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a candle for my son!

Romanian Version

Mihnea Gheorghiu
Member of the Romanian Academy
Poet, fiction writer, playwright, essayist and translator

Born: May 5, 1919, Bucharest. Son of Dumitru Gheorghiu, second hand bookseller and Alexandrina, school teacher


  • 1925-1929 - Primary School "Madona Dudu"
  • 1929-1937 - "Fratii Buzesti" High School, Craiova
  • 1937-1941 - Faculty of Letters and Philosophy of Bucharest University, specialty English, French and history of art
  • graduates the School of Artillery Officers in Craiova, during the Second World War and is sent on Basarabia Front
  • 1947 - PhD in letters and philosophy, with the dissertation "The Drama Conformist Modality"
  • 1964 - doctor docent
  • Specializations in France, Italy, Great Britain, , USA

Scientific Titles

  • 1947 - Doctor in letters and philosophy of Bucharest University
  • March 1, 1974 - Corresponding member of the Romanian Academy
  • June 13, 1996 - Full Member of the Romanian Academy
  • Since 1992 - President of the Romanian Academy Section for Arts, Architecture and Audiovisual

Professional Activity

  • 1944-1946 - editor-in-chief, "Scānteia Tineretului" daily
  • 1946-1948 - lecturer and associate professor of English language at the Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest
  • 1948-1950 - professor and Head of the English Chair at Bucharest University
  • 1954-1969 - professor and head of the Chair for Theatralogy and Filmology at the Institute of Theater and Film Art, Bucharest
  • 1961-1963 - founder and editor-in-chief of the revue "Secolul 20" (XX Century)
  • 1963-1965 - president of the National Film Council
  • 1965-1968 - Vice-President of the National Committee for Culture and Art
  • 1968-1972 - Prime Vice-President of the Romanian Institute for Cultural Relations with Other Countries
  • 1972-1989 - President of the Academy of Social and Political Sciences
  • Since 1990 -  President of Cineastes' Union of Romania

Literary Activity

  • Literary debut as poet in 1937 by a series of poems, reunited later in the volumes Anna-Mad (1941) and Ultimul peisaj al orasului cenusiu (Last Landscape of the Grey Town -1946). Other volumes of poems: Balade (Ballads - 1956); Ultimul peisaj (Last Landcape - 1974)
  • As prose writer, was attracted by prince-scholar Dimitrie Cantemir, a hero for two novels with pronounced essayistic character: Doua ambasade (Two Embassies - 1958), further developed in 1969, respectively in 1992, under the title A venit un om din rasarit (A Man came from the East); in 1988 the novel Enigma din strada presei (An Enigma in the Press Street) was published followed in 1992 by the volume of stories after Shakespeare's chronicles Cele doua roze (The Two Roses)
  • As a playwright, he is the author of several historical dramas, many played on various Romaniian and foreign arenas: Tudor din Vladimiri (Tudor of Vladimiri), Istorii dramatice (Dramatic Histories), Capul (The Head), Zodia Taurului (Taurus' Sign), Patetica `77 (Pathetica '77), Fierul si aurul (Iron and Gold).
  • Film Scenarios: Porto Franco (1962); Tudor (1963-1964); Zodia Fecioarei (Virgo's Sign - 1967); Padurea pierduta (The Lost Forest - 1972); Cantemir si Muschetarul roman (Cantemir and the Romanian Musketeer - 1974); Hyperion (1975); Tanase Scatiu (1976); Burebista (1980)
  • Accomplished translator; being the author of the complete translation into Romanian of W. Shakespeare's and Walt Whitman's writings (1961-1988), but also of several works written by Robert Burns, F. Cooper, Ch. Dickens, J. R. Kipling, G. Marquez, A. Miller, H. B. Stowe, T. Williams and others.
  • In the domain of critique and history of culture, signed several volumes of studies and essays (Drama's Conformist Modernity, Walt Whitman, Scenes from Shakespeare's Life, Trends in the Foreign Literature, Dionysus and others)


  • Member of the Academy of Sciences from New York
  • Member of Writers' Union of Romania
  • Member of Cineasts' Union of Romania
  • Member of the World Academy of Social Perspectives
  • Member of the National Academy of History of Caracas
  • Member of the International Association "Shakespeare"
  • Member of the International Association of Film and TV Authors
  • Member of the European Society of Culture in Venice
  • Member of the Club of Rome etc

Prizes, Awards and Titles

  • Prize "I.L.Caragiale" of the Romanian Academy, 1972
  • Prize of the Writers Union of Romania, 1975
  • Prize of Cineasts' Union of Romania for Cantemir movie
  • Special Prizes of the International Film Festivals in Barcelona, Buenos Aires and Cork
  • Honorary Citizen of New Orleans City, USA
  • Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters, France
  • Commander of the Order of Merit, Italy
  • Das Grosse Verdienstkreuz mit Stern (The Grand Cross of Merit with Star), Germany
  • Medal "Erasmus" and Order "Orania and Nassau", Netherlands etc

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