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Vasile Dīncu, President of the Agency for Governmental Strategies, Government of Romania

Vasile Dīncu
President of the Agency for Governmental Strategies
Government of Romania

 Born: November 25, 1961, Nasaud

Citizenship: Romanian

Religion: orthodox

Married. Two children: a daughter, Adriana (b.1987) and a son, Adrian Sebastian (b. August 2001)


  • 1984-1989 - Faculty of History and Philosophy, "Babes-Bolyai" University, Cluj-Napoca
  • 1992-1995 - tutor in the field of intercultural communication on the basis of a European research program initiated by the Franco-German Office for Youth, Faculty of History and Philosophy. Philosophy Section
  • 1998 - doctor in sociology, on the theme: "Symbolical dimension of the social reality”

Professional Activity

  • 1989 - teacher of philosophy and social sciences at the Industrial High School in Petrosani, Hunedoara
  • 1990 - editor at the cultural section of the newspaper "Zori noi"
  • October 1991 - Assistant Professor at the Sociology Department of the University "Babes-Bolyai", Cluj-Napoca
  • 1991-1999 - scientific research activity, at the same time with the professorate activity; over 50 projects of empirical research on the national level
  • editor of the magazine " Studia", Sociologia series, director of the magazine "Tribuna" and chief-editor of the "Transylvanian Review"
  • November 1994-December 2000 - general manager of the Institute of Social Studies, Polling, Marketing and Publicity “METRO MEDIA TRANSILVANIA", Cluj-Napoca
  • expert of ILO (International Labor Organization)
  • December 2000-June 2003 - Minister of Public Information
  • Since June 2003 - President of the Agency for Governmental Strategies, Government of Romania

Publishing Activity

1. The chapters "Individual and society", "Organizations" and "Mass communication", in the tome SOCIOLOGIE, Coordinated by Traian Rotariu and Petru Ilut, Mesagerul Publishing House, 1996, 2 editions
2. Radio Audience in Romania, Romanian Cultural Foundation Publishing House, Cluj-Napoca 1998, 554 pages (coordinator and coauthor)
3. V.S. Dincu , Civil Society and Local Administration, Metro Media Press, Cluj-Napoca, 1999
4. V.S. Dincu, Symbolical Communication. The Anatomy of the Advertising Discourse, Dacia Publishing House, Cluj-Napoca, 1999
5. R.Davis, C. Zamfir, V.Dincu, Methodology for Developing a Local Policy for Poverty Alleviation, International Training Center, UNO, Torino, 1999
6. V.S. Dincu, Communication in the Institutional Management, Gewalt, Cluj-Napoca, 2000
7. V.S.Dincu, The Country of the Happy TV Spectators. Counterideologies, Dacia Publishing House, Cluj-Napoca, 2000


Member of UNESCO National Commission (MOST Program)

Member of the Sociologists' Association of Romania

Foreign Languages

English, French

Contact Address

  • Ministry of Public Information, Victoria Palace, Victoria Square, Bucharest 1, Phone: +40-1-312.6931; 230.6595, 314.3400  extension 1381, 1245, Fax: +40-1-223.2328, E-mail: vasile.dancu@publicinfo.ro

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