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a candle for my son!

Claudiu Bleont
Stage Artist

Born on August 17, 1959, Bucharest

Personal Site

Married (1995) to Beatrice Bleont, a stage director. Divorced 2000. Re-married July 2001.


  • 1974-1978 - German High School, Bucharest

  • 1979-1983 - Academy of Theatrical and Film Art "Ion Luca Caragiale", Bucharest

Artistic Career

  • Since 1979, played on the stage of numerous theatres in Romania:

    - National Theatre "Ioan Luca Caragiale", Bucharest

    • Macbett, in „Macbett”, by Eugen Ionescu, Stage Director Beatrice Bleont
    • Filoctet, in „Filoctet”, by Sofocle, Stage Director Andreea Vulpe.
    • Torquato Tasso, in „Torquato Tasso”, by Goethe, Stage Director Anca Ovonez.
    • Feste, in „A douasprazecea noapte” (The Twelfth Night), by Shakespeare, Stage Director Andrei Serban
    • Billy Bibbit, in „Zbor deasupra unui cuib de cuci” (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest), by  Dale Wasserman. Stage Director Horea Popescu
    • Scipio, in „Caligula”, by Albert Camus, Stage Director Horea Popescu
    • Trofimov, in „Livada de visini” (The Cherry Orchard), by A.P. Cehov. Stage Director Andrei Serban
    • Oreste, in „Trilogia antica” (Antique Trilogy), de Sofocle. Stage Director Andrei Serban
    • Mercutio, in „Romeo si Julieta”, by Shakespeare, Stage Director Beatrice Bleont
    • Ion Nebunul, în „Napasta” (The Calamity), by  I.L. Caragiale,  Stage Director Dana Dima
    • Miroiu, in „Steaua fara nume” (The Nameless Star), by M. Sebastian, Stage Director Alexa Visarion
    • Adso, in „Numele Trandafirului” (The Name of the Rose), by Umberto Eco, Stage Director Grigore Gonta
    • Sir Andrew Aguecheek, in „A douasprezecea noapte” (The Twelfth Night), by Shakespeare, Stage Director Anca Ovanez
    • Catindatul (The Candidate), in „D-ale carnavalului” (Carnival), by I.L.Caragiale,  Stage Director Sanda Manu
    • Pastorul Hale (Priest Hale), in „Vrajitoarele din Salem” (Salem Witches), by Arthur Miller, Stage Director F. Alexa
    • Pamphilus, in „Fata din Andros” (Maiden of Andros), by Terentius, Stage Director Grigore Gonta

    - National Theatre Targu-Mures

    • Macbeth, in „Macbeth”, by W. Shakespeare, Stage Director Stefan Iordanescu

    - National Theatre Timisoara
    • Poetul (The Poet), in „Cersetorul” (The Beggar), by R.J. Sorge, Stage Director Beatrice Bleont

    - Theatre Bulandra, Bucharest

    • Moritz Stiefel, in „Desteptarea primaverii” (Spring Awakening), by F.Wedekind, Stage Director Liviu Ciulei

    - Theatre Odeon, Bucharest

    • Mackie Sis, in „Opera de trei parale” (Three Penny Opera), by B. Brecht, Stage Director Beatrice Bleont
    • Hinkfuss, in „Asta seara se improvizeaza” (Tonight We Improvise), by L. Pirandello, Stage Director A. Visarion

    - Youth Theatre/Teatrul Tineretului, Piatra-Neamt

    • Langlume, in „Crima din strada Lourcine” (Crime in Lourcine Street), by E. Labiche, Stage Director Vlad Mugur

    - Summer Theatre, Zsambeck, Budapest, Hungary
    • Woland, in „Maestrul si Margareta” (The Master and Marguerite), by Bulgakov, Stage Director Beatrice.Bleont. - Prize : The Best Foreign Actor
    • Oreste, in „Electra”, by Sofocle, Stage Director Beatrice Bleont
    • Marcus Ancius, in „Rapirea Sabinelor” (The Rape of the Sabine Women), by L.Andreev, Stage Director  Beatrice Bleont
    • Oberon, in „Visul unei nopti de vara” (A Midsummer Night's Dream), by Shakespeare, Stage Director Beatrice Bleont
    • Quasimodo, in „Cocosatul de la Notre Dame” (The Hunchback of Notre Dame), by V.Hugo, Stage Director Beatrice Bleont

    - State Theatre, Petrosani, Romania
    • Garunski, in „Un barbat si mai multe femei” (A Man and Several Women) , by L. Zorin, Stage Director Claudiu Bleont - Artistic tour to Budapest, New York, San Francisco
  • Played in over 20 feature and Tv films, directed by the famous Lucian Pintilie, Dan Pita, Bogdan Cristian Dragan, Arpad Sopsici, Radu Nicoara, Nicolae Margineanu. The film "O vara de neuitat" (An Unforgettable Summer), having Lucian Pintilie as stage director, was selected for Cannes International Film Festival.

Prizes and Awards

  • Prize "The Best Actor" for being "Tasso" in "Torquato Tasso", written J.W. von Goethe, on the stage of the Bucharest National Theatre

  • Prize "The Best Actor" for being "He" in "One Man and Several Women", by Leonid Zorin


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