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a candle for my son!

Romanian Version

Gheorghe Leonard Cazan, Minister for Development and Prognosis (PSD)

Gheorghe Leonard Cazan
Former Minister for Development and Prognosis

Born: November 15, 1937, in Bucharest

Married, one child


  • Engineer
  • 1966–1968 - Postgraduate Course of Economy Organization and management
  • 1968–1970 - PhD in Economics
  • Training Terms at General Planning Commissariat (France), Economic Planning Agency (Japan), Central Planning Bureau (Netherlands), Central Planning Office (Poland)

Professional Activity

  • 1960–1966 - trainee engineer, engineer, senior engineer, head of service at Navrom Braila
  • 1970–1973 - senior scientific researcher, Institute of Planning and Prognosis
  • 1973–1989 - expert and deputy director at the Directorate for Long-Term Programs and the Directorate of Coordination, State Planning Committee (CSP)
  • 1984 –1989 - Counsellor for planning and prognosis issues at the National Legislative Council
  • January–July 1990 - Director of the Directorate of Coordination in the Ministry of National Economy
  • January–May 1990 - Member of the Coordinating and Drafting Group for the Sketch of Strategy on the implementation of the market economy in Romania
  • July 1990–September 1993 - Undersecretary of State, deputy general director, coordinating general director in the National Commission for Plan, Prognosis and Economic Conjuncture, later the Department of Economic Orientation in the Ministry of Economy and Finance, later the National Commission of Prognosis
  • September 1993–November 1996 - President of the National Commission of Prognosis, minister secretary of state
  • February– June 1995 - Member of the Scientific Secretariat of the Commission for Drafting the National Strategy of Romania's Preparation for Adhesion to the European Union
  • 1995–1996 - Member of the team for the Synthesis on the National Annual Report on Human Development in Romania
  • 1994–1996 - Romania's Representative on economic analysis and prognosis issues to UN Economic Commission for Europe,  Geneva
  • June 1996 – Vice-President of the Economic Advisers of the Member Countries of UN Economic  Commission for Europe
  • 1996-2000 - Member of the Chamber of Deputies, member of the Bureau of the Commission on economic policy, reform and privatization, member of the Parliamentary Commission of European Integration, member of the Joint Parliamentary Committee Romania – European Union
  • December 2000-June 2003 - Minister of Development and Prognosis (PSD)

Didactic Activity

  • 1972-1979 - Associate Professor at the Chair of planning, prognosis and economic cybernetics, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest
  • 1976-1979 - Lecturer at Postgraduate Training Institutions in the field of economic and technical-economic prognosis

Publishing Activity

  • 1973-1979 - Author of textbooks at the Academy of Economic Sciences and at the Central Institute of Training Managerial Cadres for Economy and State Administration
  • Numerous participations with scientific papers at national and international scientific symposiums and conferences
  • 1972-1976 - Scientific Consultant for the publications “Organizarea productiei” (Production Organization) and “Organizarea muncii” (Labor Organization) at the National Institute of Technical Documentation, Bucharest


Member of the Scientific College of the Institute for Social-Democrat Studies

Own Property

2-Pieces Apartment


  • Private: Bucharest, str. Maxim Gorki nr. 2, sc. A, et. II, ap. 9

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