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a candle for my son!

Very Reverend Fr.Constantin Alecse
Orthodox Priest, Promoter of the Orthodoxy through the Internet

Website: http://constantinalecse.com

Born: February 21, 1951, in Dambroca-Sageata , Buzau County, Romania, from parents Enache and Anica Alecse

Married to Elena (born Tanase), teacher. Four children: Cristian Constantin, Marius Thomas, Gabriella Emy and Anne-Claudia


  • 1958-1965 - Elementary school in the Village of Dambroca, Sageata commune, Buzau County
  • 1965-1970 - The Orthodox Theological Seminary "Bishop Kesarie", Buzau, Romania
  • 1970-1974 - The Theological Institute of Bucharest. Graduated with the thesis: "Bible, Tradition and the Church in the Orthodox, Protestant and Catholic Theology "
  • 1974-1976 - Doctorate courses in theology, at the Bucharest Theological Institute, under the guidance of the famous Prof. Dr. Dumitru Staniloae, professor of Dogmatics
  • 1976 - Awarded a scholarship at the Theology Department of London University (England) for postgraduate studies. At the same time, appointed deacon at St. George's Romanian Orthodox Church in London
  • Under the guidance of Cannon A.W.Allchin, dean of the Anglican Cathedral of Canterbury and chair of the Theological Department of London University, began to prepare his Ph.D. thesis on the subject: "The concept the Incarnation of the Son of God in Anglican Theology, from the sixteenth to the twentieth century"
  • 1981-1982 - took classes at the "National College of Business" in South Dakota, St. Paul-Minnesota Quarters, where he accumulated 38 credits in computer programming languages, communications, accounting, U.S. and international business and financing

Ecclesiastic Career

  • 1976 - appointed deacon at St. George's Romanian Orthodox Church in London
  • November 29, 1976 - ordained to the holy deaconate by the Bishop of Paris (France), + His Grace Bishop Lucian Florea Fagarasanu, for St. George's Romanian Orthodox Parish in London, England, hosted by St. Dunstan's in the West Anglican Church in London
  • On Christmas Day, 25 December 1976 - ordained a priest
  • 1977 - named Honorary Chaplain of the South London Diocese, Church of England, by Dr. Mervyn Stockwood, Suffragan Bishop of Southwark/South London. As a representative of the Romanian Patriarchate to the Archbishop of Canterbury and Honorary Chaplain of the Diocese of Southwark (South London Diocese), participated in many ecumenical services and attended conferences, symposia and ecumenical gatherings in England and Western Europe
  • 1976-1980 - chief editor and president of the publication committee of St. George's Romanian Orthodox Church in London. Published the annual Almanac "The Altar" and a quarterly journal with the same name, to which he contributed tens of papers
  • While serving as a parish priest of St. George's Parish in London, traveled extensively North, establishing new Romanian Orthodox Missions in Birmingham, Leicester and Nottingham, to serve the Romanian communities in these cities
  • 1980 - emigrated to the U.S., being accepted by the Archbishop Valerian in the Romanian Orthodox Diocese of America
  • March 1980-September 1982 - served as the parish priest of St. Mary's Romanian Orthodox Church in St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Since September 1982 - transferred to the Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church in Los Angeles, where he remained parish priest ever since
  • April 1985 - promoted Protopresbyter (Dean) of the Pacific Deanery within the Romanian Orthodox Diocese of America, by Bishop Nathaniel (Popp). As protopresbyter, started many missions and parishes in the Pacific Deanery
  • 1985-1986 - together with father Cornel Avramescu of Orange County, realized religious programs broadcasted every Sunday on Southern California's Annunciation radio station
  • 7-22 May 1994 - as one of the Episcopate's Deans, accompanied His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel in his historic visit to Romania, at the invitation of His Beatitude Teoctist, Patriarch of Romania. A detailed report of the visit was printed by the 1995 Solia Calendar, with many pictures (see also the Archives)

Other Responsibilities

  • 1987 - became licensed real estate agent
  • 1988-1991 - co-owner of the Real Estate Offices of David Loren and Associates, North Hills, California)

Publishing Activity

  • 1976-1980 - his debut poetry attempts were published in the "Popas Istoric", "Din Istoria Stramosilor" and "Poezii - Oda Pamantului Strabun" publications, in the series "Romanian Horizons"
  • author of many theology papers published in religious publications of the Romanian Patriarchate
  • published numerous articles in the "Solia" journal and calendar, as well as in Romanian newspapers in North America
  • 1976-1980 - edited "Altarul Strabun" - annual calendar and quarterly journal of St. George's Romanian Orthodox Church in London (England)
  • Since 1989 - editor- in- chief of the journal Christian Life (English Section) and Viata Crestina (Romanian Section), which started as a bimonthly supplement to the parish bulletin of Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church in Los Angeles. A compendium of articles and materials published over the years can be found in the Virtual Archives and Christian Life
  • Took part in civic activities, talk shows on radio and TV, together with leaders and believers from various Christian and non-Christian faiths
  • Since 2001 - involved in setting-up a website ViataCrestina.Net ( through which Orthodoxy in general is spread world-wide: Religious Hymns, publications, prayers, Bible Readings, patristical texts, Akatistos Services) and the website http://teologie.ro/, which presents Romanian Orthodoxy
  • Together with other leaders of Southern California Romanian community, initiated " the Sunday TV Hour", in Romanian (TV Romania-West, http://tvromaniawest.com/)
  • Played an important role in producing and promoting the movie "Songs of the Carrousel" (Thy Will Be Done ®), a Living Waters Production about the life, virtues, and martyrdom of Constantin Brincoveanu's family, princely defenders of the Orthodox faith
  • A consultant for Francis Ford Coppola's movie "Draculla - The Bran-Stoker"
  • Being fascinated by the impact of the Internet on the daily life, initiated, helped in creating or influenced the creation of many Internet pages, among which one could mention:


  • Member of the Orthodox Clergy Association of Southern California (since 1982)
  • Member of the Chaplency Department of the Anglican Church, Southwark/South London Diocese (1977-1980)
  • President of the Missions Department (ROEA), Romanian Orthodox Diocese in America (since 1984)
  • Co-founder and member of the Board of Directors of the Californian Company Universal World Foundation, with three main objectives: communications and TV/tele/Internet/communications, symposia, scholarships and education through virtual channels, peace and global rapprochement through interfaith studies and ecumenical meetings of the world religions representatives.


  • The annual "Solia" Calendar (1981-2000), a yearly publication by the Romanian Orthodox Diocese of America and Canada, under the supervision of Their Eminencies Archbishop Valerian Trifa (1981-1984) and Archbishop Nathaniel Popp (1985-2000)
  • Domnita Dumitrescu, Fenomenos paralelos de contacto con el ingles entre el espanol y el rumano hablados en Estados Unidos. Atti del XXI Congreso Intemazionale di Linguistica e Filologia Romanza, Centro di studi filologici e linguistici siciliani, Universita di Palermo, 18-20 sept., 1995, a cura di Giovanni Ruffino, vol. V - Dialettologia, geolinguistica, socialinguistica, Max Niemeyer Vertag, Tubingen, 1998, pp.275-283
  • The annual almanac "The Altar" (1976-1980), published by St. George's Romanian Orthodox Church, London, Great Britain
  • România, de la New York la Los Angeles, by Emanuel Tanjala and Dan Cristian Turturică, Editura Nemira/tărmuri, 1997, p. 314-318, ref. "Father Alecse, parish priest at the greatest Romanian Orthodox Church in California"
  • Eastern Orthodoxy - Rules for Holiday and Worship, in Multicultural Manners, author Norine Dresser, published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, 1996, pp. 204-206, acknowledgment p.V
  • Romanian Americana Who's Who(Encyclopedia of the Diaspora - Romanians in America - 500 personalities), compiled by Prof. Dan Fornade, Montreal, Canada, and Romania 2000
  • Dictionary of Romanian Priests in America(1900-2000), work in progress, supplement of Romanian Americana Who's Who - Encyclopedia of the Diaspora - Romanians in America, compiled by Prof. Dan Fornade, Montreal, Canada, 2001 edition
  • Romanians in California/Who's Who(editorial project), supplement of Who's Who - Encyclopedia of the Diaspora - Romanians in America , compiled by Prof. Dan Fornade, Montreal, Canada, 2001 edition
  • Dictionary of Romanian Writers in the United States of America and Canada, author Prof. Dr. Aurel Sasu (in collaboration), Cluj Napoca, editorial project in press, 2001 edition
  • The Holy Trinity Church - Very Rev. Pr. Constantin Alecse (Biography)- Orthodox Priest, promoter of Orthodoxy on the Internet: http://holytrinity-la.org/rom/pages/general/bio.html
  • Buzoienii- Oameni de Azi: http://www.buzau.com/usa.htm

Orders and distinctions

  • As an official representative of the Romanian Orthodox Patriarchate to dr. Donald Coggan, Archbishop of Canterbury, the Church of England, he was awarded the title of "Iconomos Stavroforos", thus becoming the youngest priest in the history of the Romanian Patriarchate ever awarded such a distinction.



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