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a candle for my son!

Romanian Version

Nina Burmusila, Scenographer

Nina Burmusila

Born: August 14, 1958, Bucharest


1984 - Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts "Nicolae Grigorescu", Bucharest, Section Scenography

Professional Career

Since 1989 - works with Theatre "Bulandra", Bucharest, as paintor-scenographer

Cooperates with different Romanian theatres for scenography and costumes

Performances for which did the costumes and scenography

  • A Princely Feast by Theodor Mazilu (scenography and costumes), Theatre of State in Sibiu, stage director Anca Florea
  • The Secret of Poskets Family by A. Pinero (costumes), Theatre Bulandra, stage director V. Moisescu
  • Il Campiello by C. Goldoni (scenography and costumes), Youth Theatre - Piatra Neamt, stage director Silviu Purcarete
  • The Twelfth Night, by W. Shakespeare (costumes), Theatre Maria Filotti - Braila, stage director Dragos Gargotiu
  • The Mizanthrope by Moliere (scenography and costumes), Theatre Bulandra, stage director Valeriu Moisescu
  • Cupidon's Revenge by G. Labiche (scenography and costumes), Theatre Bulandra, stage director Ion Lucian
  • Merlyn by T. Dorst (costumes), Theatre Bulandra, stage director Catalina Buzoianu
  • The Dream of a Midsummer's Night by W. Shakespeare (costumes), Theatre Bulandra, stage director Liviu Ciulei
  • Spring's Awakening by F. Wedekind (costumes), Theatre Bulandra, stage director Liviu Ciulei
  • Victor or the children in power by R. Vitrac (costumes), Theatre Bulandra, stage director Gelu Colceag
  • Night at Feragosto by A. Nicola (scenography and costumes), Theatre Mundi, stage director Sorana Coroama Stanca
  • Misunderstanding by A. Camus (scenography and costumes), Theatre Odeon, stage director Andlviu Ionescu
  • The Café by Sam Bobnick and Ron Clark (costumes), Theatre Bulandra, stage director Horatiu Malaiele
  • Style Exercises by Raymond Queneau (scenography and costumes), Theatre Bulandra, stage director Ileana Cirstea Andmion
  • The Play of My Foul Mother by A. Jellicoe (scenography and costumes), stage director Mircea Marin
  • All in the garden by E. Albee (scenography and costumes), Theatre Bulandra, stage director Tudor Marascu
  • Lysistrata by Aristofan (scenography and costumes), Theatre de Comedie, stage director Grigore Gonta

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