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a candle for my son!

Romanian Version

Nicolae Iordan-Constantinescu
President of Paneuropa Foundation

Born: December 2, 1947, Cernavoda, Constanta County. Father, Andrei – worker (1906-1977), mother, Maria – housekeeper (1914-2006)


  • 1954-1965 - Elementary and Theoretical High School „Ing.A.Saligny”, Cernavoda

  • 1965-1970 - Faculty of Foreign Trade, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest

  • 1970-1976 - Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest

  • 1987 - Postgraduate Course of International Financial Relations, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest

  • 2003 - PhD in economics at the Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, with dissertation on the subject: „European Integration and Implications for the Central and East European Countries. The Case of Romania”

  • 2007 - Postgraduate Course on "Access and utilization of the EU structural funds", School of Postgraduate Studies, Romanian Banking Institute, Bucharest

  • 2010 - Special Course "Management of EU Financed Projects", organized by European Institute of Romania and the Association for Adults' Professional Formation

Professional Activity

  • 1970-1974 - Economist, Foreign Trade Enterprises „INDUSTRIALIMPORT” and „FOREXIM", Bucharest
  • 1974-1975 - Diplomatic Attaché, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Directorate for Developing Countries
  • 1975-1978 - Third Secretary, Chief of Cabinet to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • 1978-1980 - Third Secretary and Cultural Attaché, Embassy of Romania to the USA, Washington DC
  • 1980-1982 - Third Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Directorate for Political Synthesis
  • 1982-1984 - Third Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Press Directorate. In April 1984 is fired out from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and forbidden to be employed in "ideological" or central state institutions
  • 1984-1989 - Senior Economist and later head of International Cooperation Department, Institute of Automation Engineering (IPA), Bucharest
  • 1989-1990 - Senior Economist, Export Department, Industrial Group for Energetic Equipment (CIUE), Bucharest
  • 1990-1990 - Re-enters the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Press Directorate, as Third Secretary. Is promoted, through competition, to the diplomatic rank of Second Secretary
  • 1990-1991 - Chief of Cabinet to the Secretary of State, Member of the Government
  • 1991-1994 - First Secretary and Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Romania to Luxembourg
  • 1994-1996 - Counselor and Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Romania, Luxembourg
  • 1996-1998 - Counselor, Directorate Western Europe, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • 1998-2000 - Counselor and Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Romania to Athens, Greece
  • 2000-2001 - Governmental Expert for European Integration, Council of Economic and Financial Coordination, Government of Romania
  • May 2001-July 2003 - Diplomatic Adviser to the Minister of Public Information
  • August 2003 - September 2005 - Diplomatic counsellor, Romanian Embassy in Luxembourg
  • September 2005-January 2007 - Minister-counsellor, Romanian Embassy in Luxembourg
  • 2007 - President of Paneuropa Foundation, Bucharest
  • 2007 - Lecturer, Faculty of Financial Management, University for Finance and Banking (UFB), Bucharest
  • March 2010 - Scientific Secretary of Bucharest University for Finance and Banking

Other activities

  • Participation in national and international conferences, colloquia, in Romania and abroad. Among the latest:
    • October 03-04, 2003 - Conference on "Turkey and the European Union: 2004 and beyond", organised by the The Luxembourg Institute for European and International Studies (LIEIS), in association with the Turkish Foreign Policy Institute of the Bilkent University Ankara, Bâtiment Jean Monnet, Luxembourg

    • May 04-06, 2007: participation at the FEK 2007 Colloquium "Europe in Dialogue. The Baltic States and the new face of Europe", Wirsberg, Germany
    • May 24-25, 2007 -  workshop "Acceding to EU structural funds. Applications for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises", organized in conjunction with the School of Postgraduate Academic Studies - IBR, Bucharest and the Center for International Public Policy and Administration, Brussels
    • August 21-23, 2007 - participation at the 5th EuPRA General Conference "Challenges of Peace and Democracy in Europe", Sakarya, Turkey, with the contribution "Another approach of the concept of civilization in the present globalised world" 
    • October 22-23, 2007 - lecturer of the workshop "Access and utilization of EU structural funds - opportunities for Moldavia", organized by IDIS "Viitorul", Chisinau and Paneuropa Foundation, Bucharest
    • November 8-9, 2007 - participation at the International Conference "Opportunities in Assets Management and on the Pension Market, organized by FINMEDIA, Bucharest, at Hilton Athénée Palace Hotel
    • June 25 - 26, 2008 - participation at Kosovo Business and Investment Summit, Pristina, Kosovo
    • July 15-19, 2008 - participation at IPRA 22nd Global Conference - ‘Building Sustainable Futures - Enacting Peace and Development’ -  University of Leuven, Belgium. Contribution on "Geostrategy of Energy"
    • October 14-17, 2008 - participation at the "Blue Black Sea International Congress - New Dimensions of Security, Energy, Environment, Economy, Strategy and Educatiion, Sakarya University, Turkey. Contribution on "Geostrategy of Energy in the Context of the Black Sea"
    • 27-29 April 2009 - the International Conference "Balkans and Kosovo: Economy and Politics", organised by Kosovo UNIVERSUM Institute of Economic and Social Studies, Pristine, Kosovo
    • 7-10 May 2009 - the fourth edition of the Bianual Politico-Economic Colloquium of the German Society for Promoting the European Communication( Fördergesellschaft für Europäische Kommunikation e. V. - FEK), dedicated to Romania in the framework of the „European Days” manifestations, in Neudrossenfeld, Bavaria, Germany
    • 23-25 July 2009 - the VI. EuPRA Biannual International Congress devoted to "Bridging Divides: European Peace Structure of Integration and Engagement", Tirana, Albania.
  • Participation in International Juries:

    • EUROWARD 2000, 2001, 2002 (member and president)

    • ECOINVENT 2007 (member)



Orders and Awards

  • 1995 - Honorary Member of the Rotary Club, Belgium

  • 1996 - Commander of the Order of Merit of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg

  • 1996 - Laureate of the Prize "EUROAWARD '96" for "the outstanding contributions and achievements in Diplomatic Relations", Luxembourg

Married to Lactantia Elena (b.1949), graduate of the Faculty of Pharmacy Bucharest, senior researcher at the Institute of Virology "Stefan S. Nicolau", Bucharest (1976-1997), president of the Foundation “ProNatura”, Bucharest (1997-2007 ). One son, Nicolae-Daniel (1976-2002), former personal assistant to the director of Ronline.Net SRL, Bucharest

Foreign Languages

  • English, French, Russian, German, Luxemburgish


  • Computers, informatics, internet, traveling, finance


Bucharest, Sector 3, 5, Ciucea St., Bl.L19, Sc.2 Apt.51, Phone/fax: +40-21-345.4814, gsm: +40-723/573.722,  E-mail


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