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a candle for my son!

Acsinte Gaspar, Minister-Delegate for the Relations with the Parliament

Acsinte Gaspar
Minister-Delegate for the Relations with the Parliament (PSD)

Born on November 19, 1937, Liteni Village, Suceava County

Married, one son


1963 graduate of the Faculty of Law, at the University of Bucharest

Professional Activity

  • 19631965 - Judge
  • 19651989 - Counsellor, head of sector, Council of State
  • 19891990 - Head of sector at the Council of the National Salvation Front
  • 19901996 - General Secretary of the Chamber of Deputies
  • 19962000 - PDSR Member of the Chamber of Deputies, Member of the Permanent Bureau of the Chamber of Deputies (Quaestor, Secretary and Vice-President)
  • since November 26, 2000 - PDSR Member of the Chamber of Deputies
  • December 29, 2000-June 2003 - Minister for the Relations with the Parliament
  • Since June 2003 - Minister-Delegate for the Relations with the Parliament

Papers elaborated to support Parliamentary  Activity

  • Parliamentary procedures
  • Parliamentary control
  • Legislative delegation
  • Considerations regarding the initiation, debate and effects of a censure motion
  • The legislative and regulatory framework for the commitment of Government responsibility
  • The Parliamentary code and the code of relations between Majority and Opposition
  • The Parliament's sovereignty and the practice of emergency ordinances
  • Parliament's democratic functioning essential condition for strengthening democracy and the state of law
  • Proposals for reforming the legislative framework of the political and institutional system
  • Role of state during the transition period
  • Reinforcement of the state of law and of the parliamentary system values and fundamental institutions promoted and defended by PDSR
  • PDSR Parliamentary Strategies during the legislature 1996 2000

Initiator or co-initiator of 25 legislative proposals, part of them approved by the Parliament

  • The Law on the proclamation of  Romania's National Anthem Day
  • The Law on the proclamation of the National Flag Day
  • Law on the organization of the Official Journal of Romania (Monitorul Oficial)
  • Law on Referendum organization and conduct
  • Law on the norms of legislative technique for the elaboration of normative acts
  • Law on the legal regime of the terrain pertaining to Parliament's Palace
  • Law on the ministerial responsibility
  • Law amending art. 17 of the Law nr. 146/1997 regarding judiciary stamp taxes
  • Law regarding the structure of the Constitutional Court Personnel

Political Activity

  • Since 1994 member of PDSR (since 2001 - PSD)
  • Co-chairman of PDSR Department for policies in the field of justice and legislation
  • First Vice-President of Valcea PDSR County Organization

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