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a candle for my son!

Romanian Version

Constantin Gr.Ionete
Honorary Member of the Romanian Academy

Born: March 24, 1922, Commune of Maldarasti, Valcea County


"Traian Doda" High School, Caransebes

1946 - Graduate of the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bucharest

1971 - PhD in Economics, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest


1967 - Italian Institute for Marketing Research, Rome, Italy

1968 - London banking Institute, Dublin, Ireland

1979 - Davis University of California, USA

Scientific Titles and Prizes

Honorary Member of the Romanian Academy

The Prize of the Romanian Academy for the book "Comportamentul procesului de formare a preturilor" (The Behavior of Price Forming Process")

Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Craiova

Diplome "Opera Omnia" conferred by the Universitary Senate of the Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest

Activity in higher education, research and production

1948-1954 - head of service, deputy director, director of the Directorate of Education, Ministry of Finance

1955-1958 - lecturer, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest

1955-1957 - editor-in-chief, revue "Finante si credit" (Finances and Credit)

1957-1958 - general director, General Directorate of State Budget, Ministry of Finance

1958-1966 - interdiction to occupy a managing position in central institutions or to publish, due to "deviations from marxist ideology"

1962-1968 - head of sector, deputy director, director at the Institute of Commercial Researches

1968-1973 - counselor for financial and banking issues in government staff

1971-1982 - universitary professor, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, for disciplines "Money" and "Prices"

din 1982 - professor-consultant and scientific guide for PhD candidates

1990-1991 - professor at U'90 - private university, discipline "Money"

1991-2000 - general director, National Institute of Economic Researches, Bucharest

since 1991 - member of the Council of Administration, National Bank of Romania

International Scientific Activity

1974-1983 - participant with scientific reports and communications to the yearly scientific seminaries organized by the Centre Studii sui Sistemi Socio-Economici dell'Est (CESES), Milano, Italy

1983 - invited to lecture about prices at the National Center of Scientific Researches in Paris, France

1992-1998 - National Coordinator of ACE PHARE Program for economic researches

1997-2000 - Scientific Coordinator of the annual study "The Human Development in Romania", promoted by UNDP (United Nations Program for Development, published in English and Romanian

Recent Professional Activities, with important follow-up

Participated, in 1999, at two debates convoked by Romania's President, Emil Constantinescu, together with leaders of political parties, on the critical problems of the Romanian economy, particularly re-establishing the right of property.

Participant at the initiative "A Joint Vision for Romania", initiated by the Presidency of Romania, Romanian Government and World Bank, in order to identify the problems Romania is facing and to find solutions" (from the letter addressed to him, on July 26, 1999, by Farid Dhanji, head of the World Bank Permanent Mission to Bucharest)

Chairman of the Group of Experts asked to prepare the Draft Strategy for Romania's Medium-Term Development, handed over to the Government on February 20, 2000 and forming the basis for the debates organized by the Consultative Group.

Representative Published Studies

  • Comportamentul procesului de formare a preturilor (Behavior of Price Forming Process), Romanian Academy Publishing House, Bucharest, 1972, 180 pages
  • Preturi si tarife (Prices and Tariffs), Didactic and Pedagogic Publishing House, Bucharest, 1983, 153 pages
  • Preturile si echilibrul dinamic al economiei (Prices and the Dynamic Equilibrium of Economy), Scientific and Encyclopedic Publishing House, Bucharest, 1983, 280 pages
  • Criza de sistem a economiei de comanda si etapa sa exploziva (The System Crisis of the Command Economy and Its Explosive Stage), "Expert" Publishing House, Bucharest, 1993, 259 pages


  • Member of the International Council for Political Sciences (France)
  • Member of the Romanian Association for the Club of Rome

Appreciations of the Scientific Work

  • Dictionarul Enciclopedic, vol.III: "Contributions to the analysis of fundamental issues of the modern economic sciences, theory of prices, financial imbalances of the command economy..."
  • Prof.dr.Gheorghe Boldur-Latescu, study published in the supplement Aldine of Romania Libera Daily of November 20, 1992: "Written six years ago, acad.Constantin Ionete's study devoted to the presentation and analysis of the Romanian economy during the communist dictatorship and an introduction to a monography of transition, was read only by a restricted number of specialists, remaining not known by the public opinion. Besides its remarkable scientific value, the study has a high topicality - even greater than on date of its inception ...".
  • Dr.Teodor Brates, "A study of economic history" - review of the book "The System Crisis of the Command Economy", published in the daily "Economistul" of March 22, 1994: "From the first lines to the last synoptic table the study keeps the reader in a state of shock. First of all, through the richness and high degree of interest of all the truths it contains".

Contact Address

Bucharest, Romania, Phone: +40-1-321.0012


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