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a candle for my son!

Horia-Roman Patapievici
Writer and Essayist

Born: March 18, 1957 in Bucharest

Married in 1981, one son (b. in 1989)

Citizenship: Romanian

Religion: orthodox


  • 1981 - BA: "The Mode Locking Short Pulses Regime of Lasers. A Survey" (1981). University of Bucharest: Faculty of Physics
  • 1982 - MA: "The Cutler Model for Short Pulses. An Analysis (1982). University of Bucharest: Faculty of Physics
  • Now completing a Ph.D.: "The Philosophical Imaginary of Physics. The Case of Pierre Duhem" (2000). University of Bucharest: Faculty of Philosophy.


  • TEMPUS (European Community): Paris, École Pratique des Hautes Études, Ve Section: November - December 1992.
  • STIPENDIUM ZUR WISSENSCHAFTLICHEN AUS- UND FORTBILDUNG IN DEUTSCHLAND (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst): Boppard; Frankfurt am Main, Goethe Institut: December 1994 - June 1995.
  • EMINESCU TRUST: Oxford, Oriel College: September 1999.


  • January - October 1994 - New Europe College, Bucharest
  • November 9-16, 1996 - Salzburg Seminar

Domains of Specialization

  • Scientific Research: Optics (Lasers), Solid State Physics (crystal growth, semiconductors, defects, impurities)
  • Teaching: General Physics, Solid State Physics, Philosophy and History of Physics, History of Ideas
  • Literary Writing


  • 1986-1989 - Scientific Researcher and Laboratory Principal (09.1985-12.1989) at the Institute for Semiconductor Materials (I.C.P.M.S.–Bucharest)
  • October 1, 1990-October 1, 1994 - Assistant professor in the Department of Physics, the Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest 
  • October 1, 1994 -October 1, 1996 - Principal of the German Studies Center, Department of Philosophy, University of Bucharest
  • Since 1996 - Program Deviser at the Group for Social Dialogue
  • Since October 1998 - Columnist for the Review "22"
  • Since Mars 2000 - Member of the College of CNSAS (National Council for the Study of the Securitate Archives) 

Invited courses:

  • Introduction in the History of Scientific Ideas (1993)
  • History of Physics (1993; 1994)
  • The Scientific Revolution (1996)
  • The Crisis of Modernity (1998)

Publishing Activity


  • Cerul vazut prin lentila (The Sky Seen through the Lens), Bucharest, Nemira Publishing House, 1995 (384pp.) - collected essays
  • Zbor in bataia sageţii (Flying against the Arrow), Bucharest, Humanitas Publishing House, 1995 (320pp.) - novelistic essay
  • Flying against the Arrow, Budapest, Central European University Press, 2000
  • Politice (Political Matters), Bucharest, Humanitas Publishing House, 1996 (304 pp.) - political essays
  • Omul recent (Remarks on the Recentness in Man), Humanitas Publishing House, Bucharest, 2001

To be published

  • Breviar de prezenţa (A summary of concrete politics).Bucharest: Humanitas Publishing House, 2000 - political essays
  • Dupa Galilei si dincolo de Niceea (After Galileo and Beyond Nicaea). Bucharest: Humanitas Publishing House, 2000 - history of ideas
  • Nézz vissza haraggal. Budapest, Pont/Kiadó, 2001
  • Viaţa la 17 ani (The Life at 17). Nemira: 2001 (picaresque novel)
  • Imaginarul filosofic al fizicii (The Philosophical Imaginary of Physics). Humanitas: 2001
  • Galileo Galilei. Principalele opere in doua volume (The Essential Galileo in Two Volumes). Polirom: 2002-2003

Contributions to books 

  • "A Short Look into the Dissemination of Newtonian Ideas in the Romanian Provinces: 1687-1860". P R A K T I K A D I E Q N O U S E P I S T H M O N I K O U S U M P O S I O U , A Q H N A 17-18 D E K E M B R I O U 1993, K N E /E I E A Q H N A 1996: 145-155
  • "Istoria unei idei: non-separabilitatea" (The History of an Idea: Non-Separability). In: Bohm, D. Plenitudinea lumii si ordinea ei, Bucuresti: Humanitas, Forward, 1995: 7-25
  • "Ioan Petru Culianu: o mathesis universalis" (I.P. Couliano: A Mathesis Universalis). In: Culianu, I.P. Gnozele dualiste ale Occidentului, Bucuresti: Nemira, Afterward, 1995: 345-378
  • "A Theory of the Internal Medium. An Essay on the Reality of Philosophical Imaginary Concept in Exact Sciences". In: New Europe College Yearbook 1994, Bucuresti: Humanitas, 1996: 43-91
  • “Metafizica naţiunii in act este o politica" (The Metaphysics of Nationality is Politics In Actu). In: Andreescu, G. (ed.) Romania versus Romania, Bucuresti: Clavis, 1996: 174-193
  • "Anatomia unei catastrofe" (The Anatomy of a Catastrophe). In: Chimet, I. (ed.) Momentul adevarului, Cluj: Dacia, 1996: 168-183
  • "E.M. Cioran: Entre le démon fanfaron et le barbare sous cloche". Lectures de Cioran, textes réunis par Norbert Dodille et Gabriel Liiceanu, L’Harmattan, 1997: 61-67 (in French)
  • "Dialogul generalizat al ideilor" (The Generalized Dialogue of Ideas). In: Antohi, S. and Craiuţu, A. (Eds.) Pentru o filosofie a dialogului. Eseuri in onoarea lui Mihai Sora (Festschrift Mihai Sora), Bucuresti: Nemira, 1997: 206-232
  • "Galileo Galilei: o carte despre destinul lui in cultura romana" (Galileo Galilei: a book about his destiny in Romanian culture). In: Stratan, Gh. Galileu! O, Galileu!, Bucuresti: Logos, Afterward, 1997: 186-197
  • "Ludwig von Mises: un aliat impotriva bigotismului intelectual" (to be published as a Forward to Mises, Ludwig von, Economic Policy. Thoughts for Today and Tomorrow, Bucuresti: Nemira, 1998)


  • David Bohm, Plenitudinea lumii si ordinea ei. Bucharest: Humanitas, 1995 (the original title: The Wholeness and the Implicate Order, 1980)


  • 1984-1989 - Several scientific papers and communications on solid state physics
  • 1992-1998 - More than 250 articles on culture, politics, epistemology and history of ideas, published in important Romanian cultural reviews such as: 22, Dilema, Romania Literara, Litere, Arte, Idei (LA&I), Secolul 20, Cuvintul, Orizont, Euphorion, Vatra


  • "A Short Look into the Dissemination of Newtonian Ideas in the Romanian Provinces: 1687-1860". PRAKTIKA DIEQNOUS EPISTHMONIKOU SUMPOSIOU, AQHNA 17-18 DEKEMBRIOU 1993
  • "E.M. Cioran: Entre le démon fanfaron et le barbare sous cloche". Colloque Cioran à l’Institut Français de Bucarest, 23-25 Mai 1996
  • "Conservatism and Neo-conservatism in today’s Romania", Salzburg Seminar, Session 342: November 9-16, 1996
  • "Problème politique et problème culturel dans la Roumanie d’aujourd’hui", Institut Franco-Portugais, Lisboa, 17 juin 1997
  • "Tomorrow’s Grieves are Yesterday’s Sorrows", World Futures Studies Federation XV World Conference, Brisbane, 28 Sept.-3 Oct. 1997
  • "Orthodoxie und der Rest der Welt", Leipziger Buchmesse, Leipzig, March 27, 1998.
  • "East/West: The Romanian Case", Vienna University, May 5,1998
  • "Evolution through making tabula rasa: the Romanian model", Professor Heitmann Romanistic Seminar, Heidelberg, June 22, 1998
  • "Les temps modernes: the dissemination of the scientific culture in 18th Century Romanian Principalities", The International Conference Culture and the Politics of Identity in Modern Romania, University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA), Central European University (Budapest), Europäische Kulturstiftung (Bucarest), Bucarest 27-30 May 1998


  • Group for Social Dialogue (GDS), Romania
  • New Europe College (NEC), Romania
  • The Romanian Academic Society (SAR)
  • The Romanian Writers Association
  • PEN Club (Romanian Section)
  • The Romanian Press League
  • Institutul de Cercetari Interdisciplinare Romano-Germane (ICIRG: Deutsch-Rumänisches Interdisziplinäres Forschungsinstitut)
  • Fundatia Culturala Europeana (EKS: Europäische Kulturstiftung)

Prizes and Awards 

  • 1993 - Essay Prize of the Publishing House Nemira
  • 1995 - Début Prize of the Association of Professional Writers (Uniunea Scriitorilor)
  • 1995 - Prize for Journalism of the Cultural Magazine Cuvintul
  • 1995 - Man of the Year Prize of the Cultural Magazine Cuvintul
  • 1995 - "Alexandra Indries" Prize of «Societatea Timisoara»

Foreign Languages

  • French, English (speaking, writing)
  • German, Italian (reading)

Internet References


  • Private: Mosilor 189, BL. 1, Sc. A, Et. 5, Apt. 17,  Sector 2, 70314 Bucharest, E-mail: patapievici@dnt.ro
  • REVISTA "22": Calea Victoriei 120, Sector 1, 70179 Bucharest, tel./fax: +40-21-311.2208
  • CNSAS - Consiliul Naţional pentru Studierea Arhivelor Securitatii: Palace of Parliament, 3-5, Izvor St., Room 4031, tel./fax.: +40-21-314.6467, Mobile: +40-745-116.193

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