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a candle for my son!

Marius-Octavian Filip
Coordinator of Medical Staff Network
Hospital Programs Developer
Bucharest Emergency University Hospital

Born: October 19, 1961


  • 1986 - graduate from Bucharest University of Medicine


  • 1986-1989 - intern, resident of the Bucharest Railway Hospital
  • 1989-1991 - medical emergency doctor for the Romanian Trade Shipping Co. This job offered the chance to observe the West European countries' systems and gather useful information about Health Care
  • traveling for tourism or specialized medical study tours, observed the medical systems in U.K. (1990, 1991), Germany (1994), Austria (1999), Holland (1990, 1991, 1993) and Israel (1993) and started to think in a way different from that before 1989. Suggested possible motivation and variants of reforming the existing medical system
  • 1992-1994 - Press Officer at the Romanian Health Ministry
  • Since 1993 - started the residency training at Bucharest University Hospital. Direct field of activity: orthopedics and trauma. Involved into the management of health care, especially in new programs like Hospital Accreditation and Health Insurance System
  • After 1994 - involved into the activity of the Romanian Hospital Association,  especially as concerns the Program of Hospital Evaluation and Accreditation, started with the help of USAID and Joint Commission International
  • 1996,1997 - two very enriching observer tours in USA
  • Current job offered the opportunity to be involved in the development of medical and managerial programs
  • Recently asked to take the position Medical Adviser to the President of Bucharest Health Insurance House
  • Training, practice and skills in languages, computer programs and public relations


  • Private: 16, Gratioasa St., Sector 1, 71547 Bucharest, POB 18, Phone: +40-722-348.363, +40-21-231.4088, E-mail: mmfilip@pcnet.pcnet.ro
  • Office: Bucharest Emergency University Hospital, 169, Splaiul Independentei, Sector 5, Bucharest, Phone/fax: +40-21-637.7766, +40-722-348.363, +40-744-231.930, fax: +40-21-212.6072, E-mail: casmb_filip@yahoo.com

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