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a candle for my son!

Romanian Version

Liviu-Alexandru Dimitriu, General Director of CARO CONSULT Romania

Liviu-Alexandru Dimitriu
General Director of CARO CONSULT Romania

Born: September 3, 1953, Roman, Neamt County

Married, 2 boys (22 and 19 years old)


  • 1972-1977 - graduate Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications, Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest

  • Management Training, 2 years course

  • MBA at Isima Akademy, distance e-learning, in course

Professional Career

  • "Industrial Electronics" Works, state owned company (5000 employees)

    • designing and research engineer R& D department

    • production department manager

    • management team member

  • 1993 - left the state owned company, which was falling down, and set up a new CATV company, entirely private, as general and technical director

  • 1995 –1996 - managed one production department at Network Electronica Industries -Domestic Appliances SA- (90% English shareholders: Network Group Holding, UK), at that time the most important foreign investment for consumer electronics production in Romania

  • 1996-1997 - Technical Director, North Trading SRL, dealing with satellite receiving systems and local technical support for BBC World Services

  • 1997 - set up,  with Mr. Anton Hluscu, Pforzheim, Germany, a new designing company for PCB’s, Trenew Electronic SRL. Main responsibility: to organize the company as general director and administrator. The last two jobs offered the possibility to acquire English and German organization knowledge on how to run a private company

  • 1998-March 2000 - Marketing and Sales Manager at Roshandy SRL (Romanian-Italian company) selling emergency supplying systems

  • Since 2000 - established a co-operation with KMG/iSIMA co, an international consulting group and founded his own consulting company: CARO Consult srl


  • “Televiziunea prin Cablu” (Cable Television), Teora Publishing House, 1995


  • traveling, theater, music, tennis

Foreign languages

  • English, French, Italian, and Russian

Computer skills

  • Microsoft Office, Internet surfing


  • Anton Hluscu, Trenew Electronic GmbH, Pforzheim, Germany, 0049-7231-9734-13; 0049-1739167857

  • Prof. Dr. Eng. Paul Svasta, Polytechnic University Bucharest, 0040-1-4116674

  • Franz Königer, KMG/iSIMA Vorstand, 00-43-662-421223-12

  • "Usually 12 hours of work under pressure, every day, six days per week, acquiring experience in almost all departments of a big production company. My background and my public relations capability ensured my success in the field of marketing and sales, as well as private companies management. Performing different tasks and having management positions in electronics and electrotechnical industries, I acquired a high ability of public relations and fast adaptability for new jobs, being valued for my loyalty, willingness to shoulder responsibilities, ability to stick to a task, initiative".


  • Caro Consult, 8, Pescarusului St., Bl.J1, Sc.B, Apt.24, Sector 2, Bucharest, Phone/Fax: +40-1-255.7528, Mobile: +40-(0)94-85.90.01, E-mail: ldim@canad.ro, http://www.isima.net


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