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a candle for my son!

Romanian Version

Sergiu CELAC
Career Ambassador 
President & CEO, Romanian Institute of International Studies “Nicolae Titulescu
President, EmC Emission Control Ltd

Born: 26 May 1939, Bucharest


  • Education: primary, secondary and high school in Bucharest

  • 1961 - graduate of the University of Bucharest School of Languages

Married to Sylvia (1964), teacher, retired. No children


  • 1961 - Joined foreign service as junior clerk. Rose through ranks from attache (1963) to counsellor (1972)

  • Ambassadorial grading in 1990

  • 1962-1967 - Private secretary to the First Deputy Foreign Minister

  • 1967-1969 - Part-time private secretary to the Minister on overseas visits and during the Romanian presidency of the UN General Assembly

  • 1961-1978 - Served as interpreter for successive presidents of Romania

  • 1962-1964 - Expert, then member of the Romanian delegation to the Disarmament Committee in Geneva

  • 1963-73, 1990, 2001, 2002 - Expert, then member of the Romanian delegation to 14 sessions of the UN General Assembly

  • 1968-1974 - Deputy Director, then Director of the Intelligence Analysis and Policy Planning Department

  • 1974 - Counsellor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs

  • 1974-1978 - Interpreter at the Presidency

  • 1978 - Dismissed from MFA as ideologically unreliable

  • 1978-1989 - Worked as reader at Encyclopedic Publishing House, Bucharest

  •  26 December 1989 – 28 June 1990 - Following the Anti-communist Revolution of 22 December 1989, served as Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Provisional Government. Declined offers to run for Parliament or to join any political party and stayed on as senior civil servant

  • 1990-1996 - Ambassador to the Court of St James’s. Accredited also to Ireland (1991-1996)

  • 1996-2000 - Ambassador at Large. Missions as Special Envoy to the Balkans, Central Asia and the Caucasus, Middle East

  • April – August 1998 - Director General for Political Affairs, MFA

  • August 2000 - Resigned from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to pursue academic and business interests as a political analyst and environment consultant

  • Since August 2000 - Chairman, EmC Emission Control Ltd

  • Since January 2002 - President & CEO, Romanian Institute of International Studies “Nicolae Titulescu” ( IRSI)

  • March 2002-December 2004 - Personal Adviser to the President of Romania

Publishing Activities

  • 1997-2002 - Attended as invited speaker international conferences in US, France, Belgium, UK, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Ukraine, Jordan, Israel, Turkey, Czech Republic, Greece, Slovakia, Switzerland, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Portugal, Austria, The Netherlands, Brazil

  • Publications: books on political science, translations of verse, fiction and non-fiction (more than 40 titles), essays and articles (over 500)

  • Co-Director (with Mircea Malitza), Millennium III Quarterly Learned Journal

Affiliations and Other Responsibilities

  • Member of the Romanian Association for International Law and International Relations (1964-)

  • Romanian Writers’ Union (1990-)

  • Former National President, General Association of Romanian Hunters and Anglers (1990-93)

  • US-Romania Action Commission (1997-)

  • Euro-Atlantic Foundation Manfred Woerner (1998-)

  • UK-Romania Chamber of Commerce (1999-)

  • Advisory Council on Climate Change, Regional Environment Center for Central and Eastern Europe (1999-)

  • Black Sea Strategy Group (1999-)

  • Vice President, Romanian Association for the Club of Rome (1999-)

  • Co-Chair (with Michael Emerson), CEPS (Centre for European Policy Studies) Caucasus Task Force (2000-)

  • Member of the Board, Black Sea University Foundation (1999-)

  • Romanian Representative to the Federation of the EU Field Sports and Wildlife Conservation
    Associations – FACE (2000-)

  • Corporate member, International Emissions Trading Association (2000-)

  • Adviser to the President of the Confederation of Romanian Employers Associations (2001-)

  • Associate Senior Research Fellow of CEPS, Brussels (2001-)

  • Chairman, CEPS/EWI Task Force on Prospects for South-East European Security Co-operation –
    SEESEC (2001-)

  • Member, CEPS/IISS European Security Forum (2001-)

Prizes and Awards

  • Grand Officer of the National Order “Faithful Service”, Romania (2000)


  • IRSI, 11, Pictor Mirea St., 713181 Bucharest, tel.: +40-21-223. 6868, fax: +40-21-223.2990, E-mail: irsi@rolink.ro 
  • EmC,10 Aleea Alexandru, 71273 Bucharest, tel.: +40-21-230.1935, fax: +40-21-231 2068, E-mail: sergiu.celac@emcrom.ro  or emc@emcrom.ro 
  • Mobile: +40-745-13.13.02

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