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a candle for my son!

Irina Holdevici, PhD
Psychologist, University Professor

Born: 1948, Bucharest


  • 1972 - graduate of the Faculty of Philosophy, Section of Psycho-Sociology, University of Bucharest
  • 1980 - PhD in Psychology
  • Specializations in Psychotherapy, Psychopathology and Sport Psychology

Present Positions

  • Dean- Faculty of Psycho-Sociology, Information National Academy
  • Professor at Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, University of Bucharest

Editorial Activity

Academic Courses

  • Psychology of Sports
  • Psychology of Physical Training
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Psychopathology
  • Psychotherapy
  • Ericksonian Therapy
  • Cognitive- Behavioral Therapies

Books (in Romanian)

  • Psychology for Sport Trainers- I.Holdevici, M.Epuran (1980)
  • Going Beyond Your Own Limts in Sports- I. Holdevici and I.P. Vasilescu (1988)
  • Hypnosis and Unlimited Forces of Mind- I. Holdevici and I.P. Vasilescu (1991)
  • Logic and Perspicacity- I. Holdevici and I.P. Vasilescu (1992)
  • Psychotherapy- A Treatment Without Medicines- I. Holdevici and I.P. Vasilescu (1994)
  • Psychology of Winning (1994)
  • Autosuggestion and Relaxation (1995)
  • Elements of Psychotherapy (1996)
  • Psychopatology (1996)
  • Suggestiology and Suggestion Therapy (1996)
  • Modern Therapies. New Ericksonian Hypnosis- I.Holdevici, A.Ion, B.Ion (1997)
  • Therapy of Anxiety Disorders (1998)
  • Sports- Decision, Self-Control, Performance- I. Holdevici and I.P. Vasilescu (1998)
  • Positive Thinking. Practical Guide for Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (2000)
  • Brief Therapies (2000)
  • Therapy Techniques for Improving Individual's Performances (2000)
  • Clinical Hypnosis (2001)
  • Therapy of Anxiety. Cognitive and Behavioral Approaches (2000)
  • Psychology of Sports- I. Holdevici, M. Epuran, F. Tonita (2001)

Over 150 scientific papers


  • Member and President of the Romanian Association of Suggestion and Hypnosis
  • Member and Vice-President of the National College of Psychotherapy 
  • Member of the European Society for Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine
  • Member of the Managing Board of the European Federation for Psychology of Sport
  • Founding Member of the Romanian Association for Transpersonal Psychology

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