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a candle for my son!

Romanian Version

Dan Berindei, Historian, Member of the Romanian Academy

Dan Berindei
Member of the Romanian Academy

Born: November 3, 1923, in Bucharest


  • 1945 - Graduate of Letters and Philosophy, specialty History, at the University of Bucharest
  • 1969 - PhD in Historical Sciences

Professional Activity

  • 1946-1990 - scientific researcher at the Institute of Balkan Studies and Researches and the Institute of History "N.Iorga"
  • 1990 - retired
  • Since 1990 - associate professor at the Faculty of History, University of Bucharest

Academic Activity

  • 1991 - corresponding member of the Romanian Academy
  • 1992 - full member of the Romanian Academy
  • since 1996 - chairman of the Section for Historic Sciences and Archeology, re-elected in 1997
  • since 2006 - Vice-President of the Romanian Academy
  • President of the Commission of Heraldry, Genealogy and Sealography of the Romanian Academy.

Publishing Activity

Over 500 scientific works and over 50 books, regarding especially the developments occurred during the XVIII-XX centuries in the Romanian and universal history, with particular emphasis on the history of the international relations, the history of culture, the socio-political history, the history of the agrarian relations.

Among the books published lately:

  • Revolutia romana din l821 (The Romanian Revolution of 1821), 1991
  • Societatea romaneasca in vremea lui Carol I (1988-1876) (The Romanian Society under Carol the First), 1992
  • Diplomatia romaneasca moderna (The Modern Romanian Diplomacy), 1995
  • Revolutia romana din 1848-1849. Consideratii si reflectii (The Romanian Revolution of 1848-1849. Considerations and Reflections), 1997
  • Romanii si Europa in perioadele premoderna si moderna (The Romanians and Europe in Pre-Modern and Modern Ages), 1997
  • Revolutia romana din 1848-1849. Insemnatatea si programele ei (The Romanian Revolution of 1848-1849. Its Significance and Programs), 1998
  • Géopolitique de la Roumanie : Regards croisés (Romania-s Geopolicy. Crossed Views), co-author with  Jacques Barrat, Jean-Paul Bled, and  Claudia Moisei, Forward by Eugen Simion, Alvik Editions, 2003
  • Epoca Unirii (Union's Age), editia a II-a adaugita, 2000
  • Portrete istorice, 2001
  • Les Roumains et la France au carrefour de leur modernité (Romanians and France at crossroad of their   modernity), Paris, 2002, in French
  • Istoria Romanilor (Romanians' History) (volume VII, 2002, in collab.)
  • Modernitate si redesteptare nationala (Modernity and National Revival), 2003
  • Istoria Academiei Romane (History of the Romanian Academy), 2006

Active participant to numerous international conferences and seminaries with more than 200 reports, communications and lectures. An important number of contributions published abroad

Member in editorial committees abroad ("Revue d'Europe centrale" Strasbourg, "Cahiers Charles Fourier" - Besançon etc).


  • member of 16 International Scientific Bodies or from other countries
  • since 1985 - vice-president of the International Commission of Slavic Historic Studies
  • since 1988 - corresponding member of South-East European Studies from München
  • since 1990 - member of the Board of Direction of the International Association of Europe's Contemporary History
  • since 1994 - member of the European Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters of Paris
  • since 1996 - foreign member of the Polish Academy of Sciences and Letters from Cracovia
  • since 1996 - president of the National Historians' Committee of Romania
  • since 2004 - member of the Scientific Council, Institute of Romanian Revolution.
  • Romanian Academy: Tel: +40212128631, Fax: +40-21-211.6608

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