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a candle for my son!


Ion Manzat, PhD
Professor honoris causa
President of Romanian Association for Transpersonal Psychology


  • 1961 - Graduate of Bucharest University, Department of Philosophy, Section of Psychology
  • 1979 - PhD in Psychology with dissertation "Factors favoring the Transfer in Thinking"
  • 1980 - Fulbright Scholarship at Berkeley and Stanford Universities, California, USA
  • Specializations at Universities of Hungary, Germany and Russia 


  • 1961-1995 - Scientific Researcher, Institute of Psychology of the Romanian Academy
  • Since 1991 - Professor, "Titu Maiorescu" University
  • 1993-1996 - Associate Professor, Christian University, Nasaud, Romania
  • Since 2001 - Associate Professor, Faculty of Psychology, University of Bucharest
  • Since 2001 - Associate Professor, Faculty of Psychology and Social Work, "Petre Andrei" University, Iasi

Visiting professor

  • 2001 - Milano University. Lectured on Synergetic Psychology

Published Works

  • Over 250 studies, published in Romania, USA, England, Holland, France, Yugoslavia, Italy
  • 17 books, among them:
    • History of World Psychology (1994)
    • Psychology of Religious Faith. Human Trans-consciousness (1997)
    • Synergetic Psychology. The Quest for Lost Humanity (1999)
    • General Psychology. I. Manzat and Georgeta Mihai (1992)
    • Modern Theories and Methods in Psychology (1993)
    • Psychology of Religion (1993)
    • Psychology of Archetypal Symbol, I.Manzat and M.P.Craiovan (1996)
    • Psychology of Shamanic Trance (1999)
    • Christian Psychology of Depths. Dostoievsky vs. Freud (1999)
    • Psychology of Self. A Pilgrimage to the Being Center (2000)
    • Existential Psychology (in press)
    • Transpersonal Psychology (2002)
    • Introduction to the Oriental Psychology, Psyche Publishing House, 2002
    • Multidimensional Psychology. A Psychosynergetical Approach (in press)
  • University Courses
    • History of World Psychology
    • General Psychology
    • Psychology of Religion
    • Individual Psychology
    • Transpersonal Psychology
    • Synergetic Psychology



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