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Mircea Ciumara, General Director of the National Institute of Economic Researches

Mircea Ciumara

General Director of the National Institute of Economic Researches
Former Minister of State

Date and place of birth: September 13, 1943, Calarasi, father Corneliu Ciumara (deceased), mother Adriana Ciumara (retired)

Marital status: married (1970) to Ana-Maria (b.Jurca in 1949),  scientific researcher I degree, the Institute for Economic Prognosis, Bucharest (medically retired); two children, Radu (b.1973) and Tudor (b.1977)

Religion : Christian-orthodox

Nationality : Romanian

Citizenship : Romanian


Scientific Titles and Awards

  • 1990 - Ph. D. in Economics at the National Institute of Economic Researches, Bucharest, with the thesis "The Place of Foreign trade in a Model of the Romanian Economy" (scientific masters prof.dr.Costin Murgescu and academician Tudorel Postolache)
  • 2000 - Doctor Honoris Causa, Academy of Economic Studies, Kishinew, Republic of Moldavia
  • 2000 - "St.Apostle Andrew" Order (Ordinul "Sfantul Apostol Andrei"), awarded by Bishopric of Lower Danube, Romania

Scientific Activity

Scientific Degrees

  • 1970-1990 scientific researcher with the Institute of Economic Research, (presently the Institute of National Economy). Since July 1990, senior scientific researcher first degree with the national Institute of Economic Researches (INCE).

Functions in the Scientific Activity

  • 02.01.1990-01.04.1990 - head of section "Economic Efficiency and Technical Progress", Institute of National Economy
  • 01.04.1990-01.06.1992 - Scientific Secretary, National Institute of Economic Researches, Bucharest
  • 01.06.1992-01.05.2000 - Deputy General Director of the National Institute of Economic Researches
  • since 01.05.2000 - General Director of National Institute of Economic Researches

Research Domains

  • - macro-economic strategies (co-author of the Draft Strategy for Introducing the Market Economy in Romania" - 1990 and the "National Strategy for Preparing Romania's Accession to the European Union" - 1995)
  • - assessment of the national economy stage (founding member of the ESEN Group)
  • - macro-economic modeling ("The Place of the Foreign Trade in a Model of the Romanian Economy" - the PhD Dissertation)
  • - macro-economic prognosis
  • - international economic relations
  • - political economies
  • - economic efficiency

Political Activity

  • Since December 1989 Member PNTCD
  • Since September 1991 - Alternate member of the Leading, Control and Coordination Bureau of PNTCD
  • 1992 - 1996 - Member of the Chamber of Deputies from Constanta ward, Member of the Parliamentary Group of PNTCD, Chairman of the Standing Commission of Public Administration, Development Planning and Ecologic Equilibrium
  • Since January 1996 - Vice-President of PNTCD
  • Since November 1996 - Member of the Chamber of Deputies from Electoral ward nr.16, Galati County, member of the Standing Committee for budget and finance
  • 1996 - 1997 - Minister of State, Minister of Finance
  • 1997 - 1998 - Minister of State, Minister of Industry and Commerce
  • Since September 1999 - President of Bucharest PNTCD Organization
  • December 1999 - December 2000 - Minister of State, President of the Council for Economic and Financial Coordination, Minister for the Relationship with the Parliament.

Other Responsibilities

  • Executive Vice-President of the National Commission for drafting the "National Strategy of Medium-Term Economic Development" (2000)
  • Honorary President of the Romanian Research Institute for Christian Democracy
  • Executive Director of the International Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
  • President of the International Christian Solidarity - Romania
  • President of the Foundation Center for Consultancy in the Public Administration

Published works

  • over 50 papers of strictly economic specialty
  • over 300 articles on economic policy (selected texts in " Economy, Policy and National Interest", Expert Publishing House, Bucharest 1996)


  • Private: 30, G.V.Bibescu St., Bucharest, Sector 1, E-mail: mciumara@k.ro 

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