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Professor Dr. Ioan Scurtu
Director of  "Nicolae Iorga" Institute of History

Born: November 27, 1940, in Dochia, Neamt County, Romania


  • 1957-1962 - Bachelor of Art, University of Bucharest, Faculty of History
  • 1971 - Ph. D with the disertation: "The Foundation and the Activity of the Peasant Party (1918-1926)". The disertation was published in 1975


  • 1962 -1990 - Teaching assistant, lecturer, associate professor, Faculty of History, University of Bucharest

  • Since 1991 -  Professor, Faculty of History, University of Bucharest

  • Since 1992 - Adviser in chief for Master of Art Department in the field of the History of the Romanians in the Twentieth Century

  • Since 1990 -  Head of the History of Romanians Department, Faculty of History, University of Bucharest

  • 1990 -1991 - Dean of the Faculty of History, "Spiru Haret" University

  • 1991 -1996 - General Director of the National State Archive

  • 1992 -1993 - Dean of the  Faculty for the Study of Archive

  • Since 2001- Director of  "Nicolae Iorga" Institute of History

Main interests

  • education, research activity, muzeography, mass - media;
  • history of the twentieth century, daily life, history of political parties, parliamentary life.

Fellowships, grants

  • 1998-2002 - Political Structures in the Central and South - Eastern Europe. A Study of Case: Romania (1918-1997), project funded by the World Bank (U.S.D. 100,000). Professors and students from the University of Bucharest are working on this project

Other Activities

  • Guidance of Ph. D theses: since 1991, University of Bucharest, domain of research - Contemporary history; until 2002, eighteen candidates obtained the Ph. D title and ten published their theses  
  • Participation at international scientific congresses and symposia in Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Germany, Canada, China, Tunisia, Italy, France, Norway, United States of America, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Turkey, Greece, Hungary

Research Activity

Main research directions

  • Aspects of Contemporary history (economic, social, political, cultural)
  • Historical sytheses (encyclopaedia, treaties, etc.)
  • History of political parties
  • Foreign politics of Romania
  • Analysis of important moments of Romanian history
  • Integration of national history into the world history
  • Study of the collective mentality, cultural level of ordinary people and intelectual elite
  • Study of the political activity of great personalities (King Ferdinand, Nicolae Iorga,   Spiru C. Haret, Nicolae Titulescu, Ion C. Bratianu, Iuliu Maniu)
  • Popularization of national history, especially the Modern and Contemporary history
  • Textbooks on Romanian and World History


  • Since 1992 - National Council of the Romanian Historians ( Romanian Academy)
  • Since 1998 - Academy of Scientists from Romania
  • Since 1998 - President of the Romanian Historical Sciences Society
  • "Nicolae Iorga" Club of Historians and other cultural foundations
  • Council of the Faculty of History, University of Bucharest ,"Spitu Haret" University and Facuilty for the Study of Archive
  • Scientific Council of the National Institute for the Study of Totalitarianism, Romanian Institute for Social -Democrate Studies
  • President of the "Nicolae Iorga" Institute of History Scientific Council  

Selective bibliography

More than eighty books published as author, coauthor or coordinator. More than 170  scientific studies and articles published in different periodicals.

  • Ioan Scurtu,  Culegere de documente privind istoria României (1938-1940) (Collection of Documents about the History of Romania, 1938-1940), Bucuresti, 1974
  • Ioan Scurtu, Din viata politica a României. Intemeierea si activitatea Partidului Taranesc (1918-1926) (Aspects of the Romanian Political Life. The Foundation of  the Peasant Party, 1918-1926), Bucuresti, 1975
  • Ioan Scurtu (coauthor), Culegere de documente si materiale privind istoria României (1940-1944) (Collection of Documents and Materials concerning the History of Romania, 1940-1944), Bucuresti, 1978.
  • Ioan Scurtu (coordinator and coauthor), Istoria României intre anii 1918-1944. Culegere de documente (The History of Romania, 1918-1944. Collection of Documents), Bucuresti, 1982 (second edition, Bucharest, 1995).
  • Ioan Scurtu, Viata politica din România, 1918-1944 (Political Life in Romania, 1918-1944), Bucuresti, 1982.
  • Ioan Scurtu, Din viata politica a României, 1926-1947 (Aspects of the Romanian Political Life, 1926-1947), Bucuresti, 1983 (second edition, Bucharest, 1994).
  • Ioan Scurtu (coauthor), Actul de la 23 August 1944 in context international (August 23rd, 1944 in International Context), Bucuresti, 1984.
  • Ioan Scurtu, Contributii privind viata politica din România. Evolutia formei de guvernamânt in istoria moderna si contemporana (Contributions on the Political Life in Romania. The Evolution of the Government in Modern and Contemporary History), Bucuresti, 1988.
  • Ioan Scurtu, Alba Iulia. 1 Decembrie 1918 (Alba Iulia. December the 1st, 1918), Bucuresti, 1988.
  • Ioan Scurtu (coauthor), Democratia la români (1866-1938) (Democracy at the Romanian People, 1866-1938), Bucuresti, 1990.
  • Ioan Scurtu, Sfârsitul dictaturii. Bucuresti 21-25 decembrie 1989 (The End of the Dictatorship. Bucharest, December 21-25), Bucuresti, 1990.
  • Ioan Scurtu, Ion I. C. Bratianu. Activitatea politica ( Ion I.C. Bratianu. Political Activity), Bucuresti, 1992.
  • Ioan Scurtu (coauthor), Anul 1940. Drama românilor dintre Prut si Nistru (1940 - The Tragedy of the Romanians Living between Prut and Nistru), Bucuresti, 1992.
  • Ioan Scurtu, Viata politica in documente (trei volume: 1945, 1946, 1947).(Political Life in Documents. Three volumes: 1945, 1946, 1947), Bucuresti, 1994-1996.
  • Ioan Scurtu (coordinator), Istoria Basarabiei de la inceputuri pâna in 1994 (The History of Bessarabia from the Beginning until 1994), ed. a II-a, Bucuresti, 1994 (second edition 1998, third edition 1999).
  • Ioan Scurtu, Iuliu Maniu. Activitatea politica (Iuliu Maniu. Political Activity), Bucuresti, 1995.
  • Ioan Scurtu (coauthor), A History of Romania, second edition, Iasi, The Center for Romanian Studies, 1995.
  • Ioan Scurtu (coauthor), Enciclopedia partidelor politice din Romania (1862-1994) (Encyclopaedia of the Political Romanian Parties, 1862-1994), Bucuresti, 1995.
  • Ioan Scurtu (coordinator and author), România. Retragerea trupelor sovietice - 1958 (Romania. The Back -off of the Soviet Troups - 1958), Bucuresti, 1996.
  • Ioan Scurtu, Istoria României in anii 1918-1940. Evolutia regimului politic de la democratie la dictatura (The History of Romania, 1918-1940. The Evolution of the Political Regime from the Democracy to Dictatorship), Bucuresti, 1996.
  • Ioan Scurtu (coauthor), Guverne si guvernanti (1916-1938) (Governments and Governors. 1916-1938), Bucuresti, 1996.
  • Ioan Scurtu (coordinator and coauthor), Totalitarismul de dreapta in Romania. Origini, manifestari, evolutie. Documente (1919-1927) (Wright Wing Totalitarianism in Romania. Origins, Manifestations, Evolution. Documents (1919-1927), Bucuresti, 1996.
  • Ioan Scurtu (coauthor), Panoramic. România. Overview.Romania. Panorama, Bucuresti, Regia Autonoma Monitorul Oficial, 1998.
  • Ioan Scurtu, România si marile puteri, 1918-1933. Documente (Romania and the Great Powers, 1918-1933. Documents), Bucuresti, Editura România de Mâine, 1999.
  • Ioan Scurtu (coordinator and author), Minoritatile nationale din România, trei volume ( vol. I, 1918-1925; vol. II, 1925-1931; vol. III, 1931-1938). Documente (The Ethnic Minorities in Romania. Documents, three volumes), Bucuresti, Arhivele Nationale, 1994- 1999.
  • Ioan Scurtu (coauthor), Dictionar enciclopedic, vol. I, A-C;  vol. II, D-G; vol. III, H-K (Encyclopaedic Dictionary, vol. I, A-C; vol. II, D-G; vol. III, H-K), Bucuresti, Editura Enciclopedica, 1993-1999.
  • Ioan Scurtu (coauthor), Istoria românilor in secolul XX (1918-1948) (The History of Romania (1918-1948)), Bucuresti, Editura Paideia, 1999.
  • Ioan Scurtu, România si marile puteri. 1933-1940 . Documents (Romania and the Great Powers. 1933-1940. Documents), Bucuresti, Editura Fundatiei România de Mâine, 2000.
  • Ioan Scurtu (coauthor), Enciclopedia de istorie a României (Encyclopaedia of Romanian History), Bucuresti, 2000 (second edition, 2001).
  • Ioan Scurtu (coordinator and coauthor), Ideologie si formatiuni de dreapta in România . 1927-1931 (Ideology and Right Wing Groups in Romania. 1927-1931), Bucuresti, 2000.
  • Ioan Scurtu (coauthor), The Red Army in Romania, The Center for Romanian Studies, Iasi - Oxford, Iasi - Oxford - Portland, 2000.
  • Ioan Scurtu, Viata cotidiana a românilor in perioada interbelica (The Romanians' Daily Life in the Interwar Time), Bucuresti, Editura RAO, 2001.
  • Ioan Scurtu, Istoria românilor in timpul celor patru regi, 1866-1947 (The History of the Romanian People during the Four Kings, 1866-1947), 4 volume, Vol. I, Carol I; vol. II, Ferdinand I; vol. III, Carol II; vol. IV, Mihai I. Bucuresti, Editura Enciclopedica, 2001.
  • Ioan Scurtu (coordinator and author), Istoria românilor intre anii 1918-1940. Documente si materiale (The History of the Romanian People between 1918 and 1940. Documents and materials), Bucuresti, Editura Universitatii, 2001.
  • Ioan Scurtu (coordinator and author), Istorija Bessarabii ot istokov do 1998 goda, Chisinau, 2001.
  • Ioan Scurtu, Istoria contemporană a României (1918-2001) (The Contemporary History of Romania, 1918-2001), Bucuresti, Editura Fundatiei România de Mâine, 2002.
  • Ioan Scurtu, Istoria Partidului Tarănesc (1918-1926) (The History of the Peasant Party, 1918-1926), Bucuresti, Editura Enciclopedică, 2002.
  • Ioan Scurtu, Studii de Istorie (Historical Studies), Bucuresti, Editura Ars Docendi, 2002

Editor of the periodicals: "Studies and Articles of History", "Historical Files", "Agora", "The Archive of Totalitarianism", "The Civilisation of the Twentieth Century", "Document", "Hrisovul", etc.

Prizes and Awards

  • Award of the Romanian Academy (1983) for the book : Political Life in Romania, 1918-1944", Bucharest, Albatros Publishing House, 1982


  • "Nicolae Iorga" Institute of History
    1, Aviatorilor Boulevard, 71261 Bucharest, Romania
    Phone: +40-21-212-5337
    Mobile: 0744/534-292
    Fax: +40-21-311-0371
    E-mail: inst.iorga@iorga.iini.ro

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