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a candle for my son!

Romanian Version

Ilie Sarbu, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forests

Ilie Sarbu
Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forests

Born: May 26, 1950, in Ciuta Village, commune of Obreja, Caras-Severin County. Father-Ilie (miller),  mother-Octavia (housekeeper)

Nationality: Romanian

Married to Mariana Sarbu (b. March 30, 1952, Sighisoara), professor of history. A daughter, Daciana-Octavia (b. July 15, 1977), graduate of the Faculty of Law, now taking a M.D at West University, Timisoara


  • 1975 - graduate in theology, The Theological Institute, Sibiu
  • 1985 - specialization in Ecumenism, the Ecumenical Institute of Geneva, Switzerland
  • 1998 - graduate of economic sciences, specialty Management, University of Craiova
  • 1989 - improving English Language, University of Birmingham (United Kingdom)
  • 1990 - marketing training course at headquarters of "CONVENT" company, Germany, as well as at its factories, including the sales department
  • 1990 - specialization course on potatoes and technical plants growing at Fangmaier Group, Germany
  • 1990 - Course on marketing and management, banking at KREISSPARKASSE, Germany

Professional Activity

  • 1976-1981 - Professor and Director, Theological Seminary Caransebes
  • 1981-1991 - Economic Counsellor, Bishopric of Banat
  • 1991-June 29, 2000 - General Director of “FANGMEIER” Group in Romania (agriculture and milling). The Group owns 4500 ha arable ground, a mill, grain warehouse, seeds production, export of technical plants and potatoes
  • 1992 - the first contact of "Mc Donald's" Company in Romania 
  • June 29, 2000–January 3, 2001 - President of Timis County Council. In this capacity, undertook a series of emergency measures for restructuring the local administration and the organigrame of Timis County Council, raising the efficiency of latter's activities through
    • * reduction of unnecessary staff
    • *reduction of expenses (telephones, fuel and travels abroad)
    • *increased attention to children protection
  • 2000–2001 - Activity deployed in the framework of the Euroregion Danube–Cris–Mures–Tisa (DKMT)):
    • steady development of relations within the Euroregion DKMT
    • initiation of projects of major importance to  the Euroregion DKMT and the Region V - West: *Industrial Park; * Technologic Park; *Regional Center of Conferences
    • initiation of the first Public/Private Partnership in Romania
    • opening of the cross-border point Cenad-Kiszombor, following the discussions with Hungarian Prime-Minister Viktor Orban
    • association with the largest Austrian building company STRABAG-ILBAU for the rehabilitation and quality upgrading of the county routes
  • Since December 28, 2000 - Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forests

Political Activity

  • since 1993 - member of the Social Democracy Party of Romania (PDSR)
  • Vice-president and spokesman of Timis County PSD Organization
  • Vice-president of the Presidents' Forum of PSD County Councils
  • Member of PSD National Council


  • Member and President of the County Association of Sportive Hunters and Fishermen Timisoara
  • Member and Secretary of the Timis Agricultural Experts' Club
  • Member and Vice-president of BANATUL Cultural Society
  • Member and Vice-president of Hunters' Club, Timisoara
  • Honorary President of “Gugulani” Association, Timisoara


  • Hunting, Literature, Music

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