva, Bucharest.
* Iesirea prin cer, drama anthology, Ed. Eminescu, Bucharest.
* Ceramique, selected verse, Ed. St. Germain des Prés/UNESCO (Oeuvres representatives), Paris
1985 * El Huracán de papel, poems, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, México, translated into Spanish by Marco Antonio Campos.
* Let's Talk about the Weather, selected poems, Forest Books, London.
* The Thirst of the Salt Mountain, a trilogy of plays, Forest Books, London.
* Tratat de inspiratie, essays and interwiews, Ed. Scrisul Romanesc, Craiova.
* Abendrot Nr. 15, poetry selection translated by Oskar Pastior, Piper Verlag, Munchen
1986 * Usor cu pianul pe scãri, Ed. Cartea Romaneasca, Bucharest
* El Ecuador y los Polos, selected poems, version by Omar Lara, Ediciones Hiperion, Madrid
* 66 Poems, Centre of International Studies, Lyon III University Lyon, translated by Jean-Louis Courriol
1987 * Cocostîrcul Gît-Sucit, poems, Ed. Ion Creanga, Bucharest.
* The Biggest Egg in the World, selected poems, versions by Seamus Heaney, Ted Hughes, Michael Hamburger, D.J. Enright, David Constantine, Michael Longley, Paul Muldoon, William Scammel; Bloodaxe Books, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England
* The Youth of Don Quijote, selected poems, translated by John F. Deane, Dedalus Press, Dublin
* Vlad Dracula-The Impaler, Forest Books, London
* Poesie d'amore, verse selection, translated by Gh. Caragiani, Gabriela Bertini, Dick Person, Napoli, Italy
* Apa vie, apa moarta, poems, Ed. Scrisul Romanesc, Craiova
* Kabulat, poetry selection in Hungarian version, Ed. Albatros, Bucharest
* Papironkan, poems, Ed. Kriterion, Bucharest
1988 * To the Liliac Tree, poems, IVth volume, Ed. Scrisul Romanesc Publishing House, Craiova
* Lovratac Faraona (Intoarcerea faraonului), poems, YKYT Publishing House, Belgrad.
* Cousin Shakespeare, play, fragments published in literary magazines.
* First personal exhibition of paintings in the Art Museum in Brasov
1990 * Ionas, het volat van de meduse (Iona Pluta Medusei), Publishing House of the Amsterdam University.
* Paysans du Danube (Taranii de pe Dunare), selected poems from To the Liliac Tree, Editions Jaqueline Chambron, Nîmes, France.
* The Equator and the Poles, poems, Facla Publishing House, Timisoara.
* Lyrics, translations from Boris Pasternak poetry, 2nd edition.
* Second personal exhibition of paintings in the Art Collections Museum in Cluj.
* Odet och Alfabetet (Scaune in alfabet), Symposium Borkforlag, Stockholm, Sweden.
* Eja te ta them nje fjale (Am zarit lumina), verse, Ed. Rilindja-Prishtine, Albania
1991 * Poems, 1st volume, definitive edition, Scrisul Romanesc Publishing House, Craiova, Romania.
* Poems selected by the Censorship (Poezii alese de cenzura), Roza Vinturilor Publishing House, Bucharest.
* La Vision de la tanière (Viziunea vizuinii), novel, Ed. Jacqueline-Chambin, Nîmes, France.
* Hands Behind my Back (Cu miinile la spate), verse, Oberlin College Press, Field translation, U.S.A.
* Jag sagljus pa jorden (Am zarit lumina pe pamînt), verse, Ed. Bonniers, Sweden
* Iona, drama, translated in Benghali, Sa hitya Academy, New Delhi
1992 * Der Fakir als Anfanger (Fachirul incepator), poems, Ed. Akzente Hanser, Germany.
* Participates at an exhibition in Paris, Maison de la Radio, with 3 works.
*Varul Shakespeare si alte piese, drama, Ed. Cartea Romaneasca, Bucharest.
*Personal exhibition of paintings at Sala Ronda at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bucharest (47 works)
1993 * Iona, A treia teapa, Varul Shakespeare, drama anthology, Ed. Minerva, Bucharest.
*Poems, 2nd volume, definitive edition, Ed. Scrisul Romanesc, Craiova.
*Pesme (Poems), verse, Novi Sad.
*Cirip-Ciorap, poems for children, Ed. Junior Club, Bucharest.
*Nje flate dhe nje kembe, poems
*Trei dinti din fata, novel, Ed. Creuzet, Bucharest
1997 * In full glory, a merciless disease takes him away from us, an author who could have given us more masterpieces


  • 1983 - Member of Mallarmé Academy, Paris

  • 1992 - Member of the Romanian Academy

  • Member of the International Writing Program, Iowa, Iowa City, USA

International Awards

  • Prize of the Romanian Academy, 1968, 1977

  • The Gold Medal for Poetry, "Napoli ospite", Italy, 1970

  • The Prize of the Romanian Academy for Drama, 1970

  • The Prize "Le Muse", granted by Accademie delle Muse, Florence, 1978

  • The International Poetry Prize "Fernado Riello", Madrid, Spain, 1983

  • The International Herder Prize, granted by the University of Vienna, 1991, for the entire work

  • Prize of the Romanian Writers Union (awarded 6 times, for poetry, drama, literary critique)


  • Design, cartoons and painting. Participated at several group and personal exhibitions in Romania and abroad, among which in Paris, in 1992

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