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a candle for my son!

Romanian Version

Constantin Oancea
Ambassador (r)
Former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

Born: July 22, 1928, Village Cut, Commune of Dumbrava Rosie, Neamt County. Parents: Constantin and Ana Oancea, farmers, without political membership  (deceased).

Citizenship: Romanian

Religion: Orthodox

Married in August 1955 to Viorica Oancea (b.October 22, 1928), University Lecturer of Philosophy at the Institute of Civil Engineering, Bucharest, now retired. One son, Dan Oancea (b.January 1, 1958, Rome), PhD in Law, University Professor, Attorney-at-Law.


  • 1935-1940 - Primary School, Village Cut, Commune of Dumbrava Rosie, Neamt County
  • 1940-1948 - Theoretic High School "Petru Rares", Piatra Neamt
  • 1949-1953 - Institute of Agronomy "Ion Ionescu de la Brad", Iasi
  • 1954-1956 - PhD Studies in Agricultural Sciences
  • 1954-1956 - Postgraduate studies of social sciences, University of Bucharest

Professional Career

  • 1953-1956 - university assistant and lecturer, Institute of Agronomy, Iasi
  • August-December 1956 - diplomat, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • January 1957-December 1961 - diplomat at the Romanian Embassy in Rome, Italy, in charge with the cultural and scientific relations
  • January 1962-March 1967 - deputy director and director of the Directorate of Cultural Relations in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • March 1967-August 1974 - first ambassador of Romania to the Federal Republic of Germany
  • September 1974-February 1975 - director of the Directorate for Western Europe, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • March 1975-December 1989 - deputy minister of foreign affairs
  • 1977-1979 - vice-president of UN Economic Commission for Europe (CEE/ONU), Geneva
  • 1979-1979 - president of UN Economic Commission for Europe (CEE/ONU), Geneva
  • 1987-1988 - secretary general of Warsaw Treaty Organization
  • December 1989-January 1990 - after the entire leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was dismissed, was entrusted to ensure the interim management of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of the Romanian diplomatic and consular offices abroad
  • January 1990 - appointed deputy minister of foreign affairs by the Council of National Salvation Front (CFSN), participating in this capacity to the first international contacts of the new power established in Bucharest after the revolution of December 1989 with the governments of France, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Libya, Soviet Union etc.
  • September 1990 - retires upon his own request

Political activity

  • Member of the Romanian Communist Party, without having party leading positions

Participation to the Romanian Revolution

  • Initiated  and obtained the adoption, by the Council of Administration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, of the first Declaration of Loyalty to the New Power on behalf of a Ministry of the Revolutionary Romania, broadcasted by the Romanian Television in the afternoon of December 22, 1989. On the basis of this Declaration, acted, through the Romanian diplomatic missions abroad for the recognition of the new power established in Romania and of the Council of National Salvation Front (CFSN) as the representative of this new power.
  • After the demission of MFA leadership, was granted by CFSN, in recognition of his professional experience, to run MFA till the installation of the new minister of foreign affairs, Sergiu Celac
  • Ensured the effective run of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, staying day and night in the building of the Ministry, since December 21 1989 till January 9, 1990. Throughout this period, established the contacts with the other countries and gave instructions to the Romanian diplomatic missions to act for the recognition of CFSN and of the diplomatic missions as representatives of the new power established in Romania.. Established direct contacts with the representatives of the new power, especially with President Ion Iliescu, Prime Minister Petre Roman and the Ministry of National Defense for the defense of MFA headquarters as well as of the historical and current diplomatic archive.

Professional, political and human Credo

  • Honest activity, performed with professionalism - irrespective of where you might be and of what you should do

  • A cult for the well done things

  • Everywhere saw the sun rays that make souls closer and warmer

  • The highest goal of the entire activity: to serve the national interest of your country


Numerous articles and studies on matters of foreign policy, published in Romanian and Foreign dailies and magazines.

Orders and Medals

  • 1964 - Star of the Republic, Fifth Class, Romania

  • 1967 - 1975 - Order Leopold II of Belgium, Brussels

  • 1969 - Order "23 August",  Fourth and Six Classes, Romania, during the service years in the Romanian Embassy in Bonn

  • 1971 - Order of Labor, Second Class, Romania, during the service years in the Romanian Embassy in Bonn

  • 1974 - Grand Order of Merit with Ribbon of the Federal Republic of Germany 

  • 1976 - Order "Yugoslavian Flag with Golden Star", Belgrade

  • 1999 - Award for Merits in the Romanian Revolution, on the occasion of the Tenth Anniversary of the Romanian Revolution of December 1989


  • National Association of Career Diplomats


  • Numismatics, philately

Foreign languages

  • French, German, Italian


  • Private: 7, Atena St, First Floor, Apt.4, Bucharest, Phone: +40-21-231.3184


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