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a candle for my son!

Oana Manolescu, Member of the Chamber of Deputies, Professor and Writer

Oana Manolescu
Member of the Chamber of Deputies
Professor, Writer

Born: 26 May 1941, Tg Jiu, District GORJ

Civil status: single


  • 1965 - graduates the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Bucharest; 1st teaching degree
Professional Activity
  • 1965-1969 - chemist-engineer, Chemical Enterprise Craiova
  • 1969-1996 - professor of chemistry - High School "Electroputere", Craiova

Parliamentary activity

  • since 1996 - Member of the Chamber of Deputies
    • member of the Committee for Industries and Services
    • member of the following friendship parliamentary groups
      • Romania-Albania (1997-2000 - member, 2000-2004 - vice-president, 2004-2008 - member)
      • Romania-Austria (1997-2000)
      • Romania-Republic of Macedonia (1997-2000 - member, in 2000 - vice-president)
      • Romania-Sweden (1997-2000, member and vice-president, 2000-2004 and 2004-2008 - member)
    • initiator of the legislative proposals for amending the Land Law no. 18/1991 on the setting up of new counties, for granting a support fund for the payment of the additional expenses caused by the increased consumption of heating power during the cold season and the rise in its cost, for certain categories of people; on the Law of the Cooperative System; for amending the Law no. 70/1991 on the local elections, republished
  • June 1997 - international observer of the elections in Albania


  • 1993-1997 - member of the Cultural Union of the Albanians of Romania
  • since 1997 - Member of the League of the Romanian Albanians (LAR) (vice-president - 1997-1999, president since 1999)
  • June 1997 international observer for the elections in Albania
  • author of novels, poetry, stories and short stories
  • articles published in the magazines "Albanezul", "Cuvantul libertatii" (Craiova), "Gorjanul" (Targu-Jiu)
  • specialized articles in the "Revista de fizica-chimie"
  • translations and travel notes
  • Albanian, French


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