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a candle for my son!

Valentin Gheorghiu

Born on 21st March 1928,  in Galati (the same birthday as Bach)


  • studied at the Royal Musical Academy, Bucharest, as a disciple of Mihai Jora (theory-solfeggio, harmony, counterpoint, fugue, composition), Constanta Erbiceanu (piano), Mihail Andricu (chamber music) and Constantin Baloiu (history of music)

  • 1937-1939 - the talented and successful young man was encouraged and supported to go to the High National Music Conservatory in Paris, where he studied under the following teachers: Lazare Levy (piano), Marcelle Mayer (theory and solfeggio) and Noël Gallon (harmony)

Artistic career

  • His career began brilliantly at the age of 15, under the baton of George Georgescu and gradually evolved towards complete fame

  • 1950 - became soloist of the George Enescu Philharmonic

  • successful tours in all European music capitals, in the Middle East, USA and Canada

  • recognized as a prestigious musician and recital performer

  • a perfect partner in several chamber groups, among which one of the most famous was the Bucharest Trio, where performed along with his brother, the violinist Stefan Gheorghiu and the cellist, Radu Aldulescu)

  • activity as composer:

    • Piano Concert

    • two symphonies (unfortunately quite seldom performed)

    • suite for orchestra

    • “Burlesque” for piano and orchestra

    • piano quartet

    • trio with piano

    • sonata for cello and piano

    • lieder etc.
      His intense, demanding and exhausting performances absorbed the time and energy, that he could have used for composition.

  • Radio and television recordings

Prizes and awards

  • as an exemplary pianist, won important prizes, including the First Enescu Mention in 1946 for the Piano Sonata

  • as a composer, won the “George Enescu” prize of the Romanian Academy for his Piano Concert


Modest, much too modest, Valentin Gheorghiu is a man of perfect moral conduct: ”he remains in his place”, he does not enjoy being in the light spot, he rather leaves this to his younger colleagues, as he is too shy to assert himself. Knowing his value, let us proclaim him as a first class and authentic musician: for over half a century, the complex musician, pianist and composer, Valentin Gheorghiu, has honestly and impressively represented the Romanian spirit.


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