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a candle for my son!

Romanian Version
prof.dr. Lucian C. Ionescu

the Romanian Banking Institute

Born: May 29, 1947, Bucharest

Education. Academic Degrees

  • 1965-1970 - Faculty of Foreign Trade, Academy for Economic Studies, Bucharest, Diploma in Economics
  • 1976 - PhD in Economics at the National Institute of Economic Research, Bucharest
  • since 1996 - University Professor, Romanian Banking Institute, Bucharest
  • since 1997 - Senior researcher (Financial and Monetary Research Institute "Victor Slavescu"

Additional Training and

  • International economy (Prague - 1991)
  • Management - marketing (Vienna - 1993)
  • Banking and financial relations (University of Virginia, USA- 1994)
  • Bank management (Luxembourg - 1996)

Positions (current and previous)

  • President - Rector of the Romanian Banking Institute (RBI) – 1992 to date
  • 1999-  - Member of the National Economy Evaluation Group (ESEN), the Romanian Academy
  • 1991-1998 - Member of the Board of Directors – National Bank of Romania
  • 1990- 1991 - Governmental Expert, Council for Reform – Romanian Government

Major fields of specialization

  • International monetary and financial system
  • Monetary policy & foreign exchange (convertibility, exchange rate, balance of payments)
  • Banking issues (especially the central bank’s role)
  • Economic cycles & history of economic thinking
  • Economic and Monetary Union; preparing for the EU accession (financial, monetary and banking dimensions)

Scientific & research papers and academic activity

  • Ph.D. Thesis: “Contribution to analyzing the international role of USD, business cycles and monetary & fiscal policies”, 1976

Books, manuals published

  • “International Monetary and Financial System”, co-ordinator and co-author, RBI, 1999/2000
  • “English for Banking”, coordinator, Ed. Economica, 1999
  • “Economics and Banks’ Role”, coordinator and author, RBI – Ed. Economica, 1997 (2 volumes) {Economia si rolul bancilor}
  • “Banks and the Business of Banking”, coordinator & co-author, RBI – Ed. Economica, 1996 {Bancile si operatiunile bancare}
  • “The role of the central bank in a transition economy”, in the volume “An Economy in Transition: Hungarian case”, CEPR, Cambridge University Press, 1993
  • “Transition to convertibility: Romanian case”, in the volume “Currency Convertibility in Eastern Europe”, Institute for International Economics, Washington, 1991 (editor M. Treadway; coordinator prof. John Williamson)
  • “World economy” (co-author), ASSP, 1989 {Economie mondiala}
  • “National wealth, social product and national income” (co-author), in “Tratat de economie contemporana”, vol. 2, Ed. Politica, 1987 {Avutia nationala, produsul social, venitul national}

Research contracts; studies & articles (about 60)

  • “Monetary Survey & Balance of Payments Equilibrium – Prerequisites to Joining EU” (January 2000) {Echilibrul monetar si al balantei de plati – obiective macroeconomice necesare pentru aderarea la Uniunea Europeana}; published in «Piata financiara», July/August 2000.
  • “New Economic Opportunities & Challenges for Romania in Preparing for EU Membership Negotiations”, in “Banks’ Book” no.2/2000
  • “Restructuring and modernising the banking system – core component of preparing the EU accession” (December 1998) {Restructurare si modernizare în sistemul bancar - componenta esentiala a pregatirii aderarii la Uniunea Europeana}
  • “EMU and the prospects for EU enlargement” (December 1997) {Evolutia Uniunii Economice si Monetare si perspectivele aderarii la Uniunea Europeana}
  • “Correlations between the exchange rates and balance of payments evolution” (December 1996) {Corelatii între evolutia cursului de schimb valutar si balanta de plati externe}; in “Caiete de studii”, National Bank of Romania, no.5/1997
  • “Maastricht Treaty, EMS and prospects of monetary and financial integration” (1995), {Tratatul de la Maastricht, SME si perspectivele integrarii în domeniul monetar si financiar-bancar}; in “Oeconomica” no.3-4/1995
  • “Convertibility and foreign exchange rates” (1994) {Convertibilitatea valutara si cursurile de schimb}; in “Oeconomica” no. 1/1995
  • “Management of the transition process”, in “Tribuna economica” no.5/1991 (co-ordinator) {Managementul tranzitiei}
  • “Towards convertibility in Central & East Europe”, in “Alternative” no.1/1991 {Spre convertibilitate valutara în tarile Europei Centrale si de Est}
  • “Theory of market economy in Central & East Europe”, in “Bursa” no. 35/1991 {Teoria economiei de piata în Europa Centrala si de Est}
  • “De la masa monetara la monetarism”, in “Bursa” no. 2/1991 {From money supply to monetarism}
  • “Un cod al masei monetare”, in “Bursa” no. 14/1990 {A code of money supply}
  • “Megatendinte în economia mondiala”, in “Alternative” no. 19-20/1990 {Megatrends in world economy}
  • “Stagflatie în Est”, in “Alternative” no.11-12/1990 {Stagflation in the East}
  • “Spectrul curbelor Phillips”, in “Alternative” no. 10/1990 {Phillips curves’ spectrum}
  • “Economia româneasca si creanga de aur”, in “Alternative” no. 5/1990
  • “Relatii monetare internationale” (co-author), în “Biblioteca de Economie Mondiala”, Institutul de Economie mondiala, 1989 {International monetary relations}

ACE - PHARE Contract

  • Transition to convertibility” (coordinator & co-author), Bruxelles, 1994/95

Conferences, seminars, symposiums

  • Conference – workshop “Romanian and Italian Banking System in a Changing Europe”, organized by Accademia di Romania (Rome, February 2000)
  • Contribution to the conference “Economic and Monetary Union and the Central & Eastern European Countries”, organised by Centre Franco-Autrichien pour le Rapprochement Economique en Europe - Institut Français des Relations Internationales (Paris, December 1999)
  • Euro Conference organized by the Romanian Banking Institute and Bank Austria Creditanstalt (Bucharest, June 1999)
  • International conferences organized by European Bank Training Network (Basle - May 1995; Athens - October 1997; Budapest – May 2000)
  • IMF – World Bank Spring Sessions (Washington - April 1995; April 1997)

International recognition

  • Member of the Board - European Bank Training Network (EBTN)
  • Personal Member of SUERF (Société Universitaire Européenne de Recherches Financières)
  • Member of the Advisory Committee - Joint Vienna Institute (1994-98)
  • Included in “Who’s Who in the World”, 14th Edition, USA, 1997
  • Barons Who’s Who of the World, 1999/2000 Global Edition, USA

Foreign languages

  • English, French


  • Romanian Banking Institute
Str. Negru-Voda nr.4-6, sector 3, Bucharest
Tel. +40-21-327.5090; fax +40-21-327.5092

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