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a candle for my son!

Ioan Mircea Pascu, Minister of National Defense

Ioan Mircea Pascu
Minister of National Defense (PSD)

Born on February 17, 1949, Satu Mare, Satu Mare County

Married, three daughters


  • 1971 - M.B.A. in Economics, The Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest
  • 1980 - Ph.D. in Political Sciences, The Institute of Political Sciences, Bucharest
  • 1973 - Fellow, The Salzburg Seminar in American Studies (Session 150), Austria
  • 1979-1980 - Ford Foundation Grantee, USA
  • 1985 - Merrill Visiting Associate, St. Catherine's College, Oxford University, UK
  • 1988-1989 - Resident Fellow, The Institute for East-West Security Studies, New York, US
  • 1992-1993 - Japan Foundation Grantee, Slavic Research Center, Hokkaido University, Sapporo and Visiting Research Fellow, The Japan Forum on International Relations

Professional Career

  • September 01, 1972 - Junior, later Senior Research Fellow, International Relations Department, The Institute of Political Sciences, Bucharest (research mainly on international security matters)
  • May 01, 1986 - Lecturer, International Relations Chair, The Academy for Social and Political Studies, Bucharest (teaching a general course on international relations)
  • December 31, 1989 - Expert, The Commission on Foreign Policy of the Council of National Salvation Front (the new post-revolutionary authority in Romania) - coordinating Romanian post-revolution foreign policy
  • February 09, 1990 - Member of the Provisional Council for National Unity (the new post-revolutionary Parliament) - legislator
  • July 01, 1990 - Presidential Adviser, Head of the Foreign Policy Direction, The Political Analysis Department of the Romanian Presidency (advising the President on foreign policy matters; equivalent to US National Security Advisor)
  • October 01, 1992 - Professor, Dean of the International Relations Section, The National School for Political and Administrative Studies, Bucharest (teaching a general course on international relations and a course on international security)
  • March 22, 1993 - Secretary of State, Ministry of National Defense (the first civilian to occupy a position in the Romanian military hierarchy)
  • November 22, 1996 - Member of the Chamber of Deputies, Maramures Ward. Chairman of the Defense and Home Affairs Committee, Head of the Romanian Delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly
  • January 17, 1997 - Vice-President of PDSR (main opposition party), Party Spokesman
  • Since November 2000 - Member of the Chamber of Deputies, Satu-Mare Ward
  • Since December 28, 2000 - Minister of National Defense

Academic and Publishing Activity

  • 1 - "Military Disengagement and Disarmament in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean. Necessity and Prospects", Report to the Ford Foundation, 180 p, 1981
  • 2 - "The Balkans: A Romanian Perspective" in David Carlton and Carlo Shaerf, eds. "South-Eastern Europe After Tito. A Powder-Keg for 1980 ?", London, MacMillan, 1981
  • 3 - "A Balkan Nuclear-Weapon Free Zone. A Romanian Project", Report to UNIDIR, Geneva, 1983
  • 4 - "A Lesser Nuclear Europe. Some Political and Military Implications", IEWSS, New York, 120 p, 1989
  • 5 - "Romania's New Foreign Policy Direction" in Daniel Nelson, ed. "Romania After Tyranny", Boulder, Westview Press, 1992
  • 6 - "Relations with Russia. The Lessons of History", Tokyo, Japan Forum on International Relations, 76p
  • 7 - "The Institutionalization of Security and Cooperation in Asia", Center for Slavic Studies, Hokkaido University, 35 p
  • 8 - "Romania and the Yugoslav Conflict", in Charles L. Barry, ed. "The Search for Peace in Europe", Fort McNair, National Defense University Press, 1993
  • 9 - "The New NATO and the Southern Riddle", (with Elena Zamfirescu), in General G Joulwan and R. Weissinger-Baylon, "Building a NEW NATO : The Search for Peace in an Unsettled World", Center for Strategic Decision Research, 3 p, 1994
  • 10 - "Romania and the Yugoslav Conflict", in "European Security", vol. 3, NO.1, Spring 1994, 9 p
  • 11 - "Regionalism and/or Integration" in "Regionalism - Concepts and Approaches at the turn of the Century", Bucharest, IRSI-NUPI, 1995
  • 12 - "A View from Romania", in Jeffrey Simon, Editor, "NATO Enlargement. Opinions and Options", Washington, NDU Press, 1995, pp.87-98
  • 13 - "A Romanian Perspective on Security", in David Carlton, Paul Ingram and Giancarlo Tenaglia, eds, "Rising Tension in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union", Aldershot, Darmouth, 1996, pp.159-164
  • 14 - "The Complexity of Democratic Security", in "Romanian Journal of International Affairs", volume II, Bucharest, 3/1996, pp. 72-77
  • 15 - "Security through NATO Enlargement and the Partnership for Peace: the Case of Romania" in "RUSI Whitehall Papers Series 1996", London, pp.33-43
  • 16 - "Civilian Control over the Armed Forces", in "Romanian Civilization", Volume VI, No 1, Spring-Summer, 1997, pp. 55-60
  • 17 - "Romania and the Partnerships for Peace" in Dr. Constantine C. Menges, ed, "Partnerships for Peace, Democracy and Prosperity", New York, Program on Transition to Democracy and University Press of America, 1997, pp.75-77
  • 18 - "Security and Disarmament : The Way Forward" in "NDC Security Studies : Consequences of the Madrid Summit on Security and Stability in Europe", NATO Defense College, Rome, Spring 1998, pp.109-105
  • 19 - "Changes in the Intrawestern Balance of Power", in "Romanian Journal of International Affairs", Volume V, Bucharest, 2-3/1999, Special Issue, pp.145-151
  • 20 - "Parliamentary Control over The Military", in Kurt W. Treptow and Mihai Ionescu, Editors, "Romania and Euro-Atlantic Integration", Oxford, The Center for Romanian Studies, 1999, pp.112-119
  • "Zone Denuclearizate" (Nuclear Weapon-Free Zones), Bucharest, Political Publishing House, 1985, 278 p (with N. Ecobescu) - book in Romanian; The "Nicolae Titulescu" Academy Award for 1985
  • "Armele si Politica", (Arms and Politics), Bucharest, Political Publishing House, 1989, 335p


  • Since April 1993 - Member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, London
  • Since February 1998 - Member of the Editorial Board, "International Politics", US

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