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a candle for my son!

Romanian Version

Ion Brad, Writer, Ambassador (r)

Ion Brad
Writer, Ambassador (r)

Born: November 8, 1929, in Panade Village, Alba County. First among the 9 children of the peasant Traian Brad and Cornelia Brad, born Barna, coming from the neighbor village Iclod

Married to Olimpia Alexandrina Suteu (1952). One daughter, Lia Brad-Chisacof (b.1955)


  • Primary School in Panade Village

  • 1940-1948 - "Saint Vasile the Great" High School (for boys), Blaj. Librarian of the High School and chairman of "Timotei Ciparu" Reading Society

  • 1948-1952 - Faculty of Philology, University of Cluj-Napoca

Professional and Literary Career

  • 1947 - Debut with poems in the revue "Gand tineresc" (Young Thought), written by the Schoolboys of Alba Iulia

  • 1948 - elected chairman of "Timotei Ciparu" Reading Society, literary club active for more than 80 years

  • 1950-1954 - Editor of the revue "Almanahul Literar" (Literary Almanach, later "Steaua" - The Star), run by Miron Radu Paraschivescu and Geo Dumitrescu. Member of the editorial staff together with A.E.Bacosnky, Cornel Regman, Victor Felea, Dumitru Micu, Aurel Gurghianu, Aurel Rau, George Munteanu, Zorina Mocanu-Regman, Mircea Zaciu and othe important names of present cultural life of Romania. Starts publishing poems also in revues of Bucharest, like "Viata Romaneasca" (Romanian Life) and "Flacara" (Flame)

  • 1953-1955 - secretary of the Cluj-Napoca Branch of Writers' Union of Romania. Preoccupied by the re-integration into the active literary circuit of the writers Lucian Blaga and Ion Agarbiceanu. Establishes close relations with the great writers Ion Agarbiceanu, Emil Isac, Lucian Blaga, as well as with a number of magyar writers like Nagy Istvan, Asztalos Istvan, Letay Lajos, Hajdu Gozo, Szasz Ianos, Kanyadi Sandor, Suto Andras and others

  • 1956-1958 - transferred to Bucharest. Editor in chief of  "Cravata rosie" (Red Necktie), revue for children

  • 1958 - Excluded from the party and UTM (Union of the Working Youth), under the allegation of "mysticism", "nationalism" and illegal introduction into the country of N.S. Khrushchev Secret Report to the XX Congress of CPSU.

  • 1958-1960 - editor of the literary revue "Luceafarul" (Morning Star). Works together with Dan Desliu, Mhu Dragomir, Dumitru Corbea, Tiberiu Utan, Teodor Bals, Aurel Martin, Haralamb Zinca, Valeriu Rapeanu, Ion Dodu Balan,  Nicolae Stoian, Gica Iutes.

  • 1960-1962 - cultural editor for the newspaper "Scanteia Tineretului" (Youth Star). Works together with Teodor Mazilu, Fanus Neagu, Ion Baiesu, Nicolae Tic, Eugen Mandric, Radu Cosasu, Stefan Iures, Iosif Sava, under the leadership of the reputed journalist and writer Dumitru Popescu

  • 1962-1965 - secretary of the Writers' Union of Romania, next to Mihai Beniuc, chairman, Szemler Ferenc, Pop Simion. Cooperates with the most important writers of the epoch: Tudor Arghezi, George Calinescu, Alexandru Philippide, Zaharia Stancu, Eugen Jebeleanu, Marin Preda, Eugen Barbu, Radu Boureanu, Titus Popovici, as well as to the new generation of poets, writers and literary critics: Nichita Stanescu, Cezar Baltag, Ioan Alexandru, Nicolae Breban, Eugen Simion, Nicolae Manolescu

  • 1965 - elected deputy in the Grand National Assembly and alternate member of RCP Central Committee

  • 1965-1966 - deputy editor-in-chief of the revue "Gazeta literara" (Literary Journal), run by the poet Tiberiu Utan. Works together with the reputed literary critic Ov.S.Crohmalniceanu, Stefan Banulescu, S.Damian, Tita Chiper.

  • 1965-1968 - deputy head of Section for Culture and Arts at RCP Central Committee, coordinating the activity of theatres, cinemas, music, plastic arts.

  • 1968-1973 - vice-president of the State Committee for Culture and Arts (Ministry of Culture), headed by architect and diplomat Pompiliu Macovei. Other vice-presidents: Alexandru Balaci, Mihnea Gheorghiu, Ion Moraru, Ion Dodu-Balan, Dumitru Ghise, Mihai Alexandru, Ioan Jinga.

  • 1972 - subject to severe critics for favorably approving the motion picture "Reconstituirea" (Recnstitution) and the performance "Revizorul" (The General; Inspector, by Gogol), staged by Lucian Pintilie

  • 1973-1982 - ambassador of Romania to Athens. For several years, he was the dean of the diplomatic corps in Athens

  • 1974 - elected member of the RCP Central Committee at the 11th Congress of the party

  • 1983-1984 - ambassador at large in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Intensely cooperates with ministers George Macovescu and Stefan Andrei, and the deputy foreign ministers Vasile Gliga, Nicolae Ghenea, Cornel Pacoste, Constantin Oancea, Aurel Duma, Mia Groza

  • 1984-1990 - director of "Constantin Nottara" Theatre, renowned by its actors and stage directors George Constantin, Alexandru Repan, Ion Dichiseanu, Emil Hossu, Mircea Diaconu, Gilda Marinescu, Lucia Muresan, Dana Dogaru, Dam Micu, Alexandru Dabija etc.

  • since 1990 - establishes and runs the publishing house "Demiurg" (71264 Bucuresti, Str.Alexandrina nr.30, telefon/fax: +40-21-222.1887), which published outstanding classic and contemporary writers, Romanian and foreigners, as well as some successful dictionaries: Mic dictionar al limbii romane (Short Dictionary of the Romanian Language), Primul meu dictionar (My First Dictionary), Dictionar neogrec-roman (Neo-Greek.- Romanian Dictionary)

Official Missions abroad

  • Poland: 1955, 1964

  • Italia: 1956, 1966, 1983

  • USSR and Moldavian SSR: 1957, 1964, 1968, 1972

  • GDR: 1957, 1970

  • Czechoslovakia: 1963, 1969

  • Finland: 1968

  • USA: 1970

  • France: 1970

  • Hungary: 1965, 1981

  • Bulgaria: 1961

  • Korean PDR: 1972

  • West Germany: 1983

  • Belgium: 1983

  • Netherlands: 1983

  • United Kingdom: 1983, 1989

Selected List of Literary Works


  • Cu sufletul deschis (With Open Soul, 1954)

  • Cantecele pamantului natal (Song of Homeland, 1956)

  • Cu timpul meu (My Time, 1958)

  • Ma uit in ochii copiilor (Looking in children's eyes, 1962)

  • Fantani si stele (Fountains and Stars, 1965)

  • Ecce Tempus (1968)

  • Orga de mesteceni (The Birch Organon, 1970)

  • Zapezile de acasa (Snows at Home, 1972)

  • Noapte cu privighetori (Night with nightingales, 1973)

  • Templul dinafara (Temple Outside, 1975)

  • Transilvane cetati fara somn (Sleepless Transylvanian Fortresses, 1977)

  • Ora intrebarilor (Time to Questions, 1979)

  • Razboiul cunoasterii (The War of Knowledge, 1979)

  • Cartea zodiilor (Book of Signs, 1982)

  • Oracole (Oracles, 1987)

  • Radacinile cerului (Sky Roots, 1989)

  • Vase de Tanagra (Tanager Vessels, 1993)

  • Icoana nevazuta (Invisible Icon, 1996)

  • Al doilea suflet (Second Soul, 2000)

  • Fluturi in zdrente (Butterflies in Rags, in manuscript)


  • Descoperirea familiei (Family Discovery, 1964)

  • Ultimul drum (Last Voyage, 1975)

  • Raiul raspopitilor (Paradise of Unfrocked, 1978)

  • Muntele catarilor (Mules' Mountain, 1980)

  • Leaganul marii (The Sea Scrabble,1983)

  • Intalnire periculoasa (Dangerous Meeting, 1985)

  • Romanul de familie (Family Novel, 1986)

  • Proces in recurs (The Appeal, 1988)

  • Ultimele cinci minute (The Last Five Minutes, in manuscript)


  • Audienta la consul (Call on Consul, 1977)

  • Nu pot sa dorm (I can't sleep, 1982)

  • Arheologia dragostei (Archeology of Love, 1986)

Movies Scenarios

  • Ultima noapte a singuratatii (Last Night of Solitude, 1978), stage director Virgil Calotescu

  • Flacari pe comori (Flames on treasures, 1986), stage director  Nicolae Margineanu

  • Umbrele soarelui (The Sun Shadows), stage director Mircea Veroiu

Literary Critic, Evocations

  • Emil Isac, un tribun al ideilor noi (Emil Isac - a tribune of new ideas, 1972)

  • Monologuri paralele (Parallel Monologs, 1998, together with Monica Anton)

  • Ambasador la Atena - 1973-1982 (Ambassador to Athens)

    • "Secventele inceputului" (Sequences of the Start), First Volume - 2001

    • "Avatarurile democratiei" (Avatars of Democracy), Second Volume - 2002

    • "Elogiul nechibzuintei" (Eulogy to Thoughtlessness"), Third Volume - 2002

    • "In umbra zeilor" (In the Gods' Shadow) - under preparation

  • Drama unei prietenii: Ion Brad-Mircea Zaciu (Drama of a Friendship: Ion Brad-Mircea Zaciu, under preparation)

  • Printre mii de scrisori (Among Thousands of Letters, under preparation)


  • Eroii fabulelor (Heroes of Fables, 1965)

  • Fiica Dunarii si-a marii (Danube' s and Sea's Daughter, 1966)

  • Romania antiqua - with the artist-photographer Ion Mirlea

  • La zei acasa sau o calatorie lirica prin Elada (At Gods' Home or a lyric voyage through Ellada, 1976)


  • Letay Lajos, Versuri (1954)

  • Nicolai Zidorov, Poezii (impreuna cu Al.Andritoiu si Ion Horea, 1975)

  • Nikos Kranidiotis, Poezii (1975), impreuna cu D.Nicolae

  • Nikos Kranidiotis, Urmasii lui Prometeu (1994), impreuna cu D.Nicolae

  • Chr.Xantopoulos-Palamas, calatorie pe Dunare (1975), impreuna cu D.Nicolae

  • Evanghelos Averoff-Tossizza, Porumbeii (1976), impreuna cu D.Nicolae

  • Constantin Tsatsos, Aforisme si cugetari (1977), impreuna cu D.Nicolae

  • Ioana Tsatsos, Poezii (1976), impreuna cu fiica sa Lia Brad-Chisacof si alti cunoscatori ai limbii elene

  • Dimos Rendis Ravanis, reintalnire (1978), impreuna cu fiica sa Lia Brad-Chisacof si alti cunoscatori ai limbii elene

  • Odisseas Elytis, Variatiuni pe o raza (1979), impreuna cu fiica sa Lia Brad-Chisacof si alti cunoscatori ai limbii elene

  • Melancolia Egeei, antologie a poetilor greci contemporani (1987), impreuna cu fiica sa Lia Brad-Chisacof si alti cunoscatori ai limbii elene

Translations of Own Works

  • Poems and prose translated and published in revues, anthologies and volumes in French, Spanish, Magyar, English, Greek, Italian, Bulgarian, Polish, Serbian, Check, Slovakian etc

Critical References

  • The most important are included in the volume "Ion Brad in oglinda criticii" (Ion Brad in Critics' Mirror, compiled by Maria Cordoveanu (1999)

Prizes, Awards and Orders

  • 1951 - Prize of the Literary Almanac (Almanahul Literar) for the epic poem "Cincisutistul"

  • 1953 - Diploma for Poesy at the International Youth Festival 

  • 1959 - Prize of the Romanian Academy for the volume "Cu timpul meu" (By My Time)

  • 1972 - Prize of the Writers' Union of Romania for the volume "Cele patru anotimpuri" (The Fours Seasons)

  • 1999 - The Prize for Poesy "Transilvania" of "Lucian Blaga" International Festrival

Foreign Languages

  • French, English, Greek


71264 Bucuresti, Str.Alexandrina nr.30, telefon/fax: +40-21-222.1887


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