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a candle for my son!

Romanian Version

Nicolae Racu
Professor and Conductor

Born: March 8, 1945, Craiova, Dolj County

Married to Mariana, medical doctor, two children: Elena Maria Olga (b.1984), student and Andrei Stefan George (b.1986), student, both at "Dinu Lipatti" High School of Music, Bucharest


  • starts musical studies in his native town, at Popular School of Art, with professors Nicolae Giulea and Laura Ionescu (piano), Mihai Bârca (harmony), Ioan Alexandrescu and Theodor Paraschivescu (theory of music).

  • 1962 - graduate from the High School "Fratii Buzesti", in Craiova

  • 1962-1967 - Conservatory of Music "Ciprian Porumbescu", Bucharest, graduating from the section "conducting" and "pedagogy". Among his professors: Dumitru D.Botez (choral conducting), Ionel Ghica (orchestra conducting),  Florin Eftimescu (harmony), Zeno Vancea (counterpoint) , Aurel Stroe (orchestration and instruments)

Pedagogical Career

  • 1969-1978 - Professor of orchestra, High School of Music nr.1, Bucharest

  • 1978-1990 - Professor of orchestra, High School of Art "George Enescu, Bucharest

  • 1983-1992 - Professor of brass band conducting, Military School of Music, Bucharest

  • Since 1990 - Professor of orchestra at High School of Music "Dinu Lipatti", Bucharest, teaching also chamber music and history of music

  • 1998-1999 - coordinated the international course of conducting in Bucharest and Piatra Neamt, being also one of the lecturers

Artistic Career

  • Over one thousand concerts in Romania and abroad

  • Conductor of the Choir of the University of Bucharest (during the study years)

  • Since 1970 - cooperates, as conductor, with the Philharmonics of Timisoara, Craiova, Iasi, Bacau, Oradea, Tg.Mures, Satu Mare, Constanta, Ploiesti, Sibiu etc

  • Since 1971 - Over 120 Educational concerts, as conductor and commentator, at "George Enescu" Philharmonic in Bucharest, as well as with the Philharmonic Orchestras in Timisoara, Craiova, Iasi, Bacau, Oradea, Tg.Mures, Satu Mare, Constanta, Ploiesti, Sibiu etc

  • 1973 - establishes the Bucharest Youth Symphonic Orchestra (now "Dinu Lipatti" Symphonic Youth Orchestra), conducted, among others, by Edmond Colomer, Octav Calleys, Cristian Florea (Spain), André Ducret and René Falquet (Switzerland), or with soloists like Alexander Starkmann (USA), Frieder Lang (Germany), Naoko Okada (Japan), Maria Muntada and Toni Dalli (Spain), Verena-Barbara Gohl and Michel Brodard (Switzerland)

  • 1985 - conducted the première of the ballet "Snow-White", by Dan Mihai Goia, at the Romanian National Opera, Bucharest

  • Since 1990 - numerous artistic tours abroad: France (1990, 1991, 1994, 1996, 1998), Spain (1991, 1998, 1999), Great Britain (1992), Republic of Moldova (1991, 1992), Croatia (1996), Germany (1998), Switzerland (1998), Tunisia (2000)

  • Under his conducting baton made their musical debut new talents like Roxana Lazar-Gheorghiu, Mihaela Martin, Angela Burlacu, Liliana Ciulei, Florin Paul, Dan Claudiu Vornicelu, Cristina Anghelescu, Marin Cazacu, Florin Totan, Iosif Ion Prunner, Alexandru Tomescu, Ion Bogdan Stefanescu, Catalin Mugur etc 

  • Since 1990 - participates at international musical contests or artistic manifestations abroad, like Eurochestries, Musique en Morvan, Octobre Musical de Carthage, Romanian Cultural Week in Argentan, France

  • Numerous TV and Radio Broadcastings

  • Sustained the cultural exchanges with similar orchestras from abroad, organizing the artistic tour in Romania National University of Singapore Orchestra, "Future of China Assembly" Orchestra, Tianjin, China, Zagreb School of Music Orchestra etc

Publishing and Recording Activity

  • 1972 - First curriculum for orchestra and after that author or co-author for every new curriculum

  • CD on Artistic Tour to Germany (1998)

  • Romanian Traditional Christmas Carols, with Academic Choir "Divine Harmony" (CD)

  • CD dedicated to the UN Day , October 2001, October 2002, featuring the "Dinu Lipatti" School of Music Orchestra and the TVR Children's Chorale

  • studies and articles on musical subjects or the correlation between music and sciences, published in Romania or abroad


  • 1990 - Founder of the Philharmonic Society of Bucharest Youth, aimed to promoting and sustaining the young musicians. President and Artistic Director since its establishment.

  • Founding and honorary member of the Association of Friendship with People's Republic of China

Prizes and Awards

  • Over 25 First Prize and Laureate Titles, at country level, with the philharmonic orchestras, chamber orchestras, vocal-symphonic formation, popular bands, most of them established, managed and conducted by himself

  • 1987 - Grand Prize "Golden String" at Bydgoszccze Impresjie Muzycne, Poland

  • 1996 - "Man of the Year", designated by the International Biographical Center of Cambridge, UK


  • Private: 8, Aleea Barajul Bistritei, Bl.Y8, Apt.17, Sector 3, 74656 Bucharest, Phone: +40-1-644.4609

  • Office:  Liceul de Muzica "Dinu Lipatti", 63, Principatele Unite Blvd, Sector 4, 70511 Bucharest, Phone: +40-1-336.3588, fax: +40-1-336.3299


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