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a candle for my son!

Romanian Writer

Born on January 6, 1940, Ciubârciu village, Tighina District, Bessarabia. 


Parents: Grigore and Vera (born Ciobanu), agricol small shopkeepers, took refuge in Oltenia, South Romania, in 1944, settling themselves in the commune Cireasov, Olt Department. On mother's line, he was a relative of Stefan Ciobanu, professor of ancient history and director of "Al.Russo" High School in Chisinau, one of the artisans of the great union of 1918, later on minister of culture and cults.

Married to Lidia Lazu, b.1953, graduate of Popular School of Art, Section - Dramaturgy. Authored three books of poems. One son, Andrei (b.1983), student


Primary School - Cireasov Village
Secondary School - "Ionascu"  School, Slatina
High School "Radu Greceanu", Slatina, graduated in 1956
1956-1961 - Faculty of Geology-Geography, Bucharest University

Professional Activity

  • 1961-1999 - Geologist at the Enterprise "Prospecting", Bucharest
  • 1999 - retired from the active life

Writing Activity

  • 1964 - debut with poems in the revue "Ateneu"

- prose - 

  • 1970-  "Ningea în ochii sai albastri" (The snow was falling into her blue eyes) - stories and tales, "Eminescu" Publishing House
  • 1971-  "Despre vii numai de bine" ("About alive say only well") - novel, "Eminescu" Publishing House
  • 1979-  "Blana de viezure" (The Badger Skin) - stories, "Cartea Romaneasca" Publishing House
  • 1982-  "Ramasagul" (The Bet) - novel, "Cartea Romaneasca" Publishing House
  • 1983-  "Curtea Interioara" (The Inner Courtyard) - novel, "Albatros" Publishing House
  • 1987-  "Capcana de piatra" (Stone Trap) - novel, "Cartea Romaneasca" Publishing House
  • 2002 - "Veneticii" (The Dagos) - novel, "Vinea" Publishing House
  • 2004 - "Ruptura " (The Break-Up) - novel, Albatros Publishing House, Bucharest
  • 2005 - "Salbaticul" (The Savage) - novel, Vinea Publishing House, Bucharest
- poetry -
  • 1981-  "Muzeul Poetului" (Poet's Museum) - elegies, "Eminescu" Publishing House
  • 1996 - "Poemul de dimineata" (The Morning Poem) - elegies, "Vinea" Publishing House
  • 1999 - "Cuvinte langa zid - Elegii" (Words against the Wall. Elegies), "Vinea" Publishing House

- photographic art -

  • 1984-  "Natura sculpteaza" (The Nature's sculpting) - album of photographic art, "Sport & Tourism" Publishing House

- editor -

  • 1984-  "Haina de bruma" (The Frost Coat) - editor, anthology of poems by Valeriu Ciobanu, Minerva Publishing House

 - literature for children - 

  • 1991-  "Intâmplari din padure" (Adventures in the Forest) - tales for children, "Ion Creanga" Publishing House


  • "Castigul si pierderea" (Win and Lose), epistolary confessions , 420 pages
  • "Tineretea pe sfarsite" (Youth about to pass), short prose, 120 pages
  • "Vreme inchisa" (Closed Weather), I and II, Diary 1979-2004
  • Film scenarios: Vestea (The News), "Casa de sub padure" (House near the Forest), Zapisul obenilor, Veneticii (The Dagos)
  • "Iedul" (The Kid) - poems for children 
  • "Nistrul, prima mea amintire" (Dniester, my first souvenir) - autobiographic novel 
  • "Atlasul turistului roman sarac" (Atlas of a Poor Romanian Tourist)


- from French and Spanish Poems
  • "Inainte, calm si drept" (Forward, calm and straight), after François Nourrisier, member of the Goncourt Academy, novel to be printed at "Universul" Publishing House
  • "Ultimile zile ale orasului Pompei" (The Last Days of Pompei City) - novel, after B.Lyttonn, to be published at "Fiat Lux" Publishing House

Prizes and Awards

  • 1970 - National Prize for the film scenario "Vestea" (News)
  • Honorary Citizen of Slatina Municipality


  • Writers' Union of Romania
  • Journalists' Association of Romania
  • Association of Artists-Photographers
  • Romanian-French Cultural Association
  • Foundation Constantin Popovici

Foreign Languages

French, English, Russian


  • Bucharest, 6, Rm.Sarat Blvd, Bl.21B, Apt.26, Sector 3, phone: +40-21-320.6384, mobile +40-723-392.582
  • e-mail: ion.lazu@gmail.com

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