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a candle for my son!

Romulus Cristescu, Member of the Romanian Academy

Romulus Cristescu
Member of the Romanian Academy

Born on 4 August 1928 in Ploiesti, Romania


1950 - Graduate of the Mathematics Department at the University of Bucharest

1955 - Doctor of Mathematics: "The product-operator in linear semi-ordered spaces and its applications, University of Bucharest

Doctor of Sciences

Professional Career

Positions held at the University of Bucharest

1950-1955 - assistant professor
1955-1960 - lecturer-professor
1960-1966 - associate-professor
Since 1966 - professor

Chairman of the Department of Mathematical Analysis, Faculty of Mathematics, (1990-2000)

Chairman of the "Seminar on Topological ordered linear spaces" at the University of Bucharest

Ph.D. supervisor for Functional Analysis

Lectures at Prague (1962), Warsaw, Wroclaw and Gdansk (1964), Oberwolfach (1968), Bratislawa (1975), Paris (1977), Tubingen (1985), Maratea (1992), Florence (1993), Firenze (1993), Roma (1993, 1995)

Professor at the University Paris VI (1977) and at the University "La Sapienza", Rome (1995)

Academic Activity

Corresponding Member of the Romanian Academy - 1974

Full Member of the Romanian Academy - 1990

Since 1992 - president of the Mathematical Section of the Romanian Academy

Chairman of the Commission of Functional analysis of the Romanian Academy

Publishing Activity

Almost 100 papers published in Romania and abroad dealing especially with functional analysis

Published 14 books, among them:

- Ordered vector spaces and linear operators, Abacus Press, Kent, England 1976
- Topological vector spaces, Noordhoff I.P., Leyden, The Netherlands, 1977
- Applications of the theory of distributions (with G.Marinescu), John Wiley, London, New York 1973)
- Order structures in normed linear spaces (in Romanian), Scientific Publishing House, 1983.
- Notions of linear functional analysis, Romanian Academy Publishing House, 1998

His papers are concerned mainly with the following fields: topological ordered vector spaces; linear and bilinear operator theory; vector integrals, distributions theory and applications. He used for the first time in Romania the ordered vector spaces in functional analysis and his book 'Ordered linear spaces" (in Romanian) published in 1959 was the first monograph in this field in Romania.

For a comprehensive list of his books and scientific papers see "Publications"


President of the Mathematical Section of the Romanian Academy
President of the Romanian National Committee for Mathematics
Member of the American Mathematical Society
Ph.D. Supervisor for Functional Analysis
Referee for Mathematical Reviews
Managing editor of the Mathematical Reports and Revue Roumaine de Mathematiques Pures et Appliquees

Prizes and Awards

Prize for Mathematics of the Romanian Academy (1966)

Romanian National Committee for Mathematics

Prof. Romulus Cristescu, President
Department of Mathematics
Calea Victoriei 125
RO-71102 Bucharest, Romania  


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