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a candle for my son!

Brigadier General Professor Dr. Eng. Florentin Moraru
Military Technical Academy of Bucharest

Born: October 11, 1939

Married, his wife is medical doctor. One son, engineer


  • 1956 - graduate from "Sfântul Sava" High School, Bucharest
  • 1956-1962 - Military Technical Academy, Bucharest
  • 1956-1962 - Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
  • 1963, 1964 - Specialization Courses for Missiles Technique
  • 1971 - Ph.D. in technical sciences of the "Politehnica"University of Bucharest, Specialty "Mechanics of Flying Machines and Missiles"


  • 1962-1969 - University Assistant and Lecturer, Military Technical Academy
  • 1969-1982 - Lecturer, Military Technical Academy
  • Since 1972 - also teaches at University "Politehnica", Bucharest, "Flight Stability and Control"
  • 1982-1990 - Professor, chief of the Technical Division for Artillery and Rockets and chief of the Department of Armament in the Military Technical Academy
  • 1990-1996 - Dean of the Faculty for Armament, Missiles and Munition
  • Since 1996 - Deputy Commander and Vice-Rector for Education and Scientific Research in the Military Technical Academy (M.T.A.)

Major Teaching Domains

  • Teaching
    • "Exterior Ballistics and Dynamics of Flight" in M.T.A.
    • "Stability and Control of the Flight" in the "Politehnica"University of Bucharest
  • Since 1976 - Ph.D. Adviser in the field of outer space engineering sciences for the "Dynamics of Aerospace Flight" specialty
  • leads scientific research communities and activities (in the areas of exterior ballistics, aerodynamics, dynamics and control of flight) and develops collaboration with universities of several countries (France, Czech Republic, Spain, Great Britain)

Scientific publications

  • 170 scientific works
  • 16 university books and treaties
  • 12 technical books and guide


  • Since 1971 - Member of the Committee for Astronautics of the Romanian Academy
  • Expert of the National Committee for Astronautics and Space
  • Since 1994 - Expert and Member of the Scientific Council of the Romanian Space Agency
  • Since 1994 - Founding Member of the Romanian Society of Acoustics and Vibrations
  • Since 1995 - Member of the Commission for Aeronautics and Outer Space, National Consultative College for Research, Development and Innovation
  • Since 1996 - Member of the European Acoustics Association
  • Since 1996 - Member of the Scientific Council of the National Institute for Research -Development in the field of Turbo-Engines - COMOTI
  • Since 1998 - Member of the Military Sciences Committee of the National Council for Academic Titles, Diplomas and Certificates Attestation (CNEAA)
  • Member of the Military Technique and Technology Research Board
  • Since 1998 - Member of the National Council for Education Reform
  • Since 1998 - Member of the Coordinating Council for Research & Development Activities, Agency for Military Technique and Technologies Research
  • Since 1999 - Member of the Academy of Scientists in Romania, Section for Technical Sciences 
  • Since 1999 - Member of the Council of Scientific Research in the field of Military Techniques and Technologies

Prizes and Awards

  • Officer of the National Order "Loyal Service" (2000)

Foreign Languages

  • French, Russian, English

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