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a candle for my son!

Lucian Pintilie
Film Director

Born: November 9, 1933, in Bucharest, Romania. According to other sources, he was born in Tarutino, village now in Ukraine


  • graduated from the Institute of Cinematic and Theatrical Art (IATC)

Artistic Career

  • Starting in 1956, directed a number of plays by both classical and contemporary authors and participated in international theatre festivals
  • 1956-1959 - worked for television, doing reporting and theatrical programs
  • 1956-1972 - stages over thirty classical and contemporary plays, a great number beiing presented at different festivals
  • 1965 - makes his debut as film director
  • 1972 - after several warnings, his staged performance of "The Inspector", by Gogol, is forbidden. He establishes then in Paris, where he staged, among others, «Turandot», in 1974, at "Théâtre de Chaillot", with Andréa Ferréol, and at Théâtre de la Ville, plays by Tchekhov, Ionesco, Gorki, Ibsen, Pirandello, Strindberg
  • His fourth feature film, D'ale carnavalului, completed in 1979, attracted the attention of the censors and had to wait until 1991 to be released. At the time, Pintilie, who had emigrated in Paris, dedicated his time to theatre work and only returned to film following the fall of Ceausescu’s regime
  • In 1998 his film Terminus Paradis won the Jury’s Special Award at the Venice Film Festival
  • Filmografia
    • 1965 Duminica la ora sase (Domenica alle sei)
    • 1968 Reconstituirea (La ricostituzione)
    • 1973 - Paviljon VI (Padiglione 6)
    • 1979 - D’ale carnavalului (Scene di carnevale)
    • 1981 - De ce trag clopotele, Mitica? (Perché suonano le campane, Mitica?)
    • 1992 Balanta (La quercia)
    • 1992 - Stejarul (The Oak Tree), selected for Cannes Festival
    • 1994 - Un été inoubliable (Un’estate indimenticabile), selected for Cannes Festival
    • 1995 Lumière et compagnie (Id.), coregia di altri trentanove registi
    • 1996 Prea târziu (Troppo tardi), selected for Cannes Festival
    • 1998 - Terminus Paradis (Id.) - (The Special Grand Prize at Venice Festival)
    • 1998 - The Man With The Rifle
    • 2001 - L’après-midi d’un tortonnaire (Il pomeriggio di un torturatore)

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