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a candle for my son!

Romanian Version

Constantin Dutu, Artist-Dancer, Choreographer, Producer, Businessman, Vice-President of the Chamaber of Deputies for Culture, Arts and Mass-Media

Constantin Dutu
Artist-Dancer, Choreographer, Producer, Businessman

Honorary Ambassador  of the Culture and Art Commission at European Parliament
Former Secretary of State, National Audiovisual Council of Romania
Former Vice-President of the Chamber of Deputies Commission for Culture, Arts and Mass-Media


on August 18, 1935, in Bucharest. Father: Oltenian, intellectual, died when Constantin was 9 years old. Mother: from Beica Romana, Ardeal. Through his mother, descendant of George Pop de Basesti, an illustrious Romanian politician (1835-1919)

Married to Anette Dutu, a former ballerina. One son, Alexandru (b.1982), student.


High School "Sf.Sava", Bucharest

1963 - Graduate of the Academy of Stage Management and Choreographic Art in Moscow, student of the famous professor Leonid Faidecev

1974 - Graduate of the Institute of Physical Education and Sports, Bucharest

1974-1980 - Ballet and stage management specializations in USA, France, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Canada

Artistic Career

1949 - makes the first steps into the ballet art, at CFR Theatre (Romanian Railways Theatre), in Giulesti  Quarter of Bucharest, with masters Petre Bodeanta (CFR Theatre), Florica Capsali and Mitita Dumitrescu (at the latter's private Dance School)

1954-1975 - ballet dancer and soon first soloist at the Ballet Assembly of the Romanian National Opera, Bucharest

Ballet Director and Managing Director of the Ballet Formation at "Constantin Tanase" Revue Theatre, Bucharest

Ballet Director at "Perinita" Folk Assembly

Soloist of the Army's Dance Assembly

Among the first artists to work at the Romanian Television. Present at the special shows: "Good evening, girls, good evening, boys!",  "Rhythm, youth, dance", "Zig-Zag" etc

1975-1977 - worked in Yugoslavia as stage director and producer, among other with Belgrade and Pristina Televisions

1974-1990 - worked in Italy as stage director and producer of numerous ballet performances, musicals, other special shows as follows:

at TV "Channel 5" - ballet director

- a major contribution to the realization of broadcastings "Buona Sera, Italia", "Studio Uno", "Fantastico", "Lotteria di cappo d'ano"

- stage director of "Fantastico" Ballet Group, invited to perform also at "Palladium Theatre", in London

1978-1985 - Organizer of "San Remo" Festivals

1982 - invited to work at Hollywood for 6 months and at "Palladium Theatre", in London

1983-1985 - invited, as stage director and producer, to televisions from France and Portugal. Also, co-producer at BBC of "Plague and Moonflower", musical drama composed by Richard Harvey.

since 1995 - General producer of World Ballet Contest, Varna, Bulgaria

Producing and Sponsoring Activities

  • 1990 - The Festival "San Remo Liberta", Italy

  • since 1991 - organizer and sponsor of the Annual Ballet Festival-Contest "Oleg Danovschi" in Constanta

  • 1991, 1992, 1997 - the shows "Romania hails Europe", performed in Italy

  • 1991, 1992, 1993 - Bucharest Musical Festival

  • 1991, 1992 - the Festivals-Competitions of Sportive Dance in Bucharest

  • 1991 - the shows in Italy of "Studio '92" Ballet Group

  • 1992 - the shows in Greece of "Studio '92" Ballet Group

  • 1993 - "Grand Gala of Ballet" in Bucharest, "Galas of Ballet" in Timisoara and Constanta

  • 1994 - National Ballet Contest "Bucharest '94"

  • 1994 - "Gala of Ballet" in Constanta

  • 1994 - the show "The Plague and the Moonflower", presented at BBC London. Also co- producer of the show

  • 1994 - the performances of the Romanian National Opera Ballet presented during the artistic trip to the United Kingdom

  • 1994 - the performances of the Romanian National Opera Ballet in Cluj-Napoca

  • 1995 - the performances of the Romanian National Opera Ballet on the occasion of the inauguration of the manifestations "Luxembourg - the European City of Culture, 1995" 

  • 1997 - the performances of the Romanian National Opera Ballet during the artistic trips in Italy and Greece

  • 1997 - the shows in Israel of the Ballet of "Constantin Tanase" Revue Theatre

  • The participation of the Romanian Federation of Sportive Dance to competitions in Germany (1991), Singapore (1992), Poland (1992), Russia (1992), Moldavia (1992) and Italy (1993)

  • The Romanian participation to the Ballet Contests in Varna (Bulgaria) and Jacksonville (USA)

  • Bucharest Choreographic School and the Romanian National Opera Ballet, for which brought choreographers and ballet professors from Russia

  • 1993, 1995 - the participation of super-endowed young people to the Violin Contest in France and Italy and to the Ballet Contest in France

  • The integral costs of the artistic trips to Romania of great stars of the music, like Al Bano, Romina Power, La Toya Jackson, Bonnie Tyler, Boy George, Technotronic, Jennifer Rush, London Beat, Shirley Bassey, Sandra, Gibson Brothers, as well as of the first ballerinas from "Kirov" Opera, St.Petersburg, "Balshoy Theatre", Moscow and the Theatre of Opera and Ballet from Dusseldorf

Main Ballet and Dance Production

Ballet for "Ave Maria" performed by Luciano Pavarotti
Faust and Faustina (TV Film)
Night of Loveless Nights, staged on jazz music at Cluj-Napoca National Opera (1985)
Plague and Moonflower, presented at BBC London (1994)
Rhapsody in Blue
Romeo and Juliet
Rendezvous at Midnight
Sing-sing (ballet on Broadway)

TV programs in Italy, USA, France, Portugal

Organizer of the Light, Sound, Music and Fashion Show in Place of Spain, Rome, Italy

Business Activity

- prosperous businessman

- founder and president of the "Romania-Italy" Initiative Group (GIRI), who brought to Romania numerous Italian businessmen

Political Activity

  • Member of the Great Romania Party (Partidul Romania Mare - PRM)

  • Since November 2000 - Member of the Chamber of Deputies, Bucharest Ward
  • Vice-President of the Chamber of Deputies Commission for Culture, Arts and Mass-Media
  • Membru al Consiliului National al Audiovizualului (CNA) - 2006-2012


  • Member of Direction of "Rosita" Impresario Agency, headquartered in Italy and with branches in Australia, Canada, USA, Argentina, Malaysia and Romania

  • Member of EMI Theatrical Agency of Italy

  • President of the Romanian National Center for Francophone Action

  • Founding Member of Opera's Friends Foundation, Bucharest

  • Member of American Biographical Institute Research Board of Advisors

Prizes and Awards

  • 1957 - Golden Medal, the Dance Festival in Moscow

  • Two prizes,  TV Festival in Montreux, Switzerland, one being the "Grand Prize" for the performance "Faust and Faustina"

  • The Grand Prize of Eurovision, San Remo Festival

  • The Golden Bust, in Karlovy Vary

  • 1991 - The "Grand Prize of Cita di Amantee, Estate '90", the "Prize of Giovanni di Gerace City" (Italy) and the "Golden Horse from Locri" (Greece), together with the Ballet of the Romanian National Opera, Bucharest

  • 1991 - trophy "Ponte d'Oro", the equivalent of Oscar Prize for Television activities, in recognition of his 14 years of artistic creation in Italy

  • 1993, 1995 - FIDOF Prize, granted by the International Federation of Festival Organizations "outstanding contributions rendered to the aims of strengthening peace, friendship and better understanding through music and art"

  • 1995 - "Prize for Mecaenate", granted by the Choreograph Interpreters' Union and the Union of Musical Critics from Romania, for the "generous contribution to the assertion of Romanian choreographic and musical art in the country and abroad"

  • 1996 - Diploma of Excellence and the medals "Bancusi" and Tzara", granted by the National Center of Francophone Action of Romania for the "relentless and efficient support in favor of Arts, Culture and Better Knowledge of Romania World-Wide".

  • 1996 - prize "Marco Polo", granted by "Colosseo" Foundation from Argentina. This prize was also awarded, among others, to Emil Cioran, George Emil Palade and J.F.Kennedy.

  • 1996 - Knight of the Sovereign Military Order "San Giorgio in Carinzia", the first and the sole Romanian to be ever awarded this order.

  • 1996 - "Silver Salatiera", granted in Rome as a recognition of the whole activity developed in Italy

  • 1997 - "Rudolf Nureev Golden Medal", handed over to him on the stage of the Paris Opera Theatre

  • 1997 - "Prize of Excellence" and "Golden and Silver Medals Jerusalem 3000", granted in Israel on the occasion of the artistic trip done by 'Constantin Tanase" Revue Theatre

  • 1997 - three new prizes in Italy: "Golden Medal with Brilliants", "Grand Prize from Gerace" and "Platinum Plaquette from Monasterace Marina"

  • 1997 - "Honorary Diploma for a Life Dedicated to the Stage Performance", granted in Constanta

  • 2000 - nominated "Man of the Year" by the prestigious American Biographical Institute Inc, USA, for the "overall accomplishments and contributions to society".

  • 2000 - recipient of the "Commemorative Medal of Honor, Hallmark 2000", awarded by American Biographical Institute Inc, USA, for "Distinguished Lifelong Achievements"


- Great collector  of paintings, icons and art objects

Foreign Languages

Italian, French, English, Russian, Serbian, Hungarian


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